Looking for a rooted version of this update? Have no fear - head over to our other post.

Update 2: Here's a direct download link from our own (fast) mirror for the EVO 4G Official Gingerbread OTA.

HTC EVO 4G Official Gingerbread OTA: Download here

To flash it, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the OTA
  2. Rename the file "update.zip" (the actual file suffix needs to be .zip, make sure .zip isn't just in the name [eg, not update.zip.zip])
  3. Place the file on the root of your SD card (the main directory you see when you mount your EVO as a disk drive)
  4. Reboot into recovery (power off, then hold volume down when you hit then power button to power back on)
  5. Select recovery from the menu with the power button, then, when the sign with the exclamation point appears, press Power+Volume Up at the same time, and wait (up to 30 seconds).
  6. Now, select bootloader with the power button, then scroll down to Recovery and select it with the power button.
  7. Finally, select "Apply sdcard:update.zip", wait for it do its thing, then select reboot. The fresh reboot may take a while and several restarts to apply - so be patient.

Update: If you're unable to retrieve the 2.3 update, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network and then checking. Alternatively, connect to Wi-Fi, disconnect, and check again. This likely has to do with updating your PRL (preferred roaming list). Also, check out the known bugs so far - if you're planning on watching some Netflix, you may want to read this:

Known Bugs/Issues in the OTA (all of these have been reported multiple times):
  • No blinking notification LED (as in, it's broken)
  • Phone constantly says you have a voicemail message
    • Possible fix: go into Settings -> Call Settings -> Clear Voicemail Notifications, let us know if that does it for you.
  • Netflix streaming no longer works
  • ShootMe won't work on your non-rooted EVO anymore (it shouldn't have in the first place)

As promised, the Android 2.3 OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G is available this morning if you go into your EVO's Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates -> HTC Software Updates menu and check manually. You should see the following:


Thanks for the picture, Ashish!

What does the update include? Take a look below:

  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread)
  • fixes for the infamous SMS bug
  • fix for multiple Gmail account syncing
  • fix for a battery that refuses to charge anymore when discharged beyond the low battery threshold
  • A hilarious to all non-Spanish-speaking users fix to the SMS app that reads "Me instead of Yo in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish" ("Yo" means "I" in Spanish)

Android 2.3 is obviously the biggie - the amount of under-the-hood changes Google implemented in Gingerbread after Froyo is mind-boggling. EVO 4G users on Froyo ROMs should see their phones get a substantial performance boost because of it. Unfortunately, the update does not include any major changes to Sense, so your EVO will look largely the same - it'll just feel like someone jammed a supercharger in it.

Let us know if you're able to pull the OTA (and more importantly, if you're having any problems with it) in the comments below.

Thanks Ashish and Clark, XDA for OTA update file

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Drew DeNardo

    I got mine about 90 minutes ago -- my first impression is that it feels a bit faster and they've added a few tweaks to the UI.

    • aaron

      you guys stop being tools and run cyanogenmod 7 custom rom on your evo4g. its super easy to root and install this rom. cm7 is already on 2.3.4 and its like having a new phone. wake up

      • Drew DeNardo

        I can't root my phone if I want to use it for development at work ... I work for a company who delivers video and the studios will not allow us to stream protected content to rooted phones. If this weren't the case I'd be running cyanogenmod.

        I don't think that makes me a tool, nor do I need to be awoken. I get paid very well do pretty exciting things on an awesome platform. I even have sufficient restraint to avoid the temptation to call you names in return. #winning

        • Kevin

          +1. Some people have various reasons why they can't run Cyanogen on their phones. This one is a very much valid one. Other people are provided said phones by work (I know a few people in that boat) and can't do it. Surprisingly, the stock HTC roms aren't exactly intolerable. Not running Cyanogen doesn't make them tools, ya know.

      • Bacoon_Hat

        Plus I don't feel like doing the whole flash, wipe, reflash cycle. Oh, looks like cyanogenmod 7 killed my gps oh well, back to the drawing board.

        You always use Android is "open" i'll use that excuse to noncustom rom my phone thank you very much.

    • ian

      Anyone else having notification sound problems?

      • lamar

        I get this crazy notifation sound that I can't change.

