Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

From Chingy and TeamAndIRC comes Maintenance Release 2 for the HTC Thunderbolt. The OTA update should be hitting stock phones on June 15th, but we're giving it to you early.

The major improvements brought about by MR2:

  • Fixes random reboots
  • Improves GPS locking
  • Improves signal strength
  • Add 3G/LTE toggle in settings
  • And more... (we don't have an official changelog yet, unfortunately)

tbota1 tbota2

Un-rooted Stock MR2 Update

First up, the full, signed RUU. (This is NOT the same as a simple OTA - it is a full "image" of a phone running the new MR2 update) This is for you developers or stock users who wish to get the update early. Be warned, however, as this will wipe data if installed. Also, installing this over a rooted phone WILL brick it.



  1. Download the file below, and re-name it to (without quotes) "PG05IMG.zip"
  2. Place PG05IMG.zip on the root directory of your SD card
  3. Turn off your Thunderbolt
  4. Holding Volume Down and then Power simultaneously, wait until the phone boots into the bootloader - it should begin flashing the update immediately.
  5. Wait, up to several minutes, for your device to reboot.

 Download Stock MR2 RUU: http://www.multiupload.com/KTO2J1DP80 - 1239f430324f4fb3249ba3dfd3704ad7 - DO NOT INSTALL ON A ROOTED PHONE

Rooted Custom ROMs Running MR2 Update

For rooted users (want to root and unlock your Thunderbolt to use these ROMs? Check out our official Thunderbolt root and unlock guide), the custom ROMs (make sure you download and flash the new Radio version for any of these - download in the Flyweight or PlainJane links):

The Perfect Storm v1.5 by Chingy51o - download and support available at http://themikmik.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=214&t=1344

This is the first and most developed ROM based on this update, including power widgets in the notification pull-down, custom theming, and much, much more. Note: the mirror link is tricky, hit "Skip Ad" in the upper right-hand corner.

Flyweight by b16 and birdman, courtesy of Rootzwiki - download and support available at http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?176-Flyweight-Final-by-b16-and-birdman&p=1759

Description: This ROM is specifically de-bloated for the lightweight ROM user. It is fast, stable, and well tested. Enjoy and feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.

PlainJane v3 by TeamAndIRC, courtesy of Rootzwiki - download and support available at http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?175-ROM-Plain-Jane-1.66.605.6-(aka-MR2-OTA2-v3)-6-9-2011&p=1758

An almost untouched ROM, for those that want a stock experience but need root. Root and BusyBox are included, along with all the standard Verizon bloat. Again, feel free to use this as a base for other ROMs.

Justin Case
Justin Case is a 30yr old father of four. He has an ever changing array of Android devices, and an eye for mobile security.
  • Tom Robinson

    Will this radio work with other Gingerbread ROMs like Das Bamf 2.0-5?

    • jcase

      The radio from this will work on GB roms, but not other froyo roms

      • Tom Robinson

        Thanks! Always good stuff!

  • Tommy

    how to put on root of sd card?

    • Uphor8

      If you don't know this, you should go to Google and read up some basics.

      • Tommy

        I am right now.

  • jack

    says wrong image or no image found

    • http://www.techspecs.biz Techspecs

      You need to flash in HBOOT not Clockwork.

      From above... "Holding Volume Down and then Power simultaneously, wait until the phone boots into the bootloader – it should begin flashing the update immediately."

    • ck

      Make sure you renamed it right dont add the .zip when u rename otherwise it will have .zip.zip and not flash

  • UndergroundWire

    Is this for real? It will brick if you install on a rooted phone? In the past it was just you lose root.

    Anyway, I can just go through the downgrade process and use this new image and it should work, right?

    • jcase

      To be honest, I am not 100% sure, some RUUs will toss it into Security Warning mode, and some will not.

      The most recent leaked RUU besides this one (the last Update) would cause the security warnings, so it is fairly safe to assume this one will too. However some past ones did not.

      Until a newer RUU leaks, there is no way to to remove the security warning.

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    That this releases on June 15 makes me think it will also disable the free Wi-Fi hotspot. Or would a software update do that?

