Last Updated: July 31st, 2011

Having had the HTC Sensation in-hand for about a week, our unit has developed some troubling issues with its touchscreen. Namely, the panel often misses first presses, and also struggles with fast brushing movements.

The first issue results in great frustration when typing, as auto-correction of words does not work without the first letter. It also means you often have to tap several times on icons on the homescreen to launch an application.

With the second problem, the malfunctioning results in very choppy scrolling, in the app drawer or in Twitter applications such as TweetDeck. Frequently the touchscreen will register a brushing touch as a press, and will select whatever your finger happened to be passing over at the time. This leads to unwanted opening of applications when scrolling through your app drawer. The touchscreen's aberrant behaviour also makes it very difficult to unlock the touchscreen in a swift, natural motion. The unlocking gesture must be done very slowly and deliberately to avoid failure.

As you can see in the video above, the issue is sporadic in that it can come and go. Restarting the phone sometimes fixes the problem but it will always come back eventually.

So, we'd like to know if any of the other new Sensation owners out there experiencing this issue, or is ours just a funky unit?

In case you're wondering, we have not had any signal issues with our Sensation. However, there is a bugs thread on XDA that is filling up nicely.
Brian O'Toole
Having learnt his writing techniques reading e-Books of Sherlock Holmes, Brian now spends his time /kicking, lurking, SSHing and encoding.
  • Phil Oakley

    Some of us we discussing this on XDA and the general consensus is it's a software issue. However, I'm going to go talk to HTC about it and see what they say. I'll report back!

    • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

      Please post a link for further reading, thanks.

      • Phil Oakley


        Here's one of a few of the threads about the issue.

        • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

          Thank you Phil, some good info there. I really hope it's not something as serious as a grounding issue!

      • Jessa

        maybe you guys are all turning into zombies!! ZO_omG!!!

    • Danny

      I have the same troubles with my sensation. I notice it most often when the phone heats up. I have a case I can't use by body glove because it holds in heat and my phone stats to act up.

    • http://google gary

      This is my third HTC sensation In 3 weeks and every time I use the camcorder it puts the phone into silent mode and not able to play back what I have recorded I have to take out the battery to reboot the phone to get it working again HTC will not recognise this problem I am so frustrated I will be sending this one back but I won't be exchanging it for another HTC they need to address there faults on the handset

  • Phil Oakley

    So I had a chat with the HTC rep, I've posted the conversation log in a new post over at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1112797

  • Manojsuper

    Have you tried a custom rom...then we might be able to figure out whether the problem is with the software.

    • Phil Oakley

      Customs ROMs aren't available yet, as the Sensation has a locked bootloader. Devs are actively working to unlock it :)

    • bluevoodoo

      locked bootloader, no?

    • TeeGee

      @Manojsuper why are you saying "we" ? :D (no unlocked bootloader means no custom roms)

  • Gedanken

    I had issues very similar to this with my HTC Evo 4G. My phone worked great at first. I rooted it and installed some custom ROMs on it. I started seeing some weirdness that I just attributed to the software. Eventually, it was so bad that I almost threw the phone out. My wife had an Evo 4G as well, but hers worked just fine. Now, the only difference was the software. I returned the software back to stock after unrooting the phone and I *still* had the problems. I put on a simple drawing app and started doing line tests. Take your finger and slowly make a serpentine line up and down your screen. Repeat across the screen. It should make really smooth nice lines. I discovered that on my phone there was a line about an inch from the bottom where the touch screen would freak out and not track right. I sent my phone into HTC and they fixed me right up. Now my phone works perfectly!

  • Phil Oakley

    Thinking about it, when I first got my DHD, it had issues with the touchscreen. It would do weird things, like opening an app on it's own, or think I was using two fingers not one. If I hard reset the phone it was fine again, but would reoccur a few days later. Then I rooted it, installed a ROM and every was fine :)

  • Kane

    YouTube comments are filled with morons.

  • Ruperto

    Can you try loading LauncherPro or something similar to see if the issues persist?

    • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

      I was using ADW before the factory reset, so I can confirm that the problem still occurs in custom launchers.

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Am I the only one who noticed that he swipes with the slightest touch? I have that same issue on any phone I use. Usually more pressure, slower and longer swipes, does the trick to not have missed swipes.

    • Brian O’Toole

      I am simply using the same pressure and speed as I would expect to work perfectly on any other capacitive touchscreen. Even the relatively poor panel on my Nexus One is much more reliable and can be unlocked with 100% reliability. Like I said, it *was* working fine, and works all right sometimes now. The phone's behaviour has changed, it seems, not mine.

  • Mark Shep

    I have had a Sensation from launch and it doesnt seem to have quite the issue yours does... although i have noticed sometimes it doesnt open things with an initial touch... the main issue I have had with mine is that on a few occasions now it has shut itself off after taking a photo... it only seems to do it when the battery is on yellow but it is still very annoying

  • George Hale

    Just picked mine up today. Wifi is dropped every 2 minutes, no matter how I'm holding it. And Mark, my camera did the same thing when I took a picture, but it was when the flash was activated. I turned flash off, took a picture and it didnt shut off. Then I turned flash back to auto and it seemed to work itself out (so far). This wifi problem is a deal breaker for me. Back to Wal-Mart tomorrow for me to try out another.

    • Mark Shep

      Ah sounds like it might be similar... I'll give that a try, Cheers mate!

  • Ecotox

    This happend on under G2 also, thought it was software but been through two and both have it, stock rom , cyanogen 6 & several versions of 7

  • Dolly

    Really fed up with my Sensation... maybe it's me.. new to touchscreen but turning off after a call, just doesn't work.. plus lots of other glitches.. now I don't know whether it's me or the phone... so will keep an eye on here and other forums..

  • Melissa

    I have had sooo many problems with my Senstation. I bought it last Sunday at Costco. I haven't heard anyone else really having similar problems so I plan to exchange it and see if for whatever reason it is somehow just MY phone.

  • adrian

    Hello. Im also having this problem with the screen not responding to my touch or brushes. Especiallythe lock screen struggles sometimes.

