Last Updated: October 14th, 2011

Please note that this offer ended on July 31, 2011. Please do not contact Sprint about getting an override on your upgrade anymore!

Last week we posted a poll asking Sprint customers which phone they were hoping to get next. A few commenters complained that they were victims of the Sprint Premier split, wherein people who were at the lower end of Premier previously were moved to Premier Silver, thereby losing their annual upgrades. We've heard quite a few people bitch complain about this since the split happened, but we're happy to report that Art from the Sprint Premier team stopped by to let us know that Premier Silver customers can actually get one more upgrade restored.

We contacted the suggested Sprint Premier team member directly via private message on the Premier forums as suggested, asking if the the comment was true and what was required:


It turns out Sprint Premier team members have been officially authorized to restore upgrades with no hassle involved. As Art stated in the aforementioned comment, simply send <redacted> a private message on the forums with your first and last name, date you would have been eligible for an upgrade, and your primary Sprint phone number. Once Jose processes your request, your upgrade will be restored within 24-48 hours. It's that easy.

Chances are he's already processing quite a few requests, and this post will likely add hundreds more to the pile, so try to be patient and give him time.

It's nice to see that Sprint has the decency (and intelligence) to make an effort to keep customers happy. That they offered annual upgrades at all (the only carrier to do so) was a beautiful gesture, and they certainly could have gotten away without allowing upgrades to be restored at all.

Aaron Gingrich
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  • SiliconAddict

    Umm I got an e-mail from Sprint a couple weeks back "Congrats on your Sprint Premier Gold status"
    "Fast forward to your next new phone in one year instead of two with an early phone upgrade for your primary line every 12 months.
    Que? If they are dropping that why am I getting e-mail about it?

    EDIT: wait? so there is more then one premier status?!? Confused es I.

    • Matt

      Yes, there are two levels.

    • Jaymoon

      If you pay $90+ for a single line, you are Premiere Gold no matter what.


      If you pay between $70-90, you are Premiere Silver, which from what I recall, Sprint changed up back in April.

      So basically anyone (like myself) who activated a new line to get their Evo in June 2010, they were promised by Sprint a qualifying discount within a year, instead of 22 months. Well in April, Sprint changed the rules, which is causing the confusion.

  • MeToo

    I just called and after talking to the supervisor, I can now get the full upgrade IF I use it by June 30. I want the SGSII so I guess I'm still out of luck.

  • Kenneth

    Guess im screwed mine not until December

  • Kenneth

    Im out. Wad supposed to upgrade december. Im screwed

  • CAS

    Hope this is right. I called Sprint a couple months ago and was told I was SOL. Just sent Jose and email. FINGERS CROSSED - I really want the EVO 3D.

  • http://Twitter.com/SelketXimenna SelketXimenna

    When I went to pre-order the EVO 3D on Friday, I told them I was promised a yearly upgrade so she said they will honor that.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This I took care of before I made my preorder on May 8th. Now It's all about preperation for Evo 3d getting my contact list ready for transfer from my Evo 4g as well as all my related applications. This is a great time in Evo land.

  • Mikejwf

    I was furious whwn i got my letter about the new tiers and even more furious after the sprint rep told me i was SOL. I couldn't take another day with my joke of a blackberry, so i bought my EVO straight up off eBay. Im curious to see what kind of perks they start offering me to upgrade and sign a new contract in april 2012. Im also curious to see what new phones are coming out by that time. Im not impressed with the EVO 3D.

    • MikeJwF

      Sent Jose a PM, wouldn't hurt to have an upgrade available just in case.

  • Scooterman1

    Thanks Aaron, and Jose!!!

  • Patrick

    I just called Sprint... they said they already gave me the yearly upgrade but had to use it by June 30th. Looks like no Galaxy S II for me...

  • Steven

    I'm not even sure I qualify (since I got on one of those EPRP plans), but sent an PM to Jose just in case...it never hurts to ask, right?

  • E.T.

    Hi to any one that made it this far on the replays, lets get started.

    Two fold:
    First thigh most carriers are over looking is people wants "new" and like with anything in life new happens all the time, and when it comes to phones its new every 7 months. And thats what brings in the problem, if I use my self as a example I'm with sprint and my next upgrade is not until next April! That puts me past the one year mark and a little more and its a two line service. "BUT I WANTED A EVO 4G" I know it's old now with evo 3d coming out, nuts! Because I would have had that phone if carriers use this setup.

    The Setup:
    Each carrier wants to lock you in for 2 years right? Well back in the day when a new phone came out once in a year and a half that was fine, but ppl (short for people) please it's a new day so that don't work.
    It now should be like this:
    2 year contract
    1 year upgrade (same one as the 2 year at 1 year instead)
    This way two things happens, one ppl get a new phone once a year they can just order a buy back on the old phone (witch they can sale as a re-furb phone online) they also get you to reset your 2 year (now they got you for 2 more years lol 3 in all now) but you know I would love it that way.

    Because by the time I get my upgrade from my hero to the evo 4g 3d it would be outdated.

    If you think this is a smart way to do thing let them know flood the blog sites and YouTube with your ideas who knows someone just mite take notice "you just did by reading this far :) "

    Thx for reading this.
    Et Phone Home

    • http://www.williamting.com William

      Why do you use the shorthand "ppl" if you bother explaining what it means anyway?

  • Scooterman7

    I pm'd Jose. Now, to wait and see what happens. The question that I have is this. I thought that I read that the Premier discount is applied after all Sprint discounts, and rebates,. So, if Sprint is offering the 3D for $199 in U. S., and your full Premier allowance is $150, do I walk out the door for $199-150= $50?

    • Shawn

      uumm no.. $199 is the new activation/full upgrade price, not the retail. You do not get an addition $150 because your premier.

  • BC

    I'm not furious, but I am a little mad about this. Just before the Premier split into Gold & Silver tiers, I became eligible for an upgrade after my first year. I contacted Sprint and asked if I would lose my upgrade once the tiers split, and was told yes, I would have to use the upgrade before the split or lose it. This was the same week that rumors of the Evo 3D started spreading. So, instead of waiting 4 months to get the Evo 3D like I had hoped to do, I upgraded to the Evo. Now, I find out if I had waited, I could have gotten the upgrade and the phone that I really wanted. Still not furious, but not happy.

  • nbdynprtcular

    Yeah, good luck with this. I called Sprint and asked them about the one time override, and was informed that I called them 13 days too late. They stopped giving the override on June 1st.

  • mw

    well, obviously you got bad info, because this story was written june 13th, so they could NOT have stopped it on June 1st.....

  • FS

    I sent them a PM on the 14th and haven't heard back yet ( 3 days).

  • Nick s

    I just saw this today and sent a pm, hopefully it gets sorted out in time to get an Evo 3d