  • Tex

    They should extend that service until they get all if not most of the bugs and glitches fixed in my opinion. No one wants to pay for an unstable service. We bought a phone that does have high potential for such a high price yet it has so many unforeseen issues in it. Now you can buy one and get some (not one) for free with a contract of course and the price has been lowered in some instances.

  • TBDF

    Still waiting on that CM7! Probably gonna wait to update until after that releases. Good to see something happening for us Tbolt users though.

  • http://androidpolice.com blueis300

    Ok dang it this rapidshare crap sucks.

  • blackhawk5177

    got either no image or wrong image. also got on root sd card and got it named right

  • Jack Frost

    Thanks JC first time to try anything on a smartphone, worked perfectly. Last phone was supposedly smart but it rode the windows short bus. Next step rooting.
    Thanks again J Frost.

  • Tommy

    Everythings coming up roses with this update with one exception. My Skype with video won't work now. Reinstalled it to no avail. Says incompatable device. Sigh...

  • DannyDarko

    My Thunderbolt is working soo much better now. I only have one gripe. The market is not and will not show me all of my apps. Its so frustrating. I tried all the remedies even a hard reset and nothing these are the apps I paid for. Let me know if anyone else has these issues. It beats 30 reboots a day though!

    • jcase

      Due to the new fingerprint not being in the market yet, it should be by the 15th.

  • Android Newbie

    I just updated and everything went great except that step 8 of the install "TP" was bypassed. My phone seems to be working better though. I haven't been kicked off mobile hotspot over and over yet. Any thoughts on the bypass of step 8)TP?

  • Eric

    Just had to comment. I'm not one to normal go forward with these right away....however this one I did. I had no reboots issue. Use the 1-Click script to root my Thunderbolt. No problems doing that......followed the directions. Applied the radio, then Flyweight. Rebooted.....froze. Something cause it to freeze. Factory Reset, booted ok. Restore apps....rebooted ok.....added my Google account for syncing...it synced...rebooted...froze....not sure why or what is causing it to freeze. So...put back the last 1-click step and downgraded the radio, restore my clockwork backup....things work fine.

    Not sure if I'm the only one, and what app is causing the problem. I'm sure there is something installed that is possibly causing a problem at boot. However it causes the entire phone to freeze. Something it's during the boot animation, sometimes it gets up enough I see the lock screen....either way after it freezes...I have to pull the battery....and it never does come back. (Yes, wiped cache...etc...)

    I spent 6 hours trying to get it work, however in the end I had to revert back the the previous radio.

    I know there is alot more I can do, right not I just don't have the time do figure it out. I'm also leaving for a 2 week trip the beginning of July, so I'd rather have a stable phone.


  • DJRumbero

    I found this ROM just by doing some research online, I found it interesting based on comments and decided to give it a try. THIS IS AWSOME!! GPS locks in seconds, everithing works very nice and market reinstalled all my dowloaded apps including wireless theter. Thanks to the person who made this possible. I am staying with this ROM, I use GPS a lot and this just makes my thunderbolt the perfect phone for me. Any link for donations??

    • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

      Which ROM? There are several listed here.

      • DJRumbero

        Sorry about that. It is flyweight.

  • tcurabba

    I installed the ROM last night (non root) and it is 98% perfect. Two things I have found are the Market doesn't have all my paid apps and the "people " application has a big bug. If you open People and tap search... None of the contacts auto populate.

    You must scroll the list up and down and then tap on search for it to work correctly. I use this app so frequently it's is bummer that it has this bug.

    The rest of the ROM works great. Thanks to the creators. No more random reboots!

    • Mike

      That's a big bug! LOL. It seems when you open up people, tap search (hard button), then type in a name it does not populate the search matches initially. You then have to tap the search button again and then your matches appear. However all subsequent searches in that same session then work correctly. But if you exit "People" and go back in, you get the same behavior as desrcibed above.

      But I just finished installing/getting my phone back to where it was (thank God for MyBackup!). Same as you, non rooted. No reboots yet, but it has only been a few hours but I'm sure it is probably cured.

