Update: The EVO Shift 4G will be getting this OTA on the 17th if you initiate the update check manually, and by June 20th, it should start rolling out to all devices automatically! So be on the lookout for it on Friday.

You thought we couldn't pack any more EVO exclusives in today? Well, you thought wrong! We've learned from our intrepid tipster, Captain Anonymous, another interesting tidbit this afternoon: EVO Shift 4G Gingerbread update (version 2.76.651.4) - June 20th. The EVO's younger sibling won't have any reason for version envy come Monday. Oh, Shift users will also be getting Swype as their new stock software keyboard option - so that's a plus, if you like Swype. The update also includes some media streaming fixes (I'm not aware of exactly what those are), and probably a handful of other minor bugs have been addressed. Now comes the hard part: waiting. Check out the update summary graphic, below:


Thanks, Captain Anonymous!

David Ruddock
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  • nene150

    ok seriously who do i blame for the epic 4g not getting gingerbread. Some people say the sprint and some say samsung. i for sure am diffidently getting a nexus phone next

  • Bacoon_Hat

    Sammy duh! Just look at their track record in the US.

  • Richard Yarrelll

    It's pretty clear to me who is to blame...IT DEFINATELY NOT SPRINT...This what I have always said about SAMSUNG. People get on there BANDWAGON EVERY TIME THEY MAKE DEVICES but those same people FORGET WHAT THEY REAL PROBLEM IS WITH SAMSUNG.....IT'S NO UPDATES.....They still have devices on carriers that have 2.1 EGGCLAIRE GET SERIOUS...I will be buying my Evo 3d on June 24th 2011 mainly because of being a current Evo 4g owner I brought my evo 4g on June 4th 2010 it had 2.1 installed. In August I recieved 2.2 froyo then 2,3 gingerbread that is 2 OS updates in 1year. The Evo shift 4g comes aboard to the Evo family in January of this year and already has gingerbread...WHAT MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID....BUYING HTC IS SOMETHING PEOPLE SHOULD DO FOREVER........

    • Digitalthug

      Amen brotha !!!

  • EvilB

    Super Double Amen!!! HTC or bust! I got the Evo Shift... rooted... over/under clocked. Fast and sexy...