    • ryc

      Was rooted and agent back to stock before updating. Don't see any improvement on the battery discharge problem and my browser has a frequent tendency to just close without warning while browsing. Being an It im kind of disappointed with the update yes phone is faster but not by much, and still has no gingerbread keyboard wtf? And now no netflix after waiting for ever had the app a monthe then bamb disengaged work and then netflix pulled the app from the market. Bugs also include switching networks while still in Sprint network data conection seems to be slow and times out faster after update. I don't have the voicemail issue or the led problem but, no fix to battery drain problem and service drops almost all the time. For example ware I live I got -35dbm now I get -89 to -98 dbm all i can say to Sprint is get this right the first time or credit my bill

  • Mark

    I'm not seeing it. followed the instructions but it's saying my phone is up to date. UPDATE: nevermind, I got it going on now.

  • Tim

    So far, so good.

  • Stephen

    I get a 'no updates available' message..

    EDIT: I enabled WiFi and re-ran the check and the update is available for me now.

    • David Ruddock

      We're working on finding a downloadable version of the file stand-alone. Please stand by. :)

  • BigToys

    I'm getting nothing (yet) in San Francisco.

  • Ashish

    Well, do have a look at the Sprint community.. some people are having issues with this update.. haven't yet faced it personally though. http://community.sprint.com/baw/message/292980#292980

    • David Ruddock

      Indeed, we're looking into them. Some interesting problems being reported.

      • steve

        cant use any Compass app, at all..yet another darne bug

  • Chris

    I got mine, so far so good, found a few new feautres in the Menu>Setting>Sound Settings under Incoming Calls. There is now Pocket Mode which will increase phone ring volume when in your pocket or bag and Flip for Speaker. You can turn the phone over when on a call to activate the speaker.

  • Griffin

    My Evo has given me the "Signature Verification failed" when I try to update, so it won't install on my Evo.

    • Kane

      Did you modify your EVO in any way? Remove files (like the bootanimation.zip)?

      • Griffin

        I did, but I think I've deleted all files...now I'm trying to find where the update is saved so I can install through recovery, but I can't find the update in any files

        • Kevin

          You won't find it saved anywhere convenient. I believe it's stored in some temporary file on the phone's internal memory. In any case, you'll have to make sure you haven't removed any "bloatware" and haven't modified your build.prop or installed anything that might have modified it for you.

  • Jose

    I am now downloading it, let you know guys later..

  • joey contursi

    Downloading now!?-/$) San Diego, CA.

  • brandon

    i am having problem with the update. it keeps saying that i have avoicemail when i dont!!!!!!

    • David Ruddock

      Known issue. We're working up a post to look at these.

      • brandon

        I heard to go to settings > call > clear voicemail notifications, it has updated

        • Phil

          This worked for me.

  • chris

    I try to download it and it was unable to download. Now I tried it again and it keeps saying my phone is up to date. I check the software and its still running 2.2. Please help!

    • Alex

      Turn of wifi and try it .then once it starts turn wifi on. Worked for me!

  • Jay

    In addition to Netflix, Slingplayer app is not working.

  • Tim Burton

    I got it in Houston, TX. Seems a little smoother slightly faster.

  • Jay

    WiMax Notifier and ShootMe no longer work either :(

    Also, there is apparently an easy fix for the voicemail message concern

    • David Ruddock

      That's because you no longer have root. At least on the latter.

      • Jay

        I never had root... ShootMe just worked for me.

        Here is the voicemail fix: go to Settings > Call > Clear Voicemail Notification

        • David Ruddock

          Interesting. And noted on the voicemail notification, thanks!

  • g

    No problem ....took 45 mins to load on 3G - all is clear, Austin , TX

  • Brian

    I updated. 4 things.....

    1) LED not working when I have a TXT waiting

    2) It has me in eastern Europe and I had to manually set it back to EST

    3) Google navigation app is telling "Google Maps is not yet available in this location." When it previously worked fine.

    4) Current location is telling me I am in Tirana (must be why Google Nav isn't working)

    • Brian

      Fixed the Nav and Location settings with a full shut down and restart. The new restart option did not fix it. So it's just Netflix and LED. I can deal without the LED but the Netflix was a huge part of what I do at work.

      • pvito

        Hopefully Netflix has an update soon? I would assume this broke their drm or something since they only allowed streaming from select devices etc.