  • MichaelJ

    Five days after having the phone it developed two main problems. The first is getting the screen to unlock, similar to what others have stated. The biggest problem is trying to just answer the phone. The second issue it in trying to 'End' the call(s). After making a connection with someone and then attempting to "End the call' the touch screen isn't recognizing the touch. It's like a 10 second pause before the phone recognizes the connection has ended. This is very upsetting especially when I get into someone voice mail and I don't want to leave a message and the phone is keeping the connection open. I think I'm taking is back to get a 4g Vibrant, I had the 3g and I didn't have any problems with it.

    • MichaelJ

      After 3 days of it having problems the problems suddenly stopped and the phone is working fine again without making any changes. I did a factory reset 2-days ago and that didn't solve the problem so I'm not sure what happened. At any rate I"m returning it for a different phone.

      • MichaelJ

        HTC at the time didn't know what the problem was and that I should just replace the phone. I replaced it with a Galaxy S 4g and I love the phone. I found it much easier to navigate the phone and I didn't notice any speed degradation compared with the HTC Sensation when it was working properly.

  • kochav

    I have the same problem, but some day working good and some day not working at all

  • Michael

    same problem guys. Is it hardware or software related ?

  • Paul

    Me too, after just over a week, the lock ring was unresponsive after the first few goes, then the screen and keyboard became the same. Have now exchanged it, just hope this one dose'nt turn out the same

  • Kurisu

    I had this exact problem, i called Vodafone and had it replaced, while speaking to the advisor he stated he had heard 'down the grape vine' that the issue is software related and its down to the software that controls the screens touch sensitivity. When the screen is warm i.e on a hot day, the software and screen does not pick up the heat of the finger swiping....

    Therefore I assume this could be adjusted via a software update.

  • Andy

    I truly think the phone has some software issues.

    I will hit the power button on my device and the screen lock screen will be in the middle of the screen with a large black space below it and the only thing that will fix is a battery pull.

    Next time the issue occurs i will try and get a picture of the issue.

    • Kurisu

      i have also seen and experienced this myself.

    • looser

      I also have the same problem. I would advise ppl not to buy generic charger like from eBay. It will definatly mess up your phone. I will post thevideo soon about what happens when u use generic charger.

    • rick ausmus

      My phone on occasion will do the half lock screen with black at lower half. Battery pull is only option at that point and this is no easy battery to pull. I also have had the sticky lock ring. Data reset cleared these problems for about a week and then today I had a half screen again. That's why I'm here. The phone is amazing while working properly. Is say next phone htc gives us free. $ 500 bucks and these trouble crazy.

  • http://www.thumbnailseries.com likeiwannagiveu

    theres nothing wrong with the phone.. its u fuckfaces sleeping it on and off and on and off and then swiping here and there like its a fucking magnetic card strip off a credit card's back. you guys are fuckos and should just get an iphone. sensation rocks! now go get a life losers.

    • John the scon

      get a life? You are the one who has taken the time to type a pointless comment against people who are actually for a bit of help. It is quite obvious that you are the fucko with no life.

      Now fuck off back to where you came from you basement dwelling cunt so you can go back to raping your grandmother you spawn of incestuous tripe.

    • bob

      Yeah the half lock screen with the black below that multiple people have had issues with. That's really us users causing that. Your the fucking moron loser. Yeah the sensation is the shit but that is a legitimate malfunction.

    • http://inyourear.org johny why

      "sleeping it on and off and on and off and then swiping here and there"

      what's wrong with doing any of this? The unit should work no matter how often it goes to sleep, and no matter how i tap or swipe it.

      but i agree, the iphone is much more reliable. my last htc was crap too.

  • Ruperto

    Also experiencing the same issues after a week of owning it.. very frustrating. I hope a fix is on its way.. I do not wanna go back to my Nexus one.

  • jerzeeloon

    I bought the phone on June 8th and it was working perfectly,of course now that the return period has expired the touch screen is acting up,mostly on the lockscreen,I've also had some random reboots and my phone gets really hot.I hope tmobile will exchange if necessary,I bought it at walmart and it cost me $650 after tax,but I have insurance through tmobile.

  • dtour

    I originally thought it was the smudges on the screen. But after countless times of cleaning it before I swipe, it has come to my conclusion it is definitely the phone not my swiping. I even went as far as just using the screen with no screen protector. Same result. I bought the phone from Costco over a week go. I will give it one more week of testing before I exchange it.

  • nr

    Precisely the problem shown, and it was sudden onset. I don't notice it anywhere but in the lockscreen and occasionally with the unlock pattern screen. It is definitely not due to improper pressure, te unique or swipe speed, since I am doing it the same way as yesterday, and today, its a PITA.

    Hoping to hear from someone here a solution is on the horizon, otherwise I'll have to get something more "proven"

  • kj

    Same problems plus the volume rocker arm just fell off Bought it June 9th nobody will fix it or take it back . Rubbish !

  • ahmed

    hello all,
    i have had the sensation for 2 days, havent had the touch screen issue YET! BUT the problem i get is all of my sound mutes, i noticed this happens whenever i use the camcorder, the clip that i have recorded does not play plus there's no sound anywhere eg.. when i click around on the menus, if i record a sound clip from the recorder cant hear it??
    i have been on the phone to vodafone, they cant suss it out so they told me to go to a store and show them..but i think unfortunately i will have to leave this phone and try a htc desire s instead!! UNHAPPY ! I reaLLy wanted to keep this phone because it is the dual core and my first htc!

    i have done a reset, the sound is back but after acouple of video recording clips same thing..also when i make a call the sound comes back...so i thin deffo related to the camcorder..

    anyone else experienced this, have a solution??

    • debswj

      I've been waiting to get a htc sensation from Orange - just had it two days and it has a fault - it keeps having an audio and video fault - where it wont play video and looses all sound - so ring tones, message tones etc disappear, music wont play, text from speech wont work, apps have no sound. If I power off and hit reset button rather than power off the audio and video functions return, but after a short while the disappear again. I loved the phone but as it doesn't even ring when I have a call or bleep when I have a message it is useless. I notice others also are having this issue - this is my first htc phone I understood HTC are known for their good build quality whats going on when the HTC has sound, video, touchscreen issues as well as a deathgrip issue causing signalling issues. If I am to swop it for a different but similar phone then the samsung galaxy 2 is the obvious choice or is their a HTC fix or HTC different phone which is glitchfree?

