For millions of coffee drinkers, Starbucks is a sort of a daily Mecca - they can't imagine skipping even a day, and spending over $100 a month on liquid caffeinated pleasures is pretty much business as usual. Because of that, unofficial Starbucks apps that replace Starbuck's own Starbucks Cards on mobile devices quickly gained popularity.

If you've followed the history of the most popular one of them - the 4.7-star Starbucks Card Widget, you may have seen that Starbucks actually C&D'ed them back in February for using the brand name, after which the app got reborn as My Coffee Card and was most recently featured as Amazon Appstore's free app of the day.

After C&Ding Starbucks Card Widget, Starbucks finally decided that Android claimed enough coffee drinkers to actually develop its own official app, which it finally released to the public earlier today. Without a doubt, the app, simply named Starbucks, is prettier than its unofficial competitors and brings the features you would expect - managing, reloading, and using your Starbucks card, transaction history, reward tracking, and the nearby mobile payment-enabled coffee shop locator.

Unlike My Coffee Card, however, the official Starbucks app only supports Android 2.1+ (as opposed to 1.6+), occupies almost 9MB of space (as opposed to less than 300KB) without Apps2SD support, and, based on initial feedback, is quite a bit buggier. We'll give it a few weeks to work out the kinks - after all, nothing is perfect straight from the start.

Grab the free app from the Market by using the widget below.

image image image image image

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  • Derek

    I've been using My Coffee Card since before the C&D and it's great. I see no reason to install this over-sized sucka. I just hope Starbucks doesn't try to make Birbeck pull his app. Not sure if they could do that anyway. They will have to do much better to get me to switch.

  • determinato

    Totally busted on Thunderbolt. FC's on startup.

  • Mike

    Before anyone leaps for joy on this, the app is about 10mb from the Market. There's NO WAY anything this simple should be that large. From the screenshots it looks like they loaded a separate version of Google Maps built into it. I'll just keep using my card and avoid loading this bloatware until it's down to a reasonable filesize.

  • Johnny

    and unless there's a built-in widget (which would require install to internal memory), it's unacceptable not to have app2sd, especially an app this size.

  • http://nonsenseuponstilts.com Nicole

    Not installing. The Pro version of My Coffee Card was the free app of the day over at Amazon a couple of days ago, so I upgraded to that. There's no way I'd switch to a much larger, buggier version of something that was already working just fine.