Last Updated: July 24th, 2011

As Android users, we have a certain amount of freedom with our devices - especially if you're running a rooted device with a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. One of those freedoms is the ability change the look of Android with themes. In the past, changing themes required booting into recovery, flashing a zip file, and rebooting. On occasion, the theme wouldn't work correctly, so if you didn't perform a backup before you flashed, you were basically out of luck. That all changed with the T-Mobile theming engine, though - and it wasn't long before it made its way into CyanogenMod. Thanks to this theming engine, themes can now be universal among devices and changed on-the-fly, so regardless of what device you're running, any of the themes built for Theme Chooser should work without a hitch.

Because of the convenience of Theme Chooser, there are a lot of really great themes to choose from. In the same fashion as the Bootscreen Animation Roundup series, here are some of the best that the theming community has produced.

JAMT (Just Another Minimal Theme) by ClassicalGas

First on the list is a gorgeous minimal theme from the mind of ClassicalGas. The theme comes in two variants: white and black. With its smooth interface and clean lines, it's no wonder that I've seen this theme featured in some of the best screenshots across the net.

There is a free version of this theme that covers all of the theme basics, but if you want to take that experience a bit further, go ahead and grab the donate version from the Market - it's definitely worth the $1 that ClassicalGas is asking.



[Source Thread, Market Link]

Sculpted by shift_

This one has a very smooth, flowing vibe to it. Much like stock Gingerbread, it's a green and black theme - but the similarities really end there. The typical batter and data signal icons have been replaced with some elegant round icons and... well, just take a look for yourself.

wLhhq Z1c1c V6V8G


Buuf by Kevin2516

If you can't tell by the first two themes in this roundup, I'm generally a fan of minimal themes. However, I realize that not everyone shares my taste, so I keep my eyes (and mind) open while looking at themes, trying to focus on anything that look well done, instead of just my personal taste. This one really fits that category, as it is quite busy, but still so well done and nice looking. It's based entirely off of the Buuf icon set from Mattahan, and if were to describe it one word, it would be... eccentric. Have a look:

buuf9 buuf3 buuf5


Honeybread by haxzamatic

What would a theme roundup be without a port to replicate another version of Android? Honeycomb is very elegant, so it's no surprise that people want the look of it on their phones as well as their tablets. Honeybread needs little other explanation, so here it is:

device15 device16 device17

Note: This version is made specifically for HDPI devices. You can find an MDPI version here (port by ZDuneX25).


HTC Elegance by elelinux

Closing out the show today is an HTC Sense inspired theme - while it may not bring Sense widgets to stock Android, it does bring the sexiness of Sense.




This is by no means a die-all-end-all when it comes to themes for CM7 - in fact, the list is incredibly long, so expect to see more of these types of posts in the future. Don't hesitate to drop us a line and to show some love to your favorite theme either - our eyes are always open.

Cameron Summerson
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  • BeatBlaster_
    • Cameron Summerson

      There are so many themes out there, I couldn't possibly look at them all for this one roundup. With that said - MattedBlues is beautiful, and it just earned a place in the next roundup.

      • BeatBlaster_

        Woo hoo!! Yippee!! :)

  • http://twitter.com/deinoerd Deino

    Well, if this 5 theme is actually considered as top-notch in the world of CM, than I'm really glad my phone is running MIUI. The Buuf and the Sculpted is like some god-awful refugee s60 theme from 2005.
    The JAMT is actually kind of pretty, the white statusbar is a dealbreaker tough. It's just too damn ugly to look over :(

    • Cameron Summerson

      If you look just below the white version of JAMT, you'll see that there is also a black version.

      • http://twitter.com/deinoerd Deino

        yepp, but that one is not really... well, nice. It's not easy to create a pretty looking minimalist design only with black+grey colors. The white one would be awesome with a black statusbar tough.

    • lostsync

      MIUI's definitely got looks down. CM7's a bit more stable most of the time but it's hard to beat MIUI's visual appeal. It's the best looking thing I've ever seen on any device.

      That said, I do quite like JAMT's look.

    • Josh H

      MIUI with its iphone looking theme is the ugliest thing since... the iphone.

      • my name is.

        Then don't use the iPhone-looking theme :-) Everything MIUI has which is like the iPhone is totally themable, it just has a better theming system and uses proprietary software to enhance the graphics, that's why someone asked why the same icons he was using in CM looked better in MIUI, it's not about the i-look at all...

  • Jaymoon

    Ha, I just went through what seemed like the entire XDA forums in search of a good CM7 theme last night...

    I settled back with Matted Blues, but JAMT is downloading as I type this...

    More theme roundups please! :D

  • Jay

    Try the mixer theme by Mr.Dsl it's simple and awesome.

    • Ziggy34

      I agree Mixer by Mr. DSL is great

  • zepplin76

    Wow I am surprised that rover didn't get a mention yet. I am a blue fan and think rover 1.9 on blue is great but it comes in a lot of other colors like green or red. it would get more attention if it was on the market not just xda but...

  • MrBlack

    I personally like the CyanBread theme included with CM7. It only makes minor tweaks, which is mostly enough for me.

  • TheWizKid95

    try them out!

  • delarus

    totally check this one out! my favorite :) (sorry if i made any mistakes, i'm swiss) https://market.android.com/details?id=com.rrr.theme.CyanbreadX

  • Leo

    just so you know when you use the sculpted theme it also changes your ringtone to something... awesome

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com Aaron

    Honeybread is on the Android Market, it is more updated than that version on xda.


  • Jeffy

    Check out linear on the market, and honeycomb 3d and honeycomb ccm zip theme on the prepaid androids site

  • http://nobi.im Nobi

    Any way to get the Theme Chooser working on CM6?