  • Nadeem Chowdry

    I have a similar problem in my HTC sensation such as.
    1- Unable to edit any meeting request FORCE CLOSES calendar.
    2- While playing movies after a min volume does not work.
    3- calls get disconnected after 2mins

    Please let me know if anybody else facing the same problem

  • manny

    I have the same problem now. I had switched the phone on the 10th day after buying it for another one and it was perfect up through yesterday. Definetly a software/hardware problem

  • Joris

    my touch screen just doesn't work anymore... i was listening music and it just decided to stop working. I bought it 2 weeks ago so it's as good as new...never dropped it, never did something weird to it. Resetting the phone wasn't getting me anywhere so I will have to get a new one probably....

  • Dan mason


    Did you ever find a solution to this highly annoying problem? I'm fairly sure it's a software bug as I've had my phone swapped out yet still same issue.

    Any ideas people?


    • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

      Hi Dan,

      I can't say quite what the solution was, but my Sensation fixed itself a couple of days later. Some owners on XDA have posited that removing the battery for an extended period of time and exhausting any latent charge by pressing the power button with battery out will help to fix the issue, but I can't say that for sure. It is quite possible that I took my battery out during that time.

      Best of luck,

      • Stephen Kerrigan

        Hi Brian, I too have these touch screen problems. I'm just wonderong, since reporting that your phone is now in proper working order (3 weeks now), have you had any re-occurance of its previous behaviour?

  • tyson

    I have had the same problem. I am using the Body Glove cover and it does get hot, especially after charging on my car charger. Also having trouble now inputting text using Handsent.

  • tyler

    Does any one know how to set the touch screen sensitivity? I've done it once before but I can't remember now...

  • J Chapman

    I haven't had the unlock problem yet, but not a few times I've had trouble inputting text; even in the Text Calibration tool, where it circles the next letter in green. I would press over and over again on the letter but it would not pick it up until some time had passed.

    The 'settings' button (next to Home on the bottom of the phone) also did not work until I did a factory reset. It refused to work before then.


    Well why are you trying to swipe so fast... Just slow down...

  • Rowena

    I too have had a number of problems with sensation! Touch screen doesn't work very well, unable to end calls. Plus I have found can't use camera if u drag it into ring as there's no controls! Hope there is fix as not sure I can exchange it now!

  • Hafeez

    2 HTC Sensations both failed on me, 1st one touch screen wasn't responding anymore and becoming very hot at the rear, sent it back new phone terrible battery, getting hot very hot, touch screen was fine unfortunately if i decided to use the camera the phone would switch itself of and back on, then display an error message advising abnormal reset please send error report to HTC. Really disappointing. Sent the second one back wont be getting another one.

  • eddie

    I have experienced the same problem w/ mine,,I am on my 3rd phone. My wife also has the same phone and is having the same issue. I just received this phone today, ,and if it continues w/ this one,,I will ask for a full refund !!!!

  • junior

    Ive also had the lockscreen problems but for spme reason if i use my thumb instead it never seems to be any probs hope this helps

  • Kari

    I just ordered 4 HTC Sensations after waiting to get the "full discount" through T-Mobile. My 2 college sons, daughter in high school, and I am having problems with the phones. Hard to unlock, things open that you don't want to open, phone turns off randomly, audio issues, dialing through "People" doesn't work, can't close out apps, in general...touch screen doesn't respond well. My keyboard will no longer turn sideways when I want to switch to the larger keypad. I ended up clearing out 6 out of 7 widgets and am just operating from a totally clean home screen. The phone gets VERY hot when used over 15-20 minutes. I'm sure the HTC gel skins we just bought to protect the phone aren't helping matters. Our last day to return phones under "buyers remorse" is Monday.... 2 years of this?? The awesome graphics and amazing effects of the phone don't matter to me if basic functionality is lost. Oh, and the wi-fi doesn't work, which is why "I" wanted the phone, as I don't get service through T-Mobile where I work. And the biggest issue of all for my 2 college guys, is the internet (of course). They say it never works...that's more of a T-Mobile issue? We've already been to the store twice to resolve internet, and they updated new SIM cards. Worked for 1 out of 3 phones. I love the "idea" of the phone...just think it was released too soon. If it worked, I'd totally LOVE it!!!!

  • rab

    Exact same as article says, the lockscreen and app opening when not supposed to being the most annoying! Very dissapointed after being a HTC fan since owning desire

  • Tiger1000

    Same story different user, Touch Screen is pants, wont respond when trying to unlock phone and why does the phone show such little free memory? Also had many comments that the microphone is rubbish, everybody i call tells me that i sound funny and they cant understand what im saying, b4 some wise guy makes a crack no its nothing to do with my english or the network its just a rubbish phone!

  • Jeff

    Been there done that.My first HTC. phone or should I say first two HTC phones, which I went through in less than three weeks.So frustrating when I can't even answer calls.For me it was an intermittent problem which became progressively worse.The last straw, trying to call a client for 20 minutes, I opted for the LG gx2 no issues with this one.

  • seattlething


    I'm having screen issues and the sensation carousel spin just stopped working after a week, i took it back tmoble traded for a new one and same thing, after 2 or 3 days,

  • jordan

    This phone looks great. I mean it sure is aesthetically appealing to the average consumer. I do have quite gripes and I wonder who else does out there. First let me say that my GF and I are on our second sensation for the following problems: lockscreen ring of death and my finger must be insensative to the sensations 4 axis sensative touch screen. I can't complain too much given that I won my phone in a contest at taste of Chicago tmobile stand. However I expect more out of a fast growing comany like HTC. If you want to keep your reputation for having great quality phones then get this fixed now. We are in a bad economy and very competitive market. You can't afford to lose customers to a lack of quality in phone.

