So, you've invested a chunk of change in a Motorola XOOM and you want to make sure that it stays in one piece, right? Otterbox has come to the rescue to fit that bill perfectly with the new Defender case for the XOOM. In typical Otterbox fashion, this case is made to protect your device from drops and other mishaps, while adding a bit of functionality and style. It features a "high quality polycarbonate shell" that snaps around the outside of the tablet, with a silicon skin that hugs the shell to absorb impacts.

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The back of the case features a much-desired kickstand that provides two different angles for use with a keyboard, watching videos, etc. All of these features do come at a cost, though - $90 worth of cost, to be exact. That's a small price to pay for piece of mind, though... right? We'll find out soon enough - we have a test unit on the way, so expect a full review in the coming weeks.


Thanks, Ronin!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    I'm all over this like bee on honey. Curious to see if all the faults of the Portfolio case are fixed here, whether it scratches the XOOM, and whether there are proper openings for everything.

  • ocdtrekkie

    But does it cover the screen? Doesn't look like it has any screen protection. Which makes it a waste of $90. (I love the portfolio case, personally, only minor drawback is the notches meant for using it as a stand means it cleans the screen in weird stripes.)

    I would never buy a case that doesn't protect the screen. My phone uses a holster, because the holster clip covers the screen while it's put away.

    • Matt W

      My Otterbox case for my Desire came with a screen protector film, but there's no part of the case's hard shell which covers the screen. Otterbox just don't seem to do that.

      Personally for a tablet I'd definitely want that as I can't imagine being able to protect it in a bag otherwise. Unless it's made of absolutely unscratchable unbreakable glass, and I'm not likely to believe such claims...

  • http://www.gmachine.net GMachine

    I think overall its more than worth the investment.

  • J


    it comes with a hardshell case which ca cover the screen and also doubles as a stand.

    excellent buy and will pick this sucker up once I look at some reviews first....