  • Rob

    I am glad it is working faster but I am really disappointed we didn't get the new Sense!

  • Steph

    No!!!! Not my netflix. :(

    Thanks for the voicemail fix though. That was bugging the crap outta me.

  • wjrandon

    I'm not touching this update until I can continue to stream Netflixs.

    • Madness

      Where u get the netflix app?

      • SKB

        Netflix is broken for 2.3.3. They are working on a fix. Look for it very very soon.

  • Chase

    I am not getting the new keyboard

    • Jay

      The new keyboard is there, it is just skinned with sense.

    • SKB

      If you don't see the Gingerbread Keyboard, go to XDA and download the .APK.

  • robert.p

    keep saying i have a voicemail when i dont!!! ahhh

  • nesman89

    Update went well. took about 15 min. only issue is Netflix not streaming.

  • Chris

    Just finished the install from Detroit, MI. It went pretty smooth. I'll let you guys know if I encounter any issues. Seems pretty solid so far though.

  • Alex

    Anybody that's rooted download this? Do I have to unroot to download it?

  • Samuel

    I am a newbie here.... i can download the update but when it goes to install it half way through it stops and i get the android man with an exclamation point over his head....any ideas.... i am rooted with stock rom...... Thanks

    • David Ruddock

      Sounds like a checksum error of some kind - likely because of modifications on your phone, or a corrupt update file. You should go back to the stock ROM before running this update.

  • randy fuchs

    first d/l failed ... said it was corrupt.. Then I retried and it said there were no updates available! ... switched 4g on , and d/l fine. YEAH! REALLY want the Sense 3.0 LOCKSCREEN... sick of not being able to pull phone from my pocket without hanging up !!

    • pvito

      Or picking up calls! I have had to take a few calls I would have otherwise have let go to voice mail because of this!

  • http://www.searchterms.com NM

    Looks like TeleNavGPS was added as well as a Download History function. Not really noticing performance difference yet. Crossing fingers for now more SMS issues.

    Other then previously stated (Netflix, LEDs, etc), I am also not getting a new emails count displayed on Mail and the power button functionality is changed, meaning it can no longer be used as a quick way to silence all phones functions when in a theater.

    • David Ruddock

      On the email count, that's a typical hiccup whenever Android gets updated. Clear all your e-mail settings in the manage applications menu, re-enter your accounts, and you should be good.

      • http://www.searchterms.com NM

        Thank you sir. Working properly now.

    • SKB

      "power button functionality is changed, meaning it can no longer be used as a quick way to silence all phones functions when in a theater."

      Click the volume rocker down all the way to silence your phone. Takes two seconds.

  • b

    the notifications led is flashing but netflix does not work...it starts to stream an episode for about a second, then goes to a white screen and back to my queue

    • David Ruddock

      The LED works for some things - but not for Gmail, Twitter, etc.

      Also, yep, Netflix is broken. Likely, Netflix will need to issue an application update to fix this.

  • chardy

    Since I updated my phone has been running slow the internet is faster but going into my apps is rly slow

  • Fifth313ment

    I updated to the update without issue and I've tested my led notification icon and it works fine for missed calls and text messages so no issue on my phone there. I'm also not having any issue with my voicemail icon. I'm not having an issues with the time zone settings or clock errors. So far I've noticed they added internet calling to phone options, updated the calculator app, newer menus and GUI touches. The weather clock app now has some new animations. They've added flip and pocket modes to the sound settings. HTC has added fastboot and 2.3 adds some new options and settings to the application settings such as cache and RAM usage, etc... They've also added an auto enhance option to the camera app. Sprint Navigation has become TeleNav GPS Navigation. A Downloads app was added which is basically a shortcut to the previous internet download manager. Also a few new options have been added to the default internet browser for GIF image animations and changing the default search engine. The biggest unnamed feature is certainly the speed improvements! Everything is faster and more responsive. If I had to lay a number to it I'd say about 30-40% faster which is a huge improvement! They've change the clip board option icons and options for some apps such as now being able to cut all or some words in text messages. And any other Gingerbread specific additions and changes! This is a great update if not just for the speed! I think I mentioned everything I noticed but there could be more!