  • mark

    Ive had my sensation for a little over a week and yesterday it started acting up when being unlocked. It would take 3-4 attempts before it finally unlocked. And what was worse is trying to answer a call, couldn't answer it. Tried powering down and taking the battery out and still no help. Then I saw the power down and close all open apps option and decided to try this. Shut the phone down this way and restarted it and all seems to be working great so far. Hope this may help anyone else out there.

  • delrodney

    great forum!
    i got my sensation on tuesday afternoon after upgrading from a desire. i noticed i was having problems clicking on buttons on websites that i use often. i though it strange, as i had used the same sites on my desire with no trouble.
    as i played with the sensation more, i realised that it wasn't just websites, but also trying to scroll through phone book, click on icons on screen, texting, etc. i was finding the screen not responding. i visited my local vodafone shop today. just so happens that the store manager has a sensation and we compared. his was slick and smooth, just like my old desire! he said that my handset was faulty, but said it was "very slow". didn't say the screen was faulty. reported to vodafone returns and they are replacing it tomorrow. fingers crossed for a better model.

  • Nikki

    I have had my sensation for almost 2 weeks and have been having the exact problem for about a week now. I agree, it is certainly frustrating. Also have had to reset the phone because of freezing and have had several apps quit on me quite a few times. Taking it back tomorrow and seeing what is going on with it. Thank you for posting your video.

  • evan

    ive read all this and i have to say i had the touvhscreen issue for 3 days and now its gone i would go to the ring to unluck it and i would grab one of my shortcuts, but now it works fine no other prblems with it apart from if i place my hand over the top part of the phone i loose wifi signal, i have one major issue though there are ting specs of dust getting into my device and they are now under the screen, about 3 of them now ther only viewable at close range but it annoys me becuase i know that they are there, apart from that best phone i have ever had

  • julian

    Same touch screen problem here. Problems with Unlocking, answering calls en touchscreenganes like fruit slice. my first htc was gettint this problem after just 2 days. Sometimes it works perfectly other times you notice the unlock ring not reacting good and you know what time it is. I switched my first one for a new one and problem was solved. Didnt have the problem for 2 weeks but today its back and started to Google it. Seems that alot of you guys have the same prob. Lets hope its software and a update soon. Any of you guys found a working solution?

  • quantae

    No dude your not the only.one its my phone to and latley its been reebooting on it own while I'm on the the phone this issue just started today and the 4G is as fast as 3G

  • corruptscorpion

    It is so frustrating with the lockscreen problem.. it comes for 2 days then its gone and its all smooth for another 2 days.. this is just ridiculous. why is htc not releasing the update quickly. i am so pissed off cuz i live in canada and i bought my htc from someone who got it from t-mobile.. i cant even go to replace it.. htc sucks

    • Kishor Patil

      Reposting one of the comments...

      if you have touchscrean and swipe problems on your sensation, download SGS touchscreen booster from market, install it, press on super optimized, and pull first 3 collums on end left, and 2 last on end right, then press apply... your sensation will worke like a charm, you wont have any swipe problems or locking ring... then you can test it and turn back ond defult or uninstal that application and it will still work... hope it helps you like it helped to me... soz for bad english..

  • adrian

    picked up my sensation on monday, issue like everyone else same day, took it back for a replacement today, all seemed good and then tonight exact same issue as my first one, now im reading this forum, will be off to telstra very quickly to get a different type of phone and show them this forum... very dissappointed because my desire was fantastic for a year and i like htc.. this will be a absolute kill for the brand htc as buyers will lose confidence completly

  • Juur

    I have had a sensation of the very first batch to come to the Netherlands, had the issue within a week, cancelled my order, ordered a new one, two weeks later SAME ISSUE! I don't know if there is some progress in rooting the phone, maybe unlocking the bootloader so we can finally flash some new rom's to it...but this rom is working perfectly, I found it to be the best htc has delivered standard to one of their devices up untill now..but this screen issue is driving me crazy!! What's the point of having a lock screen which should help you to open certain apps much faster, with less user input IF IT DOESNT WORK half the time!!! sry guys I'm a little frustrated as htc fanboy

  • baz

    had the sensation about three weeks and i was impressed at first,, smooooooth operating but not anymore
    1.the contacts is the worst ever tryin to scroll through contacts hoping it dosent call someone by accident
    2.battery life, i would expect these type of phones to be heavier on the battery but is dosent even last the whole day sometimes
    3.the screen sometimes is unresponsive having to press things a few time before it registers u did it.

    if these issues could be fixed this would be an amazing phone

    • arjunpun

      Download call confirm then dialing problem solved
      Hard reset your phone then touch problem solved
      Battery problem is the only problem that cant be solved but dl yifix and task manager does help u to get more juice on your battery.
      I came from iPhone 4 and love htc phone until now. It's big screen is a plus ,its super fast and 4g internet is blazing fast. I'll keep the phone until iPhone 5 comes out.

  • baz

    hey arjunpun
    Thanks for the reply, The call confirm app is a big help and i will try the hard reset later today after a backup and see how it goes

  • Fred

    Add nine to the list.
    And over at XDA many many people are having the same issue.

  • Sam

    Wow, I was hoping there would be a fix for this problem... I've had my Sensation for about a week, and it's just now starting to act up. I notice it mostly when trying to unlock my phone or use Trace. It's not an issue of me swiping too fast or not putting enough pressure; the phone responded just fine even a few days ago. Definitely hoping for an update soon, as I absolutely love this phone when it's working properly!

  • Rilla

    There is a temporary fix for this.
    Have a look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1129272
    Just to summarize, use the phone until the battery dies, pull out the battery for a few minutes, put it all back and charge it fully. The most important think is NOT to play with the phone while is charging. Do this cycle two or three times and it should be ok.
    As long as you don't use the phone while is charging the problem doesn't come back. This worked for me and many others.

    • Rilla

      Logged support call with HTC about this over a month ago, but HTC are just dragging their feet and wouldn't say why is this happening and when are they going to fix it.
      I wouldn't be surprised if they are going to deny it, just as they did with the death grip issue.

  • Stuart

    Thanks for the link Rilla.
    I started that petition and just wanted to note that I have used much of the article content here in the petition as it describes the problem well. I hope this is ok with this site's admin. If not please let me know and I will amend accordingly.
    Hopefully we can generate a lot of interest and signatures so that I can present it to HTC to try to force action.

