After digging through a pile of pictures from the Chinese website Moto.it, a tipster at MobileGearz discovered what appear to be leaked shots of the upcoming Motorola DROID Bionic. So, without further ado, here they are:


droid-bionic4 droid-bionic-compare

Yep, that's a Webtop dock you're seeing. Not to mention a completely new and revamped version of BLUR, Motorola's generally hated UI overlay. I have to admit, this version of BLUR actually borders on attractive. It's no Sense, but compared to the current state of affairs on Motorola's latest devices, it's a quantum leap forward.

You'll also notice that the phone itself looks almost nothing like the Bionic we saw at CES in January. In fact, it looks a lot better. Here, take a look at the old Bionic (on the left) compared to the new one:

IMG_8136_wm droid-bionic2

The old one looks like a fat lump of plastic junk compared to the new sleek and sexy design. Well, at least in my opinion. This generally confirms our suspicions (we'd heard some unofficial rumblings, as well) that the original Bionic was totally scrapped in favor of a different phone model (the previously codenamed "Glacier"). Why?

Some have speculated that Tegra 2 chipsets and LTE radios just couldn't be made to work together effectively, and that the original Bionic project was scrapped for such technical reasons.

I think it's far more likely that Motorola saw the competition upping the ante (namely, the Samsung Galaxy S II) and realized that Tegra 2 is a dying platform (for many reasons) that will soon give way to the likes of products from Qualcomm and Texas Instruments (Motorola's historic Android partner), and that Nvidia's Tegra 3 is just too far off to wait on.

Is this the real Bionic? We have no way of knowing for certain, but hey, it looks pretty legit to us.

Moto.it via Droid-life

David Ruddock
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  • e30kid

    Mr. Blurrycam isn't so blurry after all.

  • John

    Shit it does look better, Now we just need a release date on this baby.. Please don't make this no later than July....

  • LAmDroid

    what?! there's a black iphone ?! s.m.h.
    yes, the iphone, for once, actually looked sexy w the ip4... and now everyone scrambles to imitate it.

    even my beloved D3 seems to draw similarities w the metallic lining on the screen half w a flat and sharp rounded corners.

    That's always been my preference in the physical perimeter form factor of my phones (and any electronic device for that matter.. which is why i actually think the ip4 'looks' sexy).. but why is it so hard for mftrs to provide these options until ip4 does it and then everyone rushes to imitate it. really, it's not a foreign design concept in the tech world, yet it's so rare to find on mobile smartphones.

    Droid1, sharp rounded corners. Love it. but try and find another phone & it's near impossible. Captivate is sexy, but a bit too sharp, and on a diff carrier. So there's one on At&t and one on Verizon. Cmon mftrs, it's not that hard to create a difference in style. if 95% of the face of your phones look practically the same, then why release 10 diff phones per mftr per yr, better off being like an iph0ne and releasing one phone design every yr and just upgrade the internals

  • Roger Dodger

    As long as it's released before VZW drops unlimited data, I'll be ok...

    • Ashley

      As long as you have a smartphone now you will be grandfathered in for unlimited data, so even if it does release after the plans change you will still get unlimited data. That's official from verizon, sent them an email the other day and they confirmed it

  • C

    I prefer the look of the old Bionic. The new one looks like the Droid X.

  • ted


  • george

    This shouldn't even say Mr. Blurrycam on it. Such an overused term.