  • http://www.searchterms.com NM

    Also, note that all alarms and logins appear to be reset. If you use this to wake up for work, be sure to reset it!

    • Gabe

      I do not have an alarm app anymore period and the clock widget won't go to it when I press the time

  • David

    Had it a few hours. Seems to be settling in. Was kind of rough at first. Market is weird- can't tell when it downloads something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does. You hit the "OK" to install and it doesn't go anywhere, and no downloading notice, then a few minutes later you see it is installed. Also, some apps stayed installed, and some did not. A few disappeared and I had to restore using the lamentable MyBackup Pro. Power off options are completely changed. Have yet to succeed in getting it to turn itself off. Does not seem faster for me.


    Regarding Netflix it was only released for a few phones and the EVO was on of them. So Gingerbread did not brake it, Netflix has to release an update to work with gingerbread.

  • MP_ATL

    In ATL, Evo 4G on Sprint, wireless N missing after update

    • Beaster1174

      Ditto. Cannot connect to my router set to "n only" had to switch router to "bgn mixed". 802.11n worked just fine before the update.

      • MP_ATL

        Same fix here. Via Sprint, I got though to HTC tech support, They found the same problem on an Evo they had after the update. Marquee feature of 2.2 absent in initial Gingerbread update. Wow.

  • http://n/a ceci231

    I did an OTA update and am stuck on the triangle with exclamation point screen to the update breaking LED notifications. Did a hard reset to get my phone working.

  • http://gameovernation.com Ryan

    Mine just keeps spinning and saying "checking." It never gives me any confirmation one way or the other. Just keeps on "checking."

    • Freddy

      Same here, did you get any info on how to fix this?

      • http://gameovernation.com Ryan

        I emailed HTC but haven't heard back... did either of you figure it out?

      • GBuffs

        Same Here! Just stuck on "Checking". Been trying all day. >:(

        • http://gameovernation.com Ryan

          I got into a live chat with an HTC rep. He first asked if I was trying to get the Gingerbread update. I said yes. He then said there was no update for my phone... just moments after acknowledging that there as a Gingerbread update. He then gave me a link back to the HTC support page that I started at.

    • Sonia

      ryan did you finally get it? i keep getting the same thing checking forever and nothing

      • http://gameovernation.com Ryan

        nope, I've been trying all day. Nothing.

        • GBuffs

          Still nothing here. Getting really pissed off!

        • Sonia

          are you rooted? i have been reading and i think that is the problem :/

    • Laird

      Is your WiFi enabled? Try toggling it a time or two.

  • TheClyde

    It my battery use menu I have noticed Android system is running lower than normal thus far. Lets hope this means signs of better battery life!!!

  • Ron

    Got a triangle with exclamation point inside. Good or bad? Been that way for about ten minutes.

    • David Ruddock

      You may have to do a hard reset (factory data wipe from recovery) if that behavior continues. Did you do update from the Settings menu or manually?

      • Ron

        from settings menu. Doing hard reset now

        • Gabe

          No u have to use a rooted version of the Rom because u are rooted... Update from download Rom -> stock roms and radios in Rom manager

  • Jay

    It took a while but slingplayer and all my apps appear to be working. For some reason it appears my internet is slower and I'm having trouble connecting via 4g. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Bryan

    I'm not seeing the change in the interface that was said to be coming with the new update. It's still white and the ui is still the same

  • joshua

    Man ok i got update.... What is this no sense nothing new..... Man i give up

  • Hugh

    Select recovery from the menu with the power button, then, when the sign with the exclamation point appears, press Power+Volume Up at the same time, and wait (up to 30 seconds).

    -phone hangs at this point every time

    • David Ruddock

      Keep pressing Power+Volume Up (don't hold) - the timing is really tricky.

      • Hugh

        Thank you. Trick seemed to be to hold down the Volume Up button and then press Power. Worked every time.

  • ffastffrank

    The fact that Shootme does not work is a big issue with me. I use it to capture images for presentations. It worked fine before on my stock EVO.

    What are the options?

    SPRINT needs a fix for this ASAP!!!

    • David Ruddock

      ShootMe requires root permissions to work. If it was working in 2.2 without root, it was utilizing some kind exploit or bug with the EVO's older builds in order to function.