  • Sayantan Nandi

    HTC might have terribly rushed with the product to compete with Galaxy S2 and missed out on proper R&D....i hope the problem software related !!

    (i am not a sensation user yet but intend to buy one once these issues are fixed)

  • tinky1


    Have fun reading through 65 pages :)
    Don't know if it's software related or not, but it's definitely caused by charging, somehow. Read OP.

  • corruptscorpion

    I have fixed this problem, visit my youtube channel for unlocking bootloader and installing the new custom rom on it with clockwork mod. Every body stop whining now. http://www.youtube.com/user/corruptscorpion?feature=mhee

  • Geoff H

    Mine started playing up after charging in car after night out. I depleted battery and then charged fully before switched on and now perfect again. As said previously its defo a charging issue

  • rob

    I have the exact same problem

  • bino

    I have the exact same problem with my HTC sensation. It was working fine for the first few days, now I need to struggle to get pass the lock screen. Very frustrating. Has anyone had any luck with fixing this issue?

  • Mark

    I've had the HTC sensation since 24 July. I'm already on my 2nd one (after the original decided to pack in and not turn on) and am experiencing problems with my replacement. The time, the screen is locking and then I'm finding it difficult to get the screen back-on. When I do, I am unable to unlock the screen.
    I appreciate that first models of any new phone will have problems but these should be ironed out before release. I'll be going to Carphone Warehouse today and asking to swap my phone for, what I believe is, the more relaible blackberry.
    This has been my first experience of the HTC. It is a great phone in terms of ease-of-use but I'm disappointed with these problems (which obviously aren't one-offs). The battery life is also very disappointing.

  • Lignja

    if you have touchscrean and swipe problems on your sensation, download SGS touchscreen booster from market, install it, press on super optimized, and pull first 3 collums on end left, and 2 last on end right, then press apply... your sensation will worke like a charm, you wont have any swipe problems or locking ring... then you can test it and turn back ond defult or uninstal that application and it will still work... hope it helps you like it helped to me... soz for bad english..

    • Rahul

      Sensation Xe My problem is solve i love you Lignja :))

    • Kacper

      Thank you very much! My problem with screen solved!!!

    • Naveed

      Dear Lignja
      Kindly support me I have HTC wildfire s having a two problem
      1- start up is very slow taking a time more than 15 minutes
      2- After start up touch screen is not working. should I replace touch screen or it will solve by software

    • laddhapa

      my prob is not solved

  • ghjkgjg

    Was looking to buy one of these, didn't know about all these issues untill now but it all makes sense now as I was in Best Buys the other day looking at the Sensation vs smaller Desire S and the sensation on show kept playing up kept opening apps on its own unresponsive, the girl told me its because it was on charge, I thought this was a bit strange! anyway this page has saved me a lot of grief! Desire it is!!

  • Martin

    A month ago, I bought the HTC Flyer ignoring various reviews that said the battery life was poor, the camera could be better etc. Four weeks later the Flyer is still the best tablet I have used to date (including the favoured and owned iPad 2). Because of this I purchased the new HTC Sensation. Pity.

    1. Battery life after a week of charging/using/charging the battery is poor and a way behind the iPhone 4. Mid-afternoon its almost out and that's with Blue-Tooth off. Use the camera and MP3 listening and you better have a charger handy. Dual-Core maybe fast and trend setting but battery life gets a real spanking.

    2. How do HTC keep producing phones with such POOR AUDIO? They need to employ some Nokia engineers (I understand there maybe a few on the market these days) and learn a thing or two about the basic requirement of making not only the earphone loud enough but the speaker too. Not only are they poor quality, unless you bury the phone in your ear in a noisy environment you will struggle to hear anything. The iPhone (any Nokia) blows it away.

    3. Touch screen is a great size. Pity the accuracy of key entry/swipe gestures often imitates old technology resistive technology, not a modern capacitive screen. It usually happens when the phone is hot or you have clammy hands (yes I do have clammy hands when it's hot, say ambient at 29-32Deg.) Again, (I'm really not an Apple fan boy), use an iPhone 2, 3 or 4 next to a Sensation and you will want to launch the latter out of the window. It can be that bad.

    4. Receiver sensitivity is DREADFULL. Not only do I lose calls in low signal areas where my iPhone is perfectly usable (and they are not that great on sensitivity) but I often have to re-set the phone to find the carrier.

    5. Bluetooth. What a drama. I don't think I have ever come across a device where the range is so short. Unless I have the phone right next to me (forget leaving it on a desk near you) it drops out - constantly. Dare I say, with the same THREE other Blue-Tooth devices linked to my iPhone I can get at least 10-15ft away.

    6. The HTC Sense is great - why don't they allow more icons on the home screen instead of a dirty great clock? I know its HTC's trade mark face but it seems a pity I have to download ADW app to get over the problem. Updated - Launcher Pro V0.8.6 has live widgets that emulate the Sense UI. Works very well but a pain to get going again after HTC updated the firmware of the phone on the 8th of July.

    7. Poor quality phone audio. Not only does it excel in producing poor earpiece and speaker audio but the microphone quality affecting speech is unacceptable too. It's flat, has no H.F. lift and matches the rest of the audio qualities (I use the term "quality" lightly). 3/10.

    My Sensation isn't faulty, (two other of my friends have identical problems with theirs), it's just poor design. With regard to Audio and Receive sensitivity (Blue-Tooth included) these cannot generally be improved by a firmware upgrade. If you fit a poor quality speaker it will always sound bad however you try and fluff it up with upgrades. There are many plus points but yet again HTC are still spoiling a great phone with fundamental design issues.

    Wish I could give it 5 stars but no way. "Okay" is as good as it gets. Wait for the iPhone 5 and don't be tempted playing with the Sensation in a quiet phone shop with dim lighting. Did I mention the screen is almost impossible to read outside? You can crank up the screen brightness to max but if you do, make sure you have a spare battery in your pocket.

