Update 6/8/11: If you're set to only order from Amazon for some reason, their EVO 3D pre-order page just went up as well with the same price.


The official launch date and price for the HTC EVO 3D was just announced this morning, but Wirefly already has a pre-order deal of its own going on. Right now, you can ensure that you'll have this device ready and waiting for you on launch day for $180 with a two-year agreement, which is about $20 less then you'll be paying at Sprint. This deal includes free shipping, and you probably won't have to worry about paying sales tax (in most states), either. With all of that combined, it still may not be a huge savings, but it is a savings nonetheless.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • RockinEvo

    That's a good deal but imma go with RadioShack or target trade in ur old evo n get 100/150 off

    • juan

      kinda stupid when you can sell old evo for at least 200 to 350 on ebay

  • Jared

    And if your buying off contract then the price on Amazon is only $469.99. awesome savings from in store. no tax and free 2 day shipping!

  • stwve

    Sprint doing same sale. Radioshack here in Louisiana only doin 100.00 sprint doint 150.00 n they say it might go up

  • Jaz

    I have too many accessories to just trade up at sprint. I definitely wont do it at the shack but sprint looks tempting if they raise the price, but I don't think they will.
    As for $179.99 not being that much of a deal, think again. AFter taxes buying in my local sprint store the phone would have cost me, $230.59(includes $18 upgrade fee).
    Buying it from wirefly i paid only 179.99 plus the upgrade fee which made it 197.99. I am also a member of add it up with bank of america which in turn is giving me back $50 that i can use as cash.
    I also heard that amazon doesn't charge the upgrade fee. So its definitely worth it to buy from amazon or wirefly especially if you have add it up.

  • Greg Bondy

    Current Sprint subscribers bear in mind you'll have to pay the $18.00 activation fee unless you order from Sprint.com.

    I called Amazon Wireless and confirmed that Sprint DOES charge the $18.00 upgrade fee onto your Sprint account, and Amazon has no control over it.

    So, basically you'll be saving 2 bucks.