Last Updated: June 6th, 2011

Not much was known for a fact about the next crown jewel in the Droid line of Android phones that played a such a crucial part in the growth of the OS in the past 2 years. We had a suspicion that it would have a 4" screen, lose "the lip," and gain a dual-core CPU and a front-facing camera, all while bearing the name Droid 3, but no concrete proof of any of those.

A series of Droid 3 training videos surfaced today, well ahead of the device's release, which is rumored to be sometime this summer. The videos clearly show and confirm a larger form factor with curvier lines (4" sounds about right now), an 8MP HD camera that is capable of 1080P video recording, an updated version of MOTOBLUR (just look at that lock screen), a 5-row keyboard with a dedicated number row, and an HDMI output. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the processor or memory, and "the lip" that appears below the menu buttons is still present (that myth seems busted now).

Not a bad set of details for a Sunday morning, don't you think? You can find some snapshots from the videos as well as all 3 of them embedded below.

image image image

image image image

Update: YouTube links were deleted, but I managed to find replacements.

Source: ThisIsMyNext

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  • G8D

    Looks the same, again.

    • Uphor8

      I think that's the appeal of the line - people who this phone is for love their slide-out keyboards and now that it's faster and all tricked out, it's a pretty good phone for them. What better phone with a keyboard can you think of?

      • Smooth3d

        The upcoming Mytouch 4g Slide aka doubleshot will be its closest rival.

    • ocdtrekkie

      I'd gladly buy a Droid 3 to replace my Droid 1 I still have atm. 4G would be nice, but I'd sacrifice it for a dual-core device with a keyboard.

    • Astrowe

      No problem with that.. i like my Milestone 1 and as Uphor8 said.. if Milestone 3 looked exactly the same but had more powerfull guts.. i'd just go for it.

  • http://www.androidvideoreview.net Sherwinator

    I'm just not sure people will be into a qwerty keyboard device anymore. Many people are choosing to go with large touchscreen devices instead. I guess we shall see.

  • JayMonster

    Let the incessant and pointless whining about MotoBlur and how "nobody" is going to buy it with a locked bootloader commence in 5...4...3...2...1...

    • asdf

      Right, because the Droid 2 sold like hotcakes compared to the Droid 1, right?

      Sorry that you enjoy your shitty Blur. Enjoy the awful battery life. Enjoy knowing that my phone (D1/Cm7) can run circles around yours in any benchmark, has Gingerbread, and can get better battery life without changing the clock speed.

      But sure, how dare I actually hope that Motorola give a shit about the customers that helped but Mobility back on the map.

      • JayMonster

        True, but the Droid X sold well, didn't it?

        It is not a question of whether or not you like Blur (I am not its biggest fan), but the constant and repetitive B***S**** that is just poured into comments on every post.

        A hundred comments of "Motorola Sucks" is not going to get them to change their policies.

        I'm happy for you that you have so much time on your hands that you can spend it benchmarking you phone constantly to ensure you have the highest scores available... but make no mistake about it... those that want that sort of control are still a very small (influential... vocal... but small) percentage of users.

        A brilliant marketing campaign focused directly at Apple, and a device that was finally a true competitor (and a brief exclusivity period) is the reason that the Droid 1 brought Motorola back from the brink... not the fact that the device was unlocked (though certainly Blur Free helped).

        There is nothing wrong with hoping that Motorola decides to change their bootloader locking, but I will still stand by, whining about it won't change it. Believe it or not, there are actually other issues to discuss on any of these phones besides what is.. at this point anyway... a foregone conclusion, that the device WILL have motoblur AND a locked bootloader.

        • Chris

          It depends on how you define "small percentage". Swype just released that a "large" percentage of their beta customers are on CM7. How many installs does CM have? Half a million? Thats just one ROM.

          People who want unlockable bootloaders are not the majority of the user base, but they are without a doubt the leaders that provide direction to the rest of the market. HTC was smart enough to realize the influence that they have, I hope Motorola will do the same.

          The question I would ask is if you were to put a stock Android experience next to Motoblur, I wonder what percentage of people would actually prefer Motoblur? I would be afraid of the answer to that question if I were Motorola.

        • JayMonster


          Of all the Android phones now in use, yes... half a million users is still a tiny percentage of the market, and remember not all of them are on any single device, so the percentage is fractured further when they look at the numbers of power users on any given device.

          I do agree (and said) that those that do want root access and such are Important, and do lead the way so it is definitely in their best interest to appease this market overall, but obviously they are not impressed enough with the numbers.

          I don't necessarily agree though with the thought that so many would choose "stock" over Motoblur. Those that know better? Sure. But, as the iPhone proves, there are far too many people that care about "pretty" and "shiny" over substance. What people "should" choose, and what they do choose often is very surprising.

        • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/06/sarah-palin-paul-revere-wikipedia_n_871795.html John

          JayMonster, catch up with the times, Android is almost on par with iPhone in total unique users. In the smartphone market, everyone else is behind.

        • JayMonster

          John, you missed the point... people buy Apple because of "shiny" (not for functionality). There are people that actually LIKE TouchWiz (I know, I was shocked too), because it LOOKS like Apple's shiny useless interface.

          My point, wasn't to suggest that Apple was somehow ahead (that is old news), but that there are more "easily distracted by pretty" users out there than most here would like to admit.

  • http://twitter.com/trejrco TJ

    No LTE = not for me ...

  • Michsel

    Blur sucks. Motorola, please stop shitting on Android.

    • JAG

      Everybody try their own SKIN, motorola is trying to get a change with this new blur, lets wait for the release!