    Checked out the Galaxy S11 (again) and ignoring the look of the phone, (I personally think it looks cheap and horrible), the screen is amazing and so is the audio volume and clarity. It's so light it's a wonder that it works at all but that maybe partly why the feel of it seems low rent. Would I swap? Probably not - despite the faults with the Sensation it is a good device, feels very well made and looks superb. Since it is in addition to my iPhone 4.

    UPDATE: Had enough, the Sensation receiver kept losing calls and the receive audio through the earphone is so low (and distorted), as much as I liked the phone in every way it's gone back to Amazon. What's the point of a brilliant device in most other ways if the receiver and audio are so poor. Ordered the Samsung Galaxy S11 with a CaseMate Tough Case. At least I won't have to look at the flimsy construction of the phone itself....

  • user

    my htc sensation has charging issues, for no apparent reason it stops charging and discharges the battery fully while still on charger, as well as lock screen issues while on charger the lock screen is not working at all!

    i have tried the following:
    removing the battery,
    software update,

    but nothing worked so i am roaming forums for ideas before i find a hammer..

  • ali

    I have the sensation had th desire before that has any1 ever had any speaker problems? Constantly i hear people who cant hear me speak however i always have full reception any1 else had th same problem?

  • u_too

    This phone could have been an awesome device and i was about to buy it. But thank god i read some posts about this touchscreen issue. I would have bought it but i wont. Thank you everyone for their insights and warning. I thought HTC would be a better alternative to apple but it seems its not.

  • Phone Guy

    I have now had 3 HTC Sensations and they continue to get worse and worse.

    1) The first one was great and then the screen started to fail where I couldn't unlock it. After 8 to 10 swipes, firm, light, slow, fast, I can sometimes get in. Then I am at my company security screen. Forget that. I have to simply push in 4 zeros, and the keys won't respond at all. Once I get past they two screens after a minute, if I am lucky, the phone works well and responds.

    I sent the phone back. Then phone two

    2) Phone two arrived, and within ten minutes it had all the same problems. If I hold the phone in my hand, it works. But if it is plugged in the wall, or in its purple rubber case sold at t-mobile or in its self charging case, forget it, it didn't respond. Sent it back and had it packed up in twenty minutes of arriving.

    3) Third phone. Worse than the first two. Before I have even finished setting it up, its literally impossible to unlock the phone through the ring, or the keypad for my company lock that I have to have on for company email. Now this one gets worse. If I take it out of the case, you still can't make the screen responsive. Like others, I can't end phone calls. I brought it in to T-Mobile today and they had never seen this problem. I'm floored.

    T-Mobile said they will now change it out for the G2X however I'm not overly enthralled with that phone. Please, anyone that reads this, do not buy the HTC Sensation 4g. It often starts out awesome then gets worse and worse till you can't unlock the screen.

    Tips: Out of the case, it works better. Connected to the standard charger, I can often unlock the screen. Connected to another brand charger i.e. Motorola, there is no way to control the screen. When you reboot the phone and take the battery out, it usually helps for a few minutes, but not always.

  • luigi

    My problem is worse. the touch screen won't work at all. so i have lost all my new contacts but o2 are giving me a new one. i have had the phone for less than a month!

  • kuldeep

    Guys these all android phones are not working good . every phone has some problem with these r jst looking good
    try to purchase blackberry (new os7) its great n superb working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bb in ,android out!!!

  • fred

    I have the same problems as described in these many comments. Plus I'm experiencing an amazing delay between the click on a phone number and the actual call.

  • Boaz

    Same here! about 20 seconds between the click and the actual call

  • Rabchef

    I had my sensation for 3 weeks when this problem arose!... absolute nightmare the issues were as follows.
    *Unresponsive unlock ring
    *Unresponsive/buggy GUI via touchscreen
    *Nightmare trying to send messages (kept getting closed or saved as draft)
    *Unresponsive/buggy HOME, BACK, SEARCH & APP TRAY LAUNCH buttons
    *Random opening and/or closing of apps from home screens

    HTC were pathetic, i sent my phone directly to them and they lost it... It arrived at the repair centre (U.K) and was not logged into the system apparently. After 2 weeks i contacted them and was told it had been "mis-placed" not lost so therefore until they tried to find it i wasntt entitled to a replacement. I was assured my case had been "Escilated" and passed onto the "Escilation Team" and if they couldnt find my handset only then would a replacement be issued...After a month and still no phone i contacte HTC again. This time i was told that there was no record of the case being passed onto the "Escilation Team" at this point i started making a polite noise and requested to speak to a manager. I was put on hold for a few minutes and when the custome advisor came back i was told the information had been passed on to the "Team Manager" and he would review my case and be in touch. A couple of days later i received a call from him. He apologised for my situation and assured me that every effort was now being made to find my phone, he asked me to allow 7 working days for this, i agreed. After the time was up i i rang back to speak to him, i was told he was busy and would call back. 2 days later i recieved a call saying my phone was indeed lost and a replacement would be issued, i was told he would email ne a tracking number once the phone had been despatched. This didnt happen! I rang back after about a week or so and was told they didnt have any units in stock to give me (The repair centre recieves parts and builds them on site!)

    3 months down the line and many phone calls and online chats with advisors and still nop phone!!.. I have been told (16/09/2011) that they now have handset and one will be with me by Thu (22/09/2011).. To be honset im not holding my breath! They have told me so many lies and generic stories containg buzz words that i will NEVER buy an HTC again (i was a fanboy!)

    In conclusion the couldnt run a bath! This is happening in America too and the UK same stories etc!

    My theory is the Sensation has a major hardware issue and they are papping them out knowing this! They are then sent back for repair and i believe eventually fitted with whatever part they need, the demand is obviously outweighing the supply at the moment and they simply cannot cope with the volume of repair.

    I think how fast you get your handset back depends on how much you moan at them!


  • ricardo


  • Mathias

    Just take the battery out for a couple of seconds. I did that and has worked well after it. :D

  • treeboy41

    I purchased a HTC sensation today (October 15 2011) from bell aliant and on the drive home it was working fine and we had purchased a protective screen and the touch was having problems so i removed the screen and then all on the right side of the screen the touch does not seem to respond but on the left hand everything seems to be running fine. I'm very disappointed and plan on taking it back!