      Gingerbread likely fixed the bug. You will need root to use ShootMe.

  • Josef Torkelsen

    I just updated my evo 4g to this new version and it was very successful. Netflix streaming is "broke" which just means that Netflix will have to release a new update. Besides that, my blink notifications are working as they should and my voicemail notification is acting like it should too. I am happy with some of the new changes so I am very pleased.

  • Jay

    Took a while but everything seems to be functioning now with the exception of Netflix, updated keyboard and Video chat on Google talk - Love that it's already rooted!

  • Scottab36

    How long does the update take and what does it do when it's finished? I have the yellow exclamation point in the white triangle and the android dude standing next to it. Is it broken?!?!

  • BTG

    Is anyone else having problems with apps from Amazon app store?

    • MajorGlory

      I had the initial "you must sign in with valid acct to use this app" message. Then during the first few minutes after the that I had failures but now all my Amazon App Store apps are running.

  • EDS1980

    When i try playing doodle jump i get error message saying im not logged in.

  • steve

    Yup, no netflix, but wait.. my netflix never worked on sucky new orleans 3g.

  • EDS1980

    All of amazon free daily apps that i previosly downloaded wont work. they open up for a few seconds then error message that i dont own this app pops up and it returns me to homescreen

  • Jessica

    I do not have the new layouts and I also did not get the new keyboard, Am I suposed to get it or is it only for the verizon droid?

  • payton

    Works good but it did stop netflix from working.

  • Jessica

    I am trying to determine why these things are not available on the evo. Also is there a way I can get the new keyboard and the gingerbread launcher that the droid got with the update?

  • VK

    i tried to update.... it did download fine , while updating its showing a sign which with a exclamation mark inside a triangle... does this mean there is an issue or its normal?

  • MajorGlory

    Whew...did the update with bated breath and after giving the Evo time to load all apps everything seems to work as advertised.

    1) My LED flashes on incoming text, and email.
    2) I did NOT have the lingering voicemail icon.
    3) Scrolling and touch response seems better - no lag when I scroll, it seems instant to the touch (my observation).
    4) HTC Sense clock now has the "flipping" numbers. What's this about a "keyboard"?
    5) The assorted changes to GUI, etc from the Gingerbread update as stated by others.

    1) Netflix no longer streams. Get a message that says to "make sure the date and time settings are correct", then kicks me back to Netflix home screen.

    ***Biggest plus was that this was an in-place upgrade and not a factory reset. So all my data (cached or static) and installed apps were intact.

    This was win for me. YMMV

  • Jay

    Is anyone having trouble accessing Marketplace? Both my 3g & 4g appear to be having trouble?

  • Jay

    Okay this update really screwed up my phone. 3g & 4g are having trouble (web is really slow) and I cannot send or recieve email from any of my accounts? Having trouble connecting to Marketplace. The phone was not rooted previously. Help please?

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    If you are having problems with your 3G or 4G, Menu > Settings > System Updates, then Update profile and Update PRL. This should get you working well again.

    • Jay

      Thanks! I'll try this.

    • Jay

      Works much better already. Thanks again!

  • Nick

    Updated and got the voicemail icon, but the fix posted earlier takes care of the problem. No LED problems. For the Amazon apps to work I had to go back in to the Amazon Appstore and sign in to get them all to work again.

  • MajorGlory

    Noticed something very worthwhile (for me) on the Battery Usage screen. There is now a graph that you can expand at the top of the page that shows usage and capacity over time along with graphs for cell signal, recharge periods, and other useful data. May not be new but first I ever noticed it.

  • Eric

    Since updating, I have had a low on memory alert. I have also had the keyboard bug out and the cursor jumps to a random spot repeatedly when trying to correct a typo. With regards to the low memory, I did not have an issue before the update, but now can't get rid of the error. I have deleted several apps and reset and removed the battery several times. Can anyone give me some insight?

  • Troyjraucci

    downloaded mine ota about 2 hours ago. noticed it was a lot smoother of a interface. the only problem is that i lost 80m of memory in the upgrade, its killing my battery a lot faster, and after i get a text message and read it a counter says i still have a message. i deleted a lot of apps and did a power cycle. do love the fast boot but still lost a lot of memory.

