Owners of the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon should be getting prompted to install an OTA update pretty soon - but it's just a maintenance update with a couple of bug fixes. When I say a couple, I mean it in the most literal of ways - it fixes two things. The two things in question? It improves the delivery of over-the-air updates and incoming call connectivity. That's it. I do find it ironic that they're sending out an OTA update to improve OTA updates, though.

2011-06-10 10h28_39

You should be able to pull this update now, if you haven't gotten it already.


Thanks, @payrow!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/noom5884 Chusys Ruenkasem

    I want to try one.

  • George

    Could it be that the OTA update fix is in prep for Gingerbread roll out?

  • http://www.ayumi-hamasaki.net/forumv3 Luna Saisho

    Like George said, I sure hope this is a Gingerbread prep update.

    Now if my phone will actually boot past the Verizon logo, I'll be happy.

  • Optimax

    This looks like a big problem. Ever since I installed this update, the battery life changed to less than an hour! Absolutely unusable.

    Don't upgrade!

    I visited a Verizon store today, and they told me I wasn't the first to complain, but they had no solution to offer.

  • Matt Hernandez

    I updated to ED04 and my phone completely crapped out. Poor battery life, phone turns on and off on its own, randomly get text messages (GF isn't happy about that one), and essentially the phone just does what it wants. Talked to Verizon and said all the problems came from the ED04 update.