      Other little things, the 3G icon looks cosmetically different (won't see the 4G icon until I go into work Monday). My Verizon App is now in it (I think thats new for TBolt). As stated, there is a 3G/4G toggle in settings, but does this make my LTE ON/OFF app useless then? I prefer that as I like the ability to choose LTE Mode only when in 4G. For whatever reason I get better battery life staying on 4G that way,

      Now they need to get cookin gon Gingerbread!

  • mauricio

    Any one recently had any fixes for the market place error

  • Jetfire_R$

    I am rooted and just flashed my stock backup then flashed MR2 and lastly cleared all and flashed perfect storm. Is my phone gonna brick because everythings fine so far

    • jcase

      You obviously didnt flash the MR2 RUU then, if you were able to go to recovery and flash a custom rom.

      My quess is a) didnt flash anything sucessfully, b) you flshed radio alone

      RUU may not cause a brick when flashed over a rooted phone, but some past ones would throw them into a Security Warning. Reports are that it doesn't do that now, why chance it however.

      • Jetfire_R$

        It said it updated successfully. Yeah I flashed the radio then the Rom. How could I tell if it took. I have been searching forums with no answer on how to tell. I took a bigger gamble then I thought I guess.

  • Ron

    Thanks for the update. I did have a problem installing (tried PlainJane and PerfectStorm) and the only thing that I think it could have been was that I had the 4G radio turned off and had it in CDMA only mode when I tried to update the radio. When I loaded the new ROMs they were stuck in the activating screen. I removed root and rolled back to a signed firmware and started over but first set the radio to 3G/4G. Not sure if this was the reason but after I did this I didn't have any problems.

  • ryan

    Thus far I'm not imprssed by the so called stability. I did not have the boot looop problem before but I did have to manually reboot or cycle airplane mode to get it to work.

    Now I get very quick GPS acquisition, and a bit faster 3G speed, but 4G is still quite buggy with many apps giving me I/O errors.

    I just got a GSM-based Galaxy S2 and its very nice so maybe i'll just have to sell what has turned into an unreliable aggravation and use that to offset the cost a bit of buying the new one. Or maybe 4G just isn't really ready yet and I should just stick the phone in 3G mode and pretend i never heard of "4G".

  • Jason Sheroan

    OTA is only 2-days away... so since I'm unrooted, I'd rather not take a chance on having a problem, even thought I HATE my phone because it loses it's data connection and reboots all the time, even after the newest update. If Gingerbread doesn't resolve it, I'm gonna look to getting a different phone,

    • ryan

      me too. I'll miss a couple things in sense -- the weather animations and the music player -- but i need a more stable product.

  • http://www.Noodle.mx/?utm_source=androidpolice.com&utm_medium=Blog_comment&utm_campaign=Comments Daniel J. Lewis

    My phone hasn't been randomly rebooting … until the last few days. Oh, the irony!

  • Matt A

    I followed the above and am still rebooting quite often. I also have the contacts search error. I've loaded limited app's just in case something else was causing it but so far I'm unimpressed with the update. I even have issues with texting and the messages not being sent. I'm wondering if it's my old 3G network extender I have in my house. I previously read it should work just fine with the 4G phone (but not serving up 4G). Everything is just wrong with my phone since the original upgrade. It was fine before. Not now....

  • Dustin S

    Can anyone help...I have a unrooted thunderbolt and installed this update today, now there are some applications that I use on a day to day basis that will not show up in the Android marketplace due to the version I am now running. Some of the programs that will not show up are "eCamera" and "Logitech Harmony Remote". Does anyone have a fix or a idea?

    • Jerrod S

      Glad to know I'm not the only one with the market issue! My market won't even update to the latest version. Three are numerous apps I can't find any more and it really peeves me! I hope the official ota really did happen on the 15!!

  • tcurabba

    I have a question for you guys, since we've updated to this new OTA will we be locked out from installing the official OTA?

    My experience with Verizon is they send updates but they fail to install if the previous version wasn't issued by them.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

    • Jerrod S

      It's possible. But I'm also sure that someone will flash the update and post it for those that don't want to re-image their phones.

