So, you bought that fancy new Nexus S/DROID Charge/Galaxy S II/G2X/Flyer with a front-facing camera, and you were excited to make video calls. Then you noticed there isn't any native video chat client for Android (yet - Talk will have this integrated soon). Then you heard about fring, which is pretty cool. Then you tried to install it, only to discover it didn't work. Then you probably had a sad.

Well, frown no more - fring has been updated to support all sorts of front-facing camera-having devices (like the ones in the title, plus the HTC Flyer). The update has also included general bugfixes and improvements to audio quality, so head on over to the Market and check it out! Also, take a look at this video, showing off fring's group video chat feature on a Galaxy S II:

via Android Central

David Ruddock
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  • Peter

    Unfortunately still no Skype support and no possibility to enter a video call to a PC (or MAC) user. (I need it for the last option. I have a Flyer and my friend uses a PC. Sofar the lack of tablet-top-pc videochat is my biggest disappointment.

  • m

    VMware/virtual box and an Android virtual machine?

  • T

    I have the droid charge. The app for fring has really good video, audio quality but im very disappointed that it won't register my front facing camera only rear :( if there is any way this could be updated asap i would be happy to use the app