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Come Friday, June 10, Sprint subscribers with 4G coverage will be treated to a pleasant surprise: the WiMAX uplink speed cap will increase from 1.0Mbps to 1.5Mbps.


Obviously, the 1.5Mbps upload speed won't be consistent everywhere, as reception varies (significantly, with Sprint). Also notable is that if you're using a "fixed device" (i.e. a Motorola 4G desktop modem), you won't be affected; the 1.0Mbps speed cap is on your device to stay.

Nevertheless, we're sure EVO and Epic 4G users will be happy to hear about these changes - faster upload speeds are always good news, even if competitors don't even have such caps.

Thanks, Captain Anonymous!

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • Coldman

    Had no idea the 1Mbps cap was in place, but indeed, tested and it's almost exactly 1Mbps. So lame. Verizon's upload goes to like 5-15Mbps.

  • matt

    Its still got a huge cap on it. Its still experimental tech as is LTE. If you have an evo in a good 4g and 3g coverage and pay attention to it unless your downloading a rom or huge file 8mb to 20 and as slow as 1 on 99% of stuff u do it really doesnt make difference. This is way over hyped and means way less than u think. I have 4g but rarely use it unless big download. Wimax was out way before lte for year i had it big red didnt. In nashville still the case. Same as phones. Soon as next great thing comes within year so the other comes back. Sprint was first then verizon number 1 att prolly come along then sprint will be back 1 in few years.

  • Luke

    Just having the option to use 4G would be nice since I'm paying the $10 a month for it. Sadly I'm in an area that will probably never see it.

  • Richard Yarrell


    • squiddy20

      Your point is.....? Yeah, Verizon's network is somewhat unproven. So was Sprint's a little over a year ago. So what? If you're going to try to be all about Sprint, try making a point that is actually in your/Sprint's favor. This certainly wasn't.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Point has already been made. Just take a look at all those sorry overpriced device on Verizon and you tell me what's up since you always like to respond to all posting Mr. rooted Android man. Explain to all of us here why Verizon has churned out devices that are spec wise no better than my current Evo that I brought on June 4th 2010. Then to top it all off they want 250.00 for a thunderbolt and 300.00 for a Droid charge device that are all singlecore 2010 specs WHICH IS A JOKE. I guess they want you folks to believe that LTE is worth all that extra money cause it's ....What so fast which is suppose to be the best thing out....I wonder if you people are sniffing RED PAINT and from the fumes you are losing your senses...Bottomline sprint has a proven network that works well everyday and all there devices work without problems on there network. The best affordable carrier just got much better and they offer the best android device to this day. Look around you buddy you won't find NO DUALCORE DEVICES ON VERIZON...At&t has some, tmobile has some, where is Verizon???? guess that won't happen till 2012 and don't talk about that SORRY BIONIC that has been redone over and over again they are so scared to release that phone it's laughable at best. Let me guess DUALCORE DEVICES on Verizon will cost 350 or 400 on contract just because they might LTE RADIO'S....GIVE US ALL A BREAK. I have a bridge here in .New York that I can sell you.

        • squiddy20

          1. You yourself acknowledged the fact that I am a Sprint customer. Try not including me in the same group as Verizon customers. Just because I don't praise Sprint and think it is infallible (like you), doesn't mean I don't like being their customer. Just because I'm actually objective of other carriers services/offerings, doesn't mean I'm going to jump ship. 2. True, Sprint's network has been tried and tested... since its been out for well over a year. Verizon's 4G? It's only been available for what, half a year, maybe a bit more? It's understandable that a new network would have problems. Sprint's did in its early stages. Stop BSing yourself. 3. So what if other carriers aren't providing many dual-core devices? Multiple cores in phones only came to fruition, what, less than a year ago? It then takes time to implement them, design a phone around them, test them, mass produce them, and send them out to customers. It all takes TIME. So is it any wonder dual-core phones are JUST NOW coming out? Quad cores are already being talked about, but they won't be available till at least early 2012, if not later. Besides, will apps really be able to make use of that second core? Can Android as an OS even address anything with more than 1 core (3.0 notwithstanding)? I'm pretty cure it can't since it was built with 1 core in mind, not multiples. Will performance "vastly" improve with 2 cores? Will there be much of an improvement over a single core devices of the same specifications? 4. The likelihood of your "owning'" a "bridge" is nonexistent. Unless you're talking about one of those dinky little things you find in small gardens. You work as a janitor at a homeless shelter. How you can "sell" me a bridge that you don't own is absolutely absurd. Try again.

  • apu

    There is no sense in comparing Verizon's 4G with Sprint's 4G. Verizon has barely a third the number of customers in 4G that Sprint does. The LTE speeds Verizon fanboys like to boast will go significantly down once the network gets some real load. I remember the first few Evo/Epic owners were getting 21mbps down when the 4g network was almost empty. Today its a different story(about 6-8mbps) with a network sharing about 3 million customers.

  • derk p

    who cares if i cant get 4g service in the car for streaming audio or hell, even in my office even though the map says im in a "perfect spot" sprint can shove it and their cap

  • Vinny

    When was the last time that Sprint added more cities to it's 4G coverage. Live in a suburb of Boston where the 4G coverage has not quite reached our area, it is available about 1/2 mile away from us but has not expanded in over 1 year. I am very interested in Sprint but they seem to have come to almost a complete stop in expanding their 4G footprint.

    • squiddy20

      To my knowledge, Sprint hasn't really expanded to any NEW cities, but I have heard it has expanded a bit in some pre-existing 4G cities. I found a report of some expansion in the San Francisco Bay area as well as DC and possibly NYC. I believe a lot of the stopage is the result of the Clearwire (the company behind Sprint's Wimax) fiasco.