  • Georgina

    Hey, i've had mine for about a week or so and have the exact! same issues especially with the typing of a message and it clicks random letters and then opens up the option to change language.. if you find out any more info please keep me in touch.
    Georgina x

  • yvonne

    yup... same issue.. frust with the typing...

  • wp

    Mine has a habit of turning the hone button into a "take screenshot" button. Happens at least twice a day.

  • myke

    Yes, I'm having the same problems. It's very frustrating, can this be fixed or should we get replaced?

  • Stephen K

    Change your charger to the desire one or similar. Just get away from the stock charger. I did this 3 months ago. Haven't looked back.

  • Stephen K

    I know its a bit much to read every comment posted on here, but the charger was tried along with a few others mentioned. Changing the charger worked perfectly for me. Let the phone run completely flat then with the phone off, give it a full charge and hopefully this will sort your touch screen issues. Good luck.
    P.s. you need to stop using the STOCK charger.

  • Matt

    Having similar issues with device not registering my touch . The device was awesome for first week, now the unlock screen 9 out of 10 times does not function. I go to unlock and move the circle ring and it goes partial way and then stops, I press hard to get it to work. I also I can't end calls as it doesn't register my touch on the screen and when swyping in a message it often doesn't register I'm touching the screen so it can be quite annoying.

  • glen

    I have two HTC desire, one has same problem the other one doesn't. i have noticed that when unlocking from the right hand side of bar it works perfectly. So issue appears to be loss of sensivity on certain parts of the screen.

  • Cath

    Ive had my HTC sensation for less than a week and am having problems. It opens up apps itself when Im nowhere near the phone. I can be in the middle of doing something on the phone with a fully charged battery and it will repeatedly take me to the shutdown menu. This morning I tried to take photos and there were green lines running down the screen which showed up on the pictures i took this went away when restarted. When reviewing photos I had taken this evening there were black blanks where some of the photos should be, these blanks were numbered and had all the info of when the photos were taken but no photo displayed. Some of the photos that were displayed were also split in half. I also frequently struggle to get the notifications at the top of the screen to "drag down" and can take several attempts to access it. Am probably going to take it back and get another phone.

  • Luke

    I have the exact same issue! has there been any solutions yet

  • Bino Manjasseril

    Since I am one of the many who had the same touch screen issue with HTC Sensation and resolved it by following the instruction posted aby another user in the comment thread, I am re-posting the solution which helped me here.

    This is from Lignja (earlier comment):

    if you have touchscrean and swipe problems on your sensation, download SGS touchscreen booster from market, install it, press on super optimized, and pull first 3 collums on end left, and 2 last on end right, then press apply... your sensation will worke like a charm, you wont have any swipe problems or locking ring... then you can test it and turn back ond defult or uninstal that application and it will still work... hope it helps you like it helped to me... soz for bad english..

    • Smitholatinpo

      It helped like a magic, my htc sense xl screen cracked but with the sgs touchscreen booster it is all to go

    • http://www.facebook.com/Pixella.xp Michelle Camilleri

      Thank you so much it worked !!!!!! <3

    • brandon such and such

      thank god!! i have had this issue for months and finally found a solution. Thank you sooo much. You have no idea how much this helped me.

    • Muzaffar H. Mohsin

      My problem is solved... Thanks a lot.... :)

    • Harjinder

      I am havin problem with htc desire c touch...some options like add new contact, settings->language & keyboard etc.. are not able to be selected.... is any solution for this problem

    • Sadiq

      Ohh! Ultimate... superb... thanks a lot!! it solved my problem and also a lots of thank who created this app.. :)

    • sunshine

      Thank you sooo much - was on verge of launching phone from great height - fixed first time - cant thank you enough x

    • Owes Khan

      Thanks it worked for me as well.

    • Pandaaaa

      I can't download anything because I can't even unlock my phone.. Please help me :(

    • ali ikhlaq

      Hurry it work for me :*

  • hellmy

    since my htc LED cracked i just use the keypad.. but recently i cleared the storage items and it turned off automatically. When i turned on, the scrins ask to tap on the screen. i cant "open" it since its LEDs cracked and touchscreen task is malfunction. how can i resolve this problem? tq.

  • chani

    i have htc desire s
    i can't unlock screen lock plz help me
    after battry empty not shuting down phone
    i do't swich off phone

    how to solve problem plz
    give way

  • dave

    hi i just got the HTC Sensation and the touch screen won't work at all going take it back and get them to give me the XL one all my mate have that one and there say that one works good so i think its just the HTC Sensation that is s**t

  • sarah

    Hi few months ago i brought the HTC sensation, and it was working nicely. one day i dropped the phone and broke the screen at the bottom right hand side and still worked fine with unlocking the phone. anyway i took my phone to total repairs that fixes screens and i got it back yesterday, so i charged my phone up and im having trouble swiping my finger to unlock my phone and also with the applications, i have to press hard on the screen to get into the app. but sometimes it works straight away to unlock the phone.

  • jim

    Need help someone has control of my phone and a cam in thefont panel

  • CeeLo

    I'm having the same problem with my phone. VERY irritating. I've only had it since July. Not only does the swiping not work, but the buttons on the bottom also don't work (eg home, back, search).

  • danirenae

    Need help, my camera quit working, it doesnt show a blak scren or anything. When I click camera it jus goes to the home screen

    • kimba

      my camera just did the same thing. did you get your problem resolved?

  • purk

    My phone has this problem, but only when I am charging. HTC said to me to send the phone back for repair. I am still thinking about sending it back for repair, because I have no other mobile phones at home and the repair can take 2 weeks or more.

  • shaana

    My htc wildfire battery starts burning up making my phone hot, then my battery lasts on 20 mins then it goes off, needs a full charge then lasts 20mins again... what can i do??????????????

  • Amber Jo

    I am having similar issues. Mine decides to type random things in or close applications and open others that I am not even clicking on. I have the Draw Something App and when I try to play that game it will draw in random places and choose other colors or start erasing and changing the size of the pencil on it's own. I did not start having problems with my phone until today, and I have had the app for 3 or 4 days now.

