evo 3d

If you're planning on picking up an EVO 3D on June 24, you might want to set aside some cash to grab this sleek-looking desktop dock to go with it. The HTC-made accessory is currently listed as "coming soon" on Best Buy's website, so chances are you'll be able to pick one up on launch day.

The dock uses a 5-pin microUSB port for charging that is also MHL adapter-compatible (read more about this snazzy microUSB and microHDMI hybrid here), and despite the plastic construction, looks damn sexy doing it. You'll have to drop $50 to get it, but it'll be a nice replacement for the EVO 3D's missing kickstand, at least while it's parked on your desk.

evo 3d

Source: Best Buy

via Good and EVO

  • Digitalthug

    This will be pretty pointless if they dont make it compatible with an Evo 3D w/ case...and Im guessing 95% of ppl who buy the phone are going to get the case w/ kickstand - making the dock doubly worthless.

  • http://Twitter.com/SelketXimenna SelketXimenna

    It looks cool but too pricey. I'll just get a damn case with a kickstand and only use it for kindle and netflix.

  • SZehner15

    Correct me if im wrong but didnt best buy do this last yr..... advertising the Evo 4g dock as well and it wasnt released until months later......in fact the best buys in my area never got the docks and still dont have them. Just the Sprint stores Just saying. Hope they do release it on launch day looks pretty nice

  • Jennifer

    $50 but it doesn't charge a spare battery? Not worth it. I'll wait for a dock that does.

  • http://www.htcevo3d.info/ Paul

    for $50 bucks, well see..!