It's that time of the month once again, Google has updated the platform version distribution charts for Android, and Gingerbread is finally gaining steam:

chart (1) table

Gingerbread now makes up a whole 9.2% of the Android ecosystem, and the Gingerbread source has been publicly available for 6 months as of today. Froyo still dominates, at around 65%, with Éclair placing second. Pre-2.1 devices now account for less than 5% of the total, which really makes the whole 2-year device-life logic seem rather silly.


Honeycomb also has peaked its head above the grass, and represents a little over a half-percent of all Android devices presently (most thanks likely going to the XOOM and ASUS Transformer for that). You'll also notice that the tablet-ized Honeycomb is mixed in with the phone versions of Android in the pie chart. Why? Because when Ice Cream Sandwich is released, all those versions will start to converge once again - phones and tablets, existing in harmony together! Or something.

Anyways, we always like when these charts are released - it really shows Google is concerned with OS fragmentation out in the wild and isn't afraid to illustrate the present state of Android affairs, good or bad.

They've also added distribution data for screen size and OpenGL version, which should help developers plan out how to best spend their efforts optimizing applications.


David Ruddock
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  • Monkeydroid

    Wouldn't surprise me that 3rd party Rom developers were largely responsible for this.

    • Tiger

      Yeah, I bet a fair portion are CM or variations based on CM.

  • suhail

    I have xperia x10 mini, what's my last supportable android version?


    Where is 2.3.4?

  • Tee

    To me the chart seems really sad. More than 90 percent of Android devices run on old firmware.

    Considering Android has gained almost 20 percent of the global share of new phones sold recently, it makes no sense to me that the firmware in those phones is that old...