So, you love Angry Birds, and you've already achieved a three-star rank on every available level in the original, Seasons, and Rio? Then we have some good news - Rovio Mobile announced that another episode is coming to the original Angry Birds, called Mine and Dine. This time, the pigs have taken to the underground in hopes of escaping with the delicious eggs once and for all. Naturally, those kamikaze birds are not about to let that happen, and they're hot on the piggie trail, determined to once again take back what is rightfully theirs.

In typical Rovio fashion, a teaser video has been dropped to prep the masses for even more bird slinging action. Have a look:

There's no word on when this update is going to hit the market as of yet.

[Droid Gamers]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Logan

    Anyone notice that in the opening panel of every episode, the yellow bird always seems to be the one who notices the pigs and where they're going? Seems the rest of the birds are more than a little clueless.

  • Jared

    Angry Birds is so played. what happened to that rumor that they were making a game from the pigs point of view? I think that would be interesting.

  • EI

    How about an Angry Birds Outer Space episode?

  • elo

    Gteat update can't wait till its out

  • elo

    Great update can't wait till its out

  • http://angrybirdsaddiction.com Pat

    I think this is a nice update. Finally, a bit darker theme under the caves. =)

  • http://angrybirdsaddiction.com/category/walkthrough/ BoB

    Oh, thank God Rovio made an update. If you’re playing this game every day, over and over again, you want some kind of difficult challenge. And I truly hope that this Mine and Dine Episode will be worth my time.