I'll admit, I don't keep up too much on Gameloft's Android offerings, but the developer has received a reputation for releasing some of the higher quality Android games available (just not on the Market).

Their latest offering, whose release date is unknown, is March Of Heroes. What makes March Of Heroes different is that the game has been built on the Unreal Engine, which is a much more configurable and modern engine, and is probably the most advanced game engine on any mobile platform.


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We don't have any information on a release date or pricing, but Gameloft generally churns out titles pretty quick, so you probably won't be waiting too long. Here's a video:


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David Ruddock
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  • Coldman

    Sexy. Soon we won't be able to tell whether it's console or tablet/phone gaming anymore at all.

  • Someone

    I can't play FPS without a mouse and keyboard...

    • Jon Garrett

      Android 3.1 fixes that my friend.

  • John J

    "The tic on this server sucks, I get no reg at all."

    I can't wait to yell that out at my phone.

  • Antwig

    Shooters for me on a tablet or phone will never be fun without game pad or mouse etc. Can people please make more interesting games with such great engines slowly coming to the mobile devices!

  • S3nd41

    Why do companies insist on trying to port first-person shooters to cellphones and consoles and such? You can't play FPSes without a mouse and a keyboard, period. There are 1000 cool concepts I can think of to take advantage of the touch screens and yet all these guys do is port already existing games and genres. Use your brains.

    • bajica

      can u post some of ideas, i have some experience in udk and looking for god ideas for touchscreens

    • Joey locsta

      Fps on iPhone is very fun

    • FuckPC

      Are you fucking kidding me? Theres millions of people that would rather play games on a consol then on a shity pc, period. Ps3, xbox, and wii have exclusive games that a pc don't have so they don't "port" them why can't people who owne a pc can't get that In their head?

  • Jon Garrett

    Hello to all of you who keep bitching about mouse and keyboard.

    None of you obviously watched Google IO, if you had you wouldn't be making these silly statements.

  • El Shoehorno

    Boom headshot, boom headshot boom.... ah sorry gotta take this call.