We often report on things that only affect us here in the US, but other areas of the world aren't out of our realm of coverage, either. Thanks to a tipster, we have reason to believe that the Gingerbread update for the Scandinavian variant of the LG G2x/Optimus 2X/LGP990 has been delayed from Summer to Fall of 2011 - if the Swedish LG site is correct, that is.

2011-06-10 13h05_54

Translation courtesy of Google

The Swedish LG site doesn't seem to be the only one reporting this timeline change - the Danish and Norwegian sites are also reporting the same thing. However, the UK and US sites are completely void of any information regarding Gingerbread. We're not entirely sure what to make of this, so we'll keep you posted as more information comes to light.

Thanks, Salomon!

Cameron Summerson
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    Well I have to buy another phone, or I have to flash a Gingerbread ROM long before that!

  • http://www.innews.dk Erroneus

    And on top of that, the update which should have fixed reboots and battery drain, has been pushed for the fourth time, leaving many consumers with an useless phone.

    LG has sadly proven that they are not ready for the job, to deliver updates fast enough for their phones.

    I really hope the next Google Nexus phone is not from LG. I know the updates will be from Google, but I really don't trust LG after this huge failure.

  • DaFlow

    As long as the the ROM is not a MAJOR screwup like the leaked G2x ROM (Gingerbread built around Froyo base) they can take a little longer.

    I'll probably stick with the custom ROMs anyway, but they rely on proper drivers for gingerbread to work flawlessly.

    So come on LG

  • maedox

    Never been happier in my life than after getting rid of that sh*t. Pleased with the SGS2.

  • maedox

    Never been happier in my life than after getting rid of that brick. Pleased with the SGS2.

  • Bjarne

    My LG 2X sux with the current stock rom and CM7 rom is getting better with every new daily build but it's still very rough.

    My N1 is still a lot faster then this poor Nvidia Tegra dual core shitty speed monster :(

  • dk

    No, why?! I just got rid of my N900 and was hoping to get better support.
    Guess I have to root it then.

  • howie

    Why does lg keep delstat their update, i have har optimist 2x from april, and luckily havent fot the reboots, bit sometimes it drains my battery and it is not vert fast. Does somebody know why f-secure says z4root is virus?

  • Koro

    It runs quite well with the custom Froyo ROMS, but it's still disappointing that LG has been so slow on this.

  • Joel Teixeira

    I thought I was doing something right buying a LG phone. I was so badly wrong. The worst support ever.

    The stock rom is a crap and Cyanogen still lacks AD2P and still getting BSODs daily.


  • Eli

    I've just had enough of my LGP990. I'm just about to get rid of it or give it back to the dealer after waiting for 4 months for the Gingerbread upgrade, which was waiting for nothing. Very disappointed. No doubt this will be my last LG handheld experiance. Rrrrrrr.....

  • Neil

    shit LG engineers..they are good for nothin..phone is better to use with worlds first dualcore phone but we are still unable to use gingerbread..slow LG workers.....!!!!! just waitin waitin n waitin..

  • Paddy

    I swapped my X10 for a Lg P990 and today Gingerbread was released for X10. It sucks! (My girlfriend kept her X10.

  • Graham

    Just got a LG P990 and like the Froyo Android release but would like GingerBread. Indian users are claiming they already have GingerBread.

  • Kumar K

    No yet in India.. atleast my P990 hasnt got the update yet..
    Daily running PC suite to check and see if there is any update waiting for...no luck..
    Not very disappointed...but certianly luv to see GB