The Swype team released a new round of improvements to their keyboard replacement software this evening. With this update, users can expect improvements to the "traditional" way of typing, as the correction engine that is used in the Swype method has been applied there as well.


Other improvements include better support for Android tablets, a simplified registration process, a new method of choosing words (in a horizontal menu, as opposed to a popup) and other improvements. You can find a complete list of their changes below:

  • Swype v3 introduces two major new features: Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice List
  • Our Tap Correction engine utilizes many of the concepts that make swyping so accurate. Seamlessly go from typing to swyping and back without missing a beat!

  • The Horizontal Word Choice List replaces our popup word choice window, giving users an experience more in-line with evolving Android standards. It also makes dictionary control and word selection faster and easier.

  • Swype v3 is available for devices with HVGA, WVGA, FWVGA, QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA, qHD screen sizes

  • Introducing a special Honeycomb-only WXGA version for Android tablets, with features like "moveable keyboard" that you won't find anywhere else!

  • To see which languages are supported on your device, check the language and resolution table

  • Improved licensing: Swype will no longer be disabled after a reboot on some devices; added support for devices that don't have a cellular radio (wifi-only tablets); no more license failures for CDMA devices in airplane mode.

  • Simplified registration by allowing users to authenticate their email address directly through the installer

  • Too many other improvements to list! Download Swype v3 NOW to explore everything the next generation of Swype has to offer!

  • Limited End User Support - mostly via our forum

  • If your phone came pre-installed with Swype, DO NOT download this beta (it won't work)

So, if you're just itchin' to get some updated Swype action in your hands, head over the beta page and grab the download.

Matt Demers
Matt Demers is a Toronto writer that deals primarily in the area of Android, comics and other nerdy pursuits. You can find his work on Twitter and sites across the Internet.

  • Marc

    I had to uninstall the previous version of Swype 2.29.xxx before the new would install using the Swype installer. Going to take it for a test drive right now.

  • Horse

    Holy crap. This a night and day improvement. I bought Thumb Keyboard for my TF101 and was about to switch from Swype to that on my DInc and now no more. Just the move away from the horrid word choice menu is great, but it seems both faster and more accurate. Plus, the voice recognition seems to work better. I had never had luck with it before and now it's picking up bizarre test phrases with long compound words and possessives with not a single error so far. We'll see how it does in the next week or so, but I'm loving it so far.

  • JoshL

    Still doesn't work work for HTC's messaging app on the Thunderbolt.

    • Zack

      Works fine with mine :)

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Writing this with the new swype. Kind of like it but it is too intrusive now with the single tap word choice. Why can't a single keyboard get it right?

  • Kodiak

    where do u go to get this?

    • Mn

      Need to be in the beta test group on their site

  • Cyril

    Is there a way to change the font on the keys? I have Swype 2.26.x, which utilises a very pleasant font face (don't know the name), and the sole reason I used to roll back to it was that newer versions looked horrible.

  • ciewkui

    hahaha, i tested the voice dictation with the swear word s*it and it came out as "s***". that's impressive. it even filters swears.

  • paul

    much better than any previous versions. i'm running it on my vibrant and it works flawlessly. i'm glad they removed that bulky suggestions box and voice recognition is much better.

  • Pitz

    Still a big fat pain in the BUTT to put on your Miui Rom.

  • Seth

    Best version of swype yet! Little but of lag puling up suggestions on my Dinc, but it's barely noticeable. Everything else works so much better. Even got back the tap to correct that used to be in the WinMo version.

  • FS

    Will there ever be an official Market release for this app or will it be in perpetual beta?

    • SpottedNigel

      They keep it in "Beta" to receive feedback and to keep it free. There are a few companies that already pay to use Swype on their phones so to keep Swype available to most everyone, they keep the Beta around.

  • CAS

    I uninstalled the installer but it won't give me the option of uninstalling the swype app. Anyone know an app that will do it successfully? EVO

  • 123

    Great improvement function-wise, but why can't they change the skin?! The current one looks ugly!

  • http://wave-france.blogspot.com Supercopter

    What are the limitations, if any, of the Beta? Especially, will it be installed for good or is it a test limited in time?

  • Riley

    It puts spaces in between the ":" and the "P" in my ":P" faces...I am not pleased

  • Harry

    SlideIT has had tablet support, resizing and predictive tapping for months, not to mention a "horizontal suggestion bar", which is so trivial it is not even listed as a "feature". They can even combine tapping and swyping. I always feel that Swype is one step behind them and is just looking at what SlideIT does and coping it with a fancier look. Sorry, but the original is usually (and this is no exception) better.

  • Mike

    Shocker...they learned from the old Shapewriter and the FlexT9 that horizontal word choices are better than those awvul vertical ones it had!

    Still pretty lame that on a Thunderbolt it doesn't autospace between words in the SMS/MMS Messaging App. Everything else is fine.

    Will still be alternately using my Shapewriter and FlexT9