Do you wish your XOOM was an ASUS Transformer - but leather? Motorola's got a new keyboard / leather folio case out for the XOOM, and it's on sale for a pretty reasonable $85. Spiffy. It's unknown if the keyboard is connecting via Bluetooth, but that seems like the most obvious way to go about doing this, as there's no mention of any sort of charging functionality, so we assume it's all done sans wires. You can get it from Verizon here. Oh, and the $85 price tag includes free 2 day shipping. Sounds like a deal to us.


via AndroidMixer

David Ruddock
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  • G8D

    So it's a laptop now...

  • http://www.listropolis.com Shaun McLane

    How does it stand up? Seems like it'd be a pain to use.

    • David Ruddock

      I'm assuming there's either some kind of hinge or a kickstand on the back.

  • Danny

    I love how there are so many accessories to make your tablet act and feel more like a laptop. Why not just buy a laptop?

    • TBDF

      There are situations where a laptop has an obvious advantage, and casual circumstances fuel desire for a simpler device. Apple proved the market demand for tablets as a replacement for laptops. Android is proving laptops aren't yet obsolete, but are becoming a supplementary technology.

      • Denbo

        The Asus Transformer gives you the best of both. I really like the thing.

    • http://zalzalaweb.com/jens anakin78z

      So I've been using a bluetooth keyboard with my honeycomb for a little while and I really like it. It changes the whole dynamic and really does make it more like a laptop (selecting text and copy pasting is so much easier!). The thing is though, I can just as easily pick up the tablet by itself and get all the awesome touch screen tablet action I want. That's why it's better than just a laptop.

    • Lex

      Exactly, I've been saying the same thing. If I wanted to carry a laptop I would carry one. If I want to carry a tablet, let me carry a tablet.

  • Richard Hauser

    //Why not just buy a laptop?//
    Easy, two words: battery life.
    I charge my Xoom every couple of days.
    All that is missing is a touchpad as that would make Citrix a DREAM.

    • Danny

      You're right about that....battery life is a lot better on my Xoom. Try a bluetooth mouse, it'll make up for the lack of touchpad--even if it's one more thing to carry around.

  • Scooterman7

    I just received the Zoogue case, and it is awesome.

  • Karen

    I just bought this case. Now it came with no instructions other than how to slide the Xoom into the case. Making the bluetooth keyboard work might seem like a no-brainer to most people but I had to get somebody to help me figure it out so thought I'd put the instructions here, since NONE are included with the device.

    Insert the Xoom into the case. Plug in the included power cord on the right side of the keyboard.

    *Make sure the keyboard is turned on *

    There are 2 small buttons near the power cord connection. Push the sliding power button towards the rear of the keyboard til you see a green border. Press the little tiny adjacent button til you see the blue light come on.

    Go to your Xoom settings, go to Bluetooth Devices, have the Xoom look for bluetooth devices, and pretty instantly the keyboard will work.

    I'm really liking this case/keyboard combo as I can see the screen easier. I'm not good at texting so the real keyboard in a bigger size is more like real typing to me.

    Instead of the kickstand on the back I'd rather see a full-width flap as it would balance on my lap better when I'm using it in the car.

    • Mto3Kdz

      THANK YOU!! I lost my instructions and after the upgrade couldn't remember how to install again!