The ASUS Transformer is a nifty piece of tablet kit, particularly because of its super-awesome keyboard dock that comes with its own extended battery. But Transformer owners have complained that they're essentially left in the dark about the status of the dock's battery - because by default the only battery status displayed is that of the tablet itself. This means that you'll just see a nice, full battery for hours on end until suddenly your little green bar starts to drop precipitously, indicating the dock has finally run out of juice.

Some would say this doesn't matter that much, but I can empathize - I'm kind of an info-nut myself, I like to know what's going on with my device, and if I had an external battery, I'd want to know the remaining power figures. Well, Transformer owners, there's finally a solution to this conundrum. Two solutions, actually.

Battery And Dock Widget by beeone42

First, we have an app by XDA member beeone42 - it's a simple visualization widget that shows the status of both the tablet and dock batteries on your Transformer, as you can see in this itty-bitty screenshot:


There's not much more to say - you can get the apk for this app here. (Note: reboot your Transformer if the widget doesn't appear in your widgets list) Be sure to check the thread to see if there's an updated version, though.

Transformer Battery Widget by Highland3r

The second widget is for people that like their UIs to be a bit more text oriented, as you can see in this screen:


This widget presently comes in 2 versions: white text and black text. You can get the white version here. You can get the black version here. And here's the link to the XDA thread.

Both of these apps have been tested on rooted and un-rooted Transformers running the 3.1 update, so if you're still on 3.0.1, they may not work properly.

via Liliputing

David Ruddock
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  • No matter

    Sweet. My doc station arrives today and I've had the tablet for a few days now. Been fine so far.

    It's great to see the dev community filling in the gaps. I think these will be very useful.

  • Dennis

    I was running Highland3r's for a couple of days but the text with transparent background made it hard to read with my wallpaper.

    Installed beeone42's and it works well for me.

  • Ace

    For those looking to get the wifi only version it is back in stock on Amazon! - http://amzn.to/jLbPxq