  • http://andriodpolice godwnz

    how do i load in root of SD card

    • Matt A

      I have a Mac and connected my phone, it showed as a device on my desktop. I opened it and dragged the file into the main area that housed other folders etc. I think you aren't supposed to put it in a folder nor create a folder. Just drop it into the main area. That's what I did and it worked. Reboot as instructed and it will launch as described above.

  • http://motorcityrocks.com Steve Barman

    Plain Jane and Flyweight don't work. :( trying out the third option.

    • jcase

      They work perfectly fine, my guess is you failed to flash the required MR2 radio. Not flashing that results in MR2 based roms not working.

  • Micah

    A quick question... On my 'one click' rooted TB, does it make a difference what order I flash MR2 Radio or The Perfect Storm in?

  • JamesHMT

    Still waiting for the OTA Official release. Any updates as to when it will be released? My phone has been very temper-mental to say the least. I hope this update fixes it.

    • Jerrod S

      I have a feeling it won't be coming out today. I think it was just a rumored date because today was supposed to be the day VZW cut off the free hotspot access. Since the date for that has been moved to July 6, I would safely guess that is when the next OTA update would be.

      • JamesHMT

        Grrrr! I'm not liking the sound of that. haha. Thanks Jerrod.

  • god wnz

    That's Verizon glad I took the here

  • god wnz

    That's Verizon glad I took the update here

  • MorTality

    Took mine here too.... Works like a charm. Just clean market cache and data and market will renew. way better signal as well.

    • Jerrod S

      Ok, I haven't run a hash check yet, but the source i DLd from gave the exact same link above. The difference is, I DLd from MegaUpload, and not MultiUpload. Did you guys use Multi? Are you rooted? Can you find apps like MLB at Bat? Can you use the Verizon apps (don't need them, but it would be a way to verify).

      I ask all these cuz I don't want to re-flash if i'm going to have the same issues.

      Thanks guys!

      • Jerrod S

        Hashes are the same so I know there isn't a difference in the file I downloaded. I don't know what to do. I don't want to reflash if it doesnt fix anything...

  • Dustin S

    There are a lot of apparently available however there are a few that are not available. Check "eCamera" because this is one I had and now cannot find? Maybe someone can get the apk :-)

  • Mendy

    Question: I rooted my Thunderbolt using the instructions on AndroidPolice. That page notes S-OFF, Ability to downgrade and flash any RUU (i.e. signed firmware).

    So why does installing the Signed RUU above say "installing this over a rooted phone WILL brick it"?

    I thought S-OFF allows installing ay firmware, signed or not?


  • Andy

    so I have a rooted Thunderbolt. I did a search for updates, and my phone found one. if I install will this brick it, or will i loose root?

    • Micah

      I did a double-take at that as well. Look again... they are two separate headings, one for unrooted and one for rooted phones.

  • Micah

    My brief experience on Thunderbolt...
    Did the '1 Click' root.
    Applied the MR2 Radio update.
    Wiped and cleared cache.
    Updated to The Perfect Storm v1.5.
    Reinstalled SPB Shell 3D.

    All is working VERY fast and SMOOTH.

    The cell signal is stronger than before because I tried it in a location previously was weak but now it is transferring data quicker and with less interruptions.

    So far the only thing I'm having an issue with is my Perfect Keyboard app. It FC and can't use it at all. Hopefully the dev will fix the app soon so it will work with the latest android updates.

    • andy

      I don't see a radio update in this one...do use the radio I got with flyweight...

  • vx0

    I can't seem to get to the bootloader using the instructions. Just boots normally. Does the TB have to be rooted first before even the stock update can be installed?

    • MorTality

      No, you have to hold the Volume down button and then hit the power button.

      • vx0

        I guess I am just an idiot or something. I am holding the Volume down and pressing the power button and it just boots up normally.

  • andy

    I flashed the radio, then the plain Jane rom....after the radio flash all was good. I installed the Jane Tom and could not gget a signal....reloaded my backed up rom and back to square one....no update....edit: I installed flyweight rom...that's the one where I had no signal....

    • Andy

      Ok so I flashed the radio again, and installed the Perfect Storm, and it would not activate, I rebooted and still no activation, so again I had to boot to recovery, and restore my last back up....not sure why my phone will not take theese roms, but i will just stick with what I have for now...