  • Simon Belmont

    I thought Motorola was changing its policy on locked bootloaders. I find it ironic that HTC can do a nearly instant about face on that policy, but Motorola is still stuck in the mud, spinning its wheels about it.

    Come on Motorola, stop with this nonsense and release a phone without a locked bootloader again. You know you can.

    • JayMonster

      Nope, Motorola NEVER said they were changing their policy. They did say that they would be taking it "under consideration" which is PR speak for, "we don't feel like answering questions about this any longer."

      Most people saw the speech that Jha gave to investors and myopically focused on one sentence about how "apps" were the reason for slowdowns and phone returns, when really what he was "pitching" was how MotoBlur was their "solution." Thus it is quite clear that this is part of their marketing and sales pitch to investors, they are not now going to turn on a dime and start putting out phones without the "features" that they just told investors are so important to their future.

  • http://www.techendeavour.com/ Rahul Aggarwal

    The leaks of the Droid 3 peps up enthusiasm and curiosity with respect to its features. I personally feel that the videos do not clear the doubts on which processor will be inside of the Droid 3. The similarity to Atrix 4G is what I conclude with the HDMI out port right next to the USB port.

  • Astrowe

    IMO Milestone 3 will come with unlockable bootloader.. since Mototrolla said that all new 2011 devices will have that. But.. who knows. And if not, then would be great if they took motoblur and shoved it up their collective a***s at least.

    • JayMonster

      Motorola said no such thing about their 2011 devices.

      • This is the Motor City…

        While it 'may' be true that Motorola said no such thing, you should note that Astrowe stated that "Mototrolla" made this statement. :)

        In all seriousness though, Motorola did say that they intend to "enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM across our portfolio of devices starting in late 2011, where carriers and operators will allow it..." -Engadget: http://engt.co/hPVpAP

        Motorola is leaning towards at least making the bootloaders unlockable. While the majority of users don't care, the developer community does. And while people certainly enjoy, and aspire to a shiny interface, the fact of the matter is that Apps and the open environment that fostered their development are what have driven people to Android.

        I think it's safe to say that the majority of people could care less about rooting their phone, but the developers are the people who are truly driving customers to purchase Android powered devices. Why not give them, and the beta users who enjoy testing the developers' ROMs and features the ability to do so. Hell, some of the roms are so good that Motorola and the other companies might do well to contract the teams developing them to keep their (Motorola, HTC, etc.) aging devices relevant, or even develop the ROMs running their new phones.

        I'm still using a Motorola Droid, and running Project Elite 5.02. I'm ready for something better, but bootloader is not what's stopping me. I want a dual-core, big screen, slide out keyboard, and 4G. Stop focusing on the user interface so much, and give me a bleeding edge device packed with options.

        Who cares about Blur? Who cares?

        • JayMonster

          The key words there are "late" 2011 (meaning most likely... their 2012 devices), and "where carriers and operators will allow it" (which is always the easy cop out).

          Moto cares about Blur, just as HTC cares about Sense, and Samsung about TouchWiz. They have made significant investments in these interfaces because more people buy for the eye candy than the raw horsepower.

        • This is the Motor City…

          The idea behind the complaints about these interfaces, is that people are not universally pleased. Google needs to create, or buyout one of the leading interface/launchers. It would be interesting to see the statistics on users of OEM UIs vs market independent UIs/Launchers.

          Additionally, if people are buying for eye candy, then there is far more potential for eye candy via the independent UI/Launcher route. This is, in part, why I still think that Apps are the leading selling point for Android as a whole. Additionally, I agree with you that people shouldn't get so caught up when OEMs include their UIs. However, I think that Google really needs to step up to the plate on this one. Until then, I can't completely blame people for their incessant complaining about Blur, Sense, or Wiz.

          I think that Google and all the major OEMs need to do a better job of asking people what they want in the UI. If you don't provide customers with what they want, it's probably the fastest way to lose them. Marketing 101.

        • JayMonster

          Nope, nor will ANYTHING ever "universally please" and that is the brilliance of Android.

          It enables each vendor to craft what THEY understand their customers want and they try to one up the competition (while still using the same platform).

          So in the end, you have more than one interpretation, which provides choice. Those that like what HTC has done, go with SENSE, those that wish they had an iPhone can get a TouchWiz enabled Samsung device, and for those that can tolerate Blur, then there is Motorola.

          On top of that you have the 3rd party launchers which allow you to customize more.

          This diversity is the benefit, not something that needs to be overcome.

          And considering how much marketshare Android is sucking up these days, it is hard to say that overall consumers aren't happy with what they are seeing. They are seeing and they are buying... so what exactly is broken?

  • Bigtex

    Wife insists on having a keyboard after having a G1 and Droid 1. We're on Verizon, T-Mobile has sucked for our needs. So this is definitely the way to go.

    Frankly she doesn't give a shit about bootloaders or skins. I'm not even that upset about Motoblur as mostly it's their launcher I hate. I can't remember the last time I've ever used a stock launcher of any Kind. On any phone.

  • Chris

    Well at least some people got to watch these videos before Motorola smote them. I hope they were good!

    Anyone know somewhere else these videos exist out there on the interwebs?

    And where are people hearing about Motorola's bootloader unlocking promise?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I'll see if I can dig them up.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Check again ;-]

      • Chris

        Thanks! Can't say I learned much from these videos haha.

        I hope the keyboard on the droid 3 lasts longer than my droid 1. My keyboard has bubbled up since I use it so much, and now it's so hard to type it's not worth it.

        But more importantly, if it had an unlocked bootloader, this'd be my new phone for sure.