Yesterday we told you that cvpcs managed to find a way to put together a CyanogenMod build for the DROID X, despite its locked bootloader. It turns out that the DX wasn't the only locked up Moto device that was getting CM-ified, as Quarx over at XDA has ported CM7 to the Motorola DEFY.

This build is basically usable as a daily driver, with everything aside from 720p video capture and WVGA photos working. Considering it's still listed as RC0, that's not too bad - but it still has some bugs to work out, according to the source thread at XDA.

If you feel like giving this a shot, head over to XDA for the download, installation instructions, and any caveats that you should be aware of.


Thanks, Paul and Nikos!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://blog.liox.eu Shadowchaser

    Finally some progress!

    • JAG

      Not finally, cyanogen mod 7 was ported to DEFY I think more than 4 month ago.

      Im about buying this baby!!

  • anon

    the best mid range phone ..superb phone..with 2.2 update it ll be a beast

    • http://www.longren.org/ tyler

      Glad we got 2.2 in the US already for the Defy. I've had some issues with wifi since the 2.2 update, but overall it's such an improvement from 2.1.