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Roughly two months ago, Halfbrick - the company behind the infuriatingly addictive Fruit Ninja - released its latest and seemingly greatest Android game: Age of Zombies. The otherwise praiseworthy game had one major flaw, however - it was only available for Sony Ericsson's Xperia PLAY, which at the time wasn't widely available. This resulted in understandable disappointment and displeasure in the Android gaming community - our own Artem Russakovskii used the weekly app roundup to publicly express his desire to play (no pun intended) the game.

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Today, however, the wait is over for non-PLAYers, as Halfbrick Studios just pushed an update to the game that makes it available to all multitouch-capable devices running Android 1.6 or above. Additionally, Halfbrick has added a few new items, namely 2 weapons, 3 maps, and 3 achievements.

Age of Zombies costs $3.20, which is a steal considering its impressive five-star rating. Should you wish to purchase the game, use the widget below; if you're still not convinced, check out the gameplay video.

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • bblingo

    Still can't purchase it from web market. Country restrictions?

  • Joris

    Can't buy it either, ain't compatible with HTC Desire ...

  • Álmos

    I would have bought it without hesitation in April. Now I just don't care.

    BTW, it would let me buy it with US T-Mobile operator id. (Not living in the US though.)

    • bblingo

      I emulated the sim numeric to 310260 (US T-Mobile), search for "Age of Zombies" but nothing :(

  • Nick

    Not available for Optimus S.

  • JoshL

    It's available for my Thunderbolt, but I want more reviews before I purchase it.

  • adam

    is avaliable for my droid 1

  • Arvin Gilll

    It is a fairly decent game. Quite fun to play, and isn't all that hard. I do feel that its quite short though as i finished the whole game in 1 day, about 5 hours in total perhaps, not in one seating though. Died perhaps 2 or 3 times throughout the game. Its fun grabbing powerups and using them and seeing what they're capable of. This game would be really really good should it be longer than how it currently is. Nonetheless, it is still worth the money spent.

  • http://garrows.com garrows

    Sorry guys, its only available on distinctive multitouch devices. Desire is not one of these.