Update 6/14/11: All 3 Thrive variations are now on Amazon as well, for those who prefer themselves some tax-free shopping.


Ever since we saw Toshiba's then-unnamed tablet at CES in January, we've carefully put our ears to the ground to learn all we can about this surprisingly capable device. Today's Thrive news, then, has us excited - pre-orders have started, and all iterations of the tablet (8/16/32GB) will be shipping on the same yet-to-be-announced date next month (Toshiba's site now says "Mid-July").


Unlike the Office Depot pre-order, Toshiba Direct allows you to order the thriftier 8GB model, which comes in at a very reasonable $429. Will the Thrive impress? We've never actually had a chance to really use one, so it's hard to say. But with full HDMI and USB connectivity along with an SD card slot, the Thrive offers some compelling features over much of its budget-tablet competition. Still, with the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer's rather surprising sales success story, a price tag that comes in $30 cheaper (and with 16GB of storage to boot), the Thrive isn't entering a marketplace full of pushovers.


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David Ruddock
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  • jbonics

    Oh these tablets with cellphone tech. I won't even buy the viewsonic because of the screen. The only tablet that's appealing is the Samsung tab 10.1 because it's so light but the price isn't rite.

  • Max Graf

    pre-ordered it today from amazon. I, for one, await the coming of my android overlords. lol.
    It's not a pretty thing; it's not paperthin or paperlight, it's chunky, not sleek or hip. However, it has a lot of features none of the other tablets or iThings have and which I have been waiting for in a tablet: replaceable battery, full size USB port and full SD slot, HDMI. Add to that the IPS screen and rubberized back and I'm sold on it. Holding 6 or so of the other tablets out there, I got the feeling that I would drop or break them; they were all almost too slim or delicate feeling. At 1.6 lbs it feels hefty enough, and its size makes me comfortable using it in an outdoor setting without worrying if i need to hand it over to someone to look at.
    Toshiba reps declared they intended this for laptop users who want a smaller device, not phone users wanting a bigger phone. I think they hit the right mix of features. I intend on doing some work on it, not just playing games or movies, but i dont want a laptop. At 429$, they hit the right price point for the feature set. I applaud them for not trying to be "just like" iPad, or just another android tablet for that matter, but going their own way in several respects. Toshiba has a rep for building pretty solid portables, as well.

  • L boogie

    Hmmm I wonder if it would come with its keyboard dock and other accessories as well

  • http://www.thriveforums.org wicked

    Interested in this one the most out of all the honeycomb tablets out.

    If you plan on getting one of these bad boys be sure to visit our new forum at http://www.thriveforums.org

  • Mgamerz

    I don't understand how to justify a 100 dollar price difference for a double of flash memory.
    A 16 GB SD card and a 32GB SD card (I'm guessing thats what they use for space, just embedded) is NOT 100 dollars. Not even close.