A few months ago, Motorola announced that its "portfolio of devices" will be graced with unlockable/relockable bootloaders in late 2011. However, there was some confusion over whether this concerned future handsets only or current devices as well.

Yesterday, Ausdroid reported that unlocked bootloaders will be coming to all existing Motorola Android devices (or rather, those still on Moto's update schedule) later this year via a software update. Needless to say, this was excellent news, and it had many a DROID X user jumping for joy.

To confirm, we reached out to Motorola - here's what we got in response:

Motorola has announced we will enable an unlockable/relockable bootloader in future software releases where channel and operator partners will allow it. It is our intention to include the unlockable/relockable bootloader in software releases starting in late 2011.

Again, excellent news all around - so long as your device hasn't been update-forsaken, that is. Also, much as we hate to rain on anyone's parade, the big caveat in Motorola's original statement remains - "where channel and operator partners (aka carriers) will allow it." You'd better hope your carrier secretly has a soft spot for modders.

Even with that disclaimer in place, however, it's a good day for owners of Motorola devices - there could still be a glimmer of bootloader-related hope.

Further coverage: Ausdroid

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • http://silverfang77.tumblr.com Silver Fang

    So does that mean the D2 is SOL since it was EOLed six months ago?

  • Josh H

    I'm sorry but everything Moto says sounds like b.s. to me. The only US carrier that's going to allow this is sprint. Moto needs to grow a pair and do what their customers want, regardless of what at&t/Verizon thinks about it.

  • mgamerz

    Well my atrix will still be screwed then. At&t doesn't even like sideloading.

  • Jacob

    VZE is going to bend us over like their little bitch. No way in freaking hell will they ever let an unlocked bootloader go if it's up to them.

  • chris

    Um Verizon allowed Samsung and LG to have unlocked bootloaders it's not Verizon as much as some of you are clueless and think. Its all moto since all motos. Are locked even on sprint

  • L boogie

    Believe it when it ACTUALLY happens because Motorola is full of shit

  • Mike

    This at least will put full blame on carriers if they try to pull this "It's the manufacturers!" claims they've been pulling in the past for locked bootloaders.

  • Bluevoodo

    Too late the moto x and x2 still suck ASS!!!!

  • NYC_Dude

    So will the upcoming Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile be able to be rooted so i can wireless tether?

  • http://droiddevelopment.com mchlbenner

    Cincinnati bell has confirmed they will not support unlocking of bootloaders. Don't go with Cincinnati bell.

  • Asphyx

    Trust me if even ONE carrier allows it to be unlocked it won't take long before someone takes that and makes it work on all the Moto phones.