    • JHWC

      i have this same problem with my phone right now and theres no telling how frustrating it is...still looking for a solution.

  • daemon

    When you are unlocking it as troll... Unlock normally :-P

  • Jim

    The HTC Sensation is a complete POS!!! I will never buy ANYTHING from HTC again. This POS phone constantly reboots while on a call or just shuts off while not even being touched, not to mention the touch screen issue and screenshot issue. I have missed calls, appointments, etc. I am very disappointed with HTC's customer support as their only answer has been to factory reset the phone which means I lose all my apps and phone settings and most of my contacts. I have done this like 5 times and still have the same issue. HTC refuses to address this issue and will not consider replacing with a model that actually works. I will have to purchase a new phone (NOT from HTC) and be out the money I spent on the POS HTC phone and have to spend more money to get a new one. 

    • M<

      Try a different battery. I had an Anker battery that was playing up and my phone had similar symptoms. I had Anker replace the battery under warranty and now my Sensation works fine.

  • PWQ

    Oh yes, I am seriously in trouble with my screen ... I have lost the interest in using my phone ... or promoting it ... let alone cherish it ... and am rethinking of the brand ... 

  • PWQ

    Of all this comments, have there been any remedy? ... 

  • Karim

    i bought my HTC Sensation a month a go and when i type to somebody its doing weird i need to try several times to unlock my phone etc

  • Merrik98

    Hi - have had my HTC Sensation for about 3 months & thought maybe I was imagining the problem which is particularly noticeable when I want to snooze OS dismiss my alarm on phone - will take it back for warranty check when I finish my travels

  • Flwink

    I started having these same problems 3 days ago & rebooting doesn't help. I am goint to the Sprint store & have tech look at it today. If I find out the issue I'll post it. it doesn't unlock & it's difficult to type & use the phone.

  • Obovin21

    Same problem! Touch works just ok without back cover. ?????????????

  • Edy55545

    i sware to god.

    mine had the same exact problem i got so mad i smaked the screan. and it works perfectly now .

    i wouldent recomend it. but hell , give it a try

    • Eloise

      Tried it twice and nothing...

  • jake

    i just bought a htc one x and i am experiencing the same problem just five hours after i bought it, im not sure what the problem is though

  • Prasanna

    I am having a lot of problem with my HTC Sensation, I hate that phone now, all the service centers are too far and I am very busy...

  • Taynic

    My htc rhyme is doing the same thing.

  • me

    My HTC is so super sensitive I cant even type a message! HTC if you cant make a decent phone in this age then you are useless! been reading the comments here too, you shouldnt have to download anything to make your phone better in this age too. The phone should just work period. Seriously backwards phone!

  • rolay

    I have the same issue, I have to tap it ~15-20 times to unlock the phone (or answer a call or anything what i need to do instantly after the screen turns on). It happened after a touch screen replacement. Any idea to fix that?

  • nima

    i have it and i have the same problem with touchscreen,,,no problem with other parts,,it runs great

  • kobby

    after updating ma htc sensation t mobile to android 4.0, ma touch screen is not working or opening can someone help me out

  • yanto

    my htc sense is exactly the same, almost impossible to unlock ring with a swipe and answer a call

  • Bruce


    I had the same problem of a "buggy" touch screen on the HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile, USA) that would on occasion fail to respond (or over-responded) in different ways. Sometimes I could not even push up the open-screen ring to get started. Other times, one touch would register as multiple successive ones, leading to all sorts of unintended results.

    Or one touch on an app icon would fail to register at all, or work in reverse -- zooming out to showing all 7 screens at once, as if I had touched the physical home key (I had not).

    Fortunately, some months ago I found the cause and solution to the problem on another website like this one. It is the soft, silicone, rubbery, very-flexible and sticky case for my HTC -- these are all features which I like to keep it shock-insulated from falls and avoid sliding on dashboards, toilet-paper holders, and the like.
    Apparently, the phone craves the real, human touch of skin to skin, as in the minute electrical currents we all carry in our body and on our hands. When the phone acts up as described above, just peel back the case so the phone can feel your gentle, loving fingers and hands on its perimeter sides and case back. The bugginess disappears instantly.

    • smd

      Wow, I just tried taking my cover off and it's working better than it has done for months! Might be temporary thing, but during the last few days I've had to turn on and off the screen in order to do ANYTHING on the phone, and now it seemed like it was working fine. Fingers crossed it'll keep working!

  • courts28

    The middle section of my screen does not sense my finger , is extremly annoying when playing a game etc. As I can not press onto the objects I need to press .

  • Sherry

    Mine has been doing the same thing. The ring volume keeps appearing on my screen *& wont go away. When I take pictures it automatically zooms all the way in as well. Phone company says just upgrade cause there's nothing else they can do...they already sent me 2 refurbished phones, & in a matter of days or months same issue occurs :(

  • Stargazer

    Have been away and used my phone a few times - just got back home and wanted to phone my family to say I am home safely. The screen will not unlock in the usual slide motion. I have taken the back off, removed the battery and rebooted it several times but no luck. This has never happened before - even once it re-boots the lock is still on - really odd - HELP!

  • Peter

    Had I known about the HTC One screen sensitivity issues beforehand, I would never have purchased it. It's hard to believe that a HTC blew it so badly. Do not understand how this phone received all the high ratings. Had an iPhone before and that worked perfectly.

  • Guest

    I have this problem as well, restart helps. recently 2 times occured that I had some kind of blue marks on my display. Btw I have unlocked and rooted phone with custom rom, so we are not speaking about software based problem

  • Jafer

    oh mantz is awsomeeeeeee i'm impressed.....

  • Dona Unika Iha

    i have some issues regarding my 1week old HTC ONE MINI , the LCD screen is quite blinking on the sides of the screen, if u stare at the LCD home screen of my hTC ,you'll get dizzy of its blinking problems, you will not notice it when u don't stare at the phone.Hope you can help me with this.Thanks

  • saleem

    my HTC rezound mobile. is. screen is blinking some time plz .help me



  • Nadeem Minhas

    plz help frinds my htc sensation back try angle not work screen toch good work