The DROID 3, like the DROID 2, has been pretty lax about showing itself off prior to any sort of official announcement from Motorola. Today, the DROID 3 has been all but fully revealed by a member over at XDA China. Two things from that post immediately caught our attention: a qHD Pentile display, and 512MB of RAM. Both of them should make you queasy.

We aren't big fans of Moto's Pentile qHD displays, particularly as it appeared on the DROID X2. If your vision is good, and you hold your phone at a normal distance from your face (read: about one foot - not three), Pentile looks like crap - there's little argument. Even our friends at Droid-life agree. Here's a shot of the DROID 3's display, up-close and personal:


Hey, you got green in my yellow! Hey, you got yellow in my green!

This is just one example of Pentile's numerous shortcomings. You can also expect the screen's pixel gridlines to be obvious if you stare at the display for more than a few seconds, and reproduction of shades of certain colors (like greens and yellows) is just plain bad.

The DROID 3 also comes packing a 2010-esque 512MB of RAM. What gives, Motorola? Is it really that expensive to bump it to 768?

On the positive side of things, the DROID 3 does have a dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor (the same one you'll find in Blackberry's Playbook), sporting a PowerVR SGX540 - which is a quite a speedy GPU. See the benchmark results, below:


So, it's not all bad. Not to mention the phone itself looks pretty good. The DROID 3 will also be packing a front-facing camera, an 8MP/1080p rear shooter, HDMI-out, and a 5-row QWERTY slider keyboard.

To see all the pictures, head over to Droid-life.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Darkseider

    Motorola fails yet again. Looks like the only hope on VZW is the SGS II. The only other option is to leave VZW and go to another carrier that actually has some high end phones to speak of. Which at the moment is every other big carrier in the U.S.

    • L boogie

      I feel you on the vzw line up, and God help them if they screw up the upcoming Function with their garbage bloatware

  • skitchbeatz

    Quadrant benchmarks mean nothing.

  • LAmDroid

    a waste of a quality device when you cripple it with not enough memory to even use half of it's abilities.

    Im tired of low memory issues w my OG Droid. I loved it, but hated that I was constantly restricted whenever I saw new cool apps to install.

  • Chris

    Wake up Motorola. It's not the apps fault (well some of them are), but that's beside the point. Phones with 512MB of memory are a joke and just don't perform well if you add apps to the phone that need background processes.

    Thank you for pointing this out in the headline! But suggesting only 768? It seems so many reviewers these days ignore how much RAM is in the phone and well that's one of the most important specs IMHO. I can't imagine putting a 1GB chip instead of a 512MB chip would make hardly any difference in price.

    I can see it now... Quad core phones with 512MB of memory. No thanks.

    My 10 year old Linux server has more memory than these phones today.

    Don't bother with faster CPUs if you aren't going to beef up the memory as well.

    • Domdym

      Its ram not ssd. Will effect nothing a out now no app need that much ram.

  • SleepinInCA

    Facepalm* Motorola...your last good phone was the droid 1. Between motoblur...gag...skimpy memory....and locked bootloaders.....you can stick this phone in your cornhole and swim laps in the pool.

  • L boogie

    Are you paying ANY attention to your competition? 512mb of RAM in this day & age, apps to blame for phones' shortcomings AND MOTOBLUR IS THE SOLUTION!? Get rid of the present leadership and get some real leadership that could save Motorola from drowning in their own mess... btw, the phone could be better just work on the faults before release

  • Argy

    Omg other than the 5 row key board nothing on the droid 3 reallyattracts me

  • http://N/A Droid3

    If i recall its DDR2 ram, which is different, and should be more then enough. No 4g sux, but until 4g is in my area, I suppose it doesnt even matter. And hopefully rooting it will be able to fix any software issues. Im hoping this phone wont dissapoint.

  • Astrowe

    aaarghttt.. that was supposed to be my next phone. mototrolla.. 512MB.. really..??? and that qHD pentile sh*t looks awful. what's wrong with u?

  • http://stuarthalliday.com Stuart Halliday

    Welcome to the world of squeezing maximum profit from the consumer. They know the phone really needs 768-1024MB so supply just that little bit less therefore leaving room to offer the punters a new phone with the right amounts in 6 months time. And like good little consumers we duly buy them on cue.

    Welcome to the 'land of the free'...:)

  • http://[email protected] @bigwhoopitweet

    Poor, Motorola had it all I tweeted them I could make a phone that outsells Droid 1, first Droid phones should be pure Google,a Motorola's nexus type thing,a droid should always be the flagship, get rid of motoblur, Droid bionic should be dual or quad min 1g RAM 16/32 storage, amoled HD, well built they are going down ... this Droid 3 looks poor, Droid 1 had a better screen ..!