  • Ron

    Andy.. I had the same problem but tried again after making sure my radio was in cdma and LTE mode AND made sure to wipe cache.. you may want to try that.. worked for me.

    • andy

      i just tried it again and now my radio is stuck in airplane mode and will not come out of airplane mode...

  • Jimny Cirkcet

    I got tired of waiting for the OTA so I am updating as we speak. I will update shortly on the 4g connectivity issue.

  • DJRumbero

    After a week of use of this OTA update I want to say again that I am impressed with the results. GPS locks in 5-6 seconds inside the house and in 3-5 seconds outside or while driving. I have used it with flyweight and The Perfect Storm and they both run very smooth I am having a hard time on deciding which one to keep on my phone. Anyway I just wanted to let you all know my experience with this MR2 Radio. IT'S THE BEST!! Everything works.

  • whodude

    com.skypevideo.apk does not work after upgrading a non-rooted TB. bummer. Otherwise the upgrade went smoothly. Thanks

  • Andrew

    I updated and all seems to be working. I read on another site the OTA version is still not out, and there is no word when it will be. However, it is still confirmed Gingerbread is coming though no announcement date yet.

  • jonjon

    Great..:. But no Skype.... Come on! Why cant things be perfect? Any sd uggestions on unrooted device...

  • god wnz

    I have a non rooted phone phone and my Skype works I just don't know what went wrong try loading again some of my apps from Android Market are not compatibility now that sucks I've related a number. Of times help please........

  • MorTality

    If I applied the stock software, how is it going to affect the rooting process? Does the manual root still work? Are the old exploits still viable?

  • tcurabba

    I updated to this the day it was released. It is awesome!

    Question... Can this be rooted? Are there any one click root methods available

  • http://forum.androidcentral.com/thunderbolt-rooting-roms-hacks/77617-auto-root-unroot-windows-updated-5-20-w-mr1-update.html Micah

    One Click Root....

    This is the one I used and worked great....


    Note: Just read everything carefully before using.

  • tcurabba

    Awesome, thank you! Just to confirm, you did this after the stock non-rooted upgrade to MR2? Since I no longer have the original firmware (using leak) this won't brick my TB.

  • ThunderSense

    Wait so is this a solution to the gingerbread brick issue? Or is that issue long gone? I'm kind of confused. Can i get gingerbread now with this new radio instead of the ginger radio?

  • Rockula

    I want to try this so badly, but I think I'm going to end up sending my phone back anyway because I have sweat under the display. Plus, I've never done it before. I wish there more detailed instructions somewhere. I understand that I dl the file, rename it maybe, mount my phone or SD card to my PC, and drag and drop on to the card, then load it the update on power up.

    Is there any definitive method to clear your market cache before or after the update, etc? Or anything else specific to avoiding issues?

    Most importantly, if I end up sending this phone back, won't I have to load the factory settings back into the phone? How do I do that?? Do I have to make a copy of something in the ROM and save it? Or can you even revert back to what you had before this hacked update? Someone PLEASE respond. irocktheguitar@ G mail dot com

  • Rockula

    By the way, is there a site that explains Rooting for the TBolt, what it all means, what the different options are, etc? If so, what is it? I could check the DriodForum too I guess. I read about all of this lingo, and wish I could find a site that sorta "explains" it all so I can learn and bring myself up to speed. you can email me at irocktheguitar@ G Mail dot Com

  • http://andriodpolice godwnz

    if I've applied the update here when Verizon finally comes out with "official verson" will i be able to get it

  • cabo

    "Skip Ad" not working for The Perfect Storm.

  • Sadman

    I have an unrooted Thunderbolt and downloaded that version to be used. Renamed it the way it said to do and installed it on my sd card. When it started into bootloader it did not recognize anything. I rechecked the phone and the file is in the sd card. Is there something I can do so the phone will recognize this update. I'm getting tired of waiting for VZ to come out with a fix for my phone. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sadman

      Hey everyone I got it figured out. It is installed on my phone and no more random reboots. Love the changes it made to my phone. I don't know why they didn't make this public for everyone. I'm tired of VZ dragging their feet for their customers and glad I got it here. Thanks and kudos to Android Police.