  • Nick

    GPS seems to find signal MUCH quicker. I'm indoors and sensorly picked up GPS signal right after I turned it on. It used to take 2-3 minutes!

  • Tim

    The Update bricked mine. Called Sprint and they ended sending me to a Sprint store and 1 hour later they actually swapped it out with a brand new EVO not a refurb. I loved that!!! They also suggested that I wait till Monday when it gets pushed out so that is what I plan on doing. I don't know if this matters but I was running Hardware version 0003 now running 0004.

  • Gadget007

    Just downloaded the OTA here in San Antonio, TX (via 4G) & ... it Works!! I think it's great that Sprint is updating a phone that's one year old. Yet another reason why I've been with them since 1999.

  • Fumbler

    I want my 802.11n wi-fi support back! Why the hell would they take out something that's been in there since the beginning? Regardless of whatever benefits there may be in this update, dumping the fastest wireless protocol IS a big deal that more people should be talking about.

  • jm

    My video cam stopped working after update???

    • b

      yes, mine is very buggy...audio and video no longer synch and are very choppy

  • Chad M

    Another EVO user here, after the gingerbread update vmail notification will not go away. Tells me i have two voicemails from myself....

  • joe

    whatever happened to power options? now is only power off, airplane mode, and restart. what if want it just to vibrate? I am shaking madly . . . bring it back!!!

    • pmt

      Yes I agree about the new power options!!! I don't want to dig into menus to just place in vibrate or silent mode!!! Bring it baaack!! If someone finds a shortcut, please post thanks!

      • SKB

        Vibrate/Silent Mode. = Use the volume down rocker. Takes 2 seconds.

  • kessoca

    Anyone know why the EVO didn't get the new look like the Droid did and the new keuboard

    • The People

      I am on that case right now. Per Sprint, it has nothing to do with Visual but "bug fixes". Read my post.

  • The People

    WOW! I just got off the phone with Advance Tech support from Sprint. Gingerbread kills the access to the Bootloading section. Sprint confirmed that this OTA build is to lock the bootloader from rooting. Wtf? Any one has an idea? I am not able to access it no more. Also, I thought 2.3 were to give me Darker Greens and different lock Screen?

    • This Shit is Crazy

      thats exactly what it did i just tried to ruu back to 2.2 but the signatures are different!

  • h3nta1

    so no new keyboard, it feels like its running about the same speed, and netflix doesn't work... at least my phone still makes calls right?

  • mjs1231

    Been running cyanogen 2.3.3 for months now on my evo. All bugs fixed. Everything works fine and is rooted and over clocked to 1200 mhz.

    Sprint has nothing to offer.

    Thats right sprint. You software is horrable, full of bloatware.

    Consumers....... Your being scamed my the multi million dollar corporate wireless fraud company.

    Dan hesse is the ceo. Go see his pay check, its totaly disgusting.

  • nbw

    Forgive me if I'm a noob on this, but does this update also apply to the EVO Shift 4G? My wife, who has a regular EVO 4G, has the option to do the manual download, but when I check my EVO Shift, it says no downloads available.

    By the way, this is my favorite Android site. Keep up the great work.


  • ian

    My netflix don't work either and no i am not rooted

  • Jen

    I don't like the fact that when pushing the power button, there is no longer a choice to turn on or off the mobile web. I also noticed that some contact info was not transferred over even though they were backed up prior to the update, Other than that no other issues with this update

  • Elizabeth

    I am having these exact same problems listed above, plus my contacts keep going insane--they jump to 25 mb, I have to clear them, resync, it lasts for like an hour, then does it again. Very frustrating...

  • Ms.T

    How does this affect the hotspot?

  • Jacob

    Im am a noob to all this stuff, but i tried the over the air update and downloading the zip file and doing it manually and both times said unable to install! please help! im rooted but still stock roms. with all these bugs im hearing is it even worth updating it?

    • Ms.T

      I changed my mind and canceled the download. I'll wait till they fix the bugs.

  • SKB


    2. Refined icons/fonts
    3. Flip phone on face activates speakerphone
    5. General UI Looks great.

    1. Broke Netflix (well..to be fair, thats a Netflix issue not an 2.3.3 issue)
    2. Broke LED notification on Handcent (since been fixed by said app)
    3. ahhh...let me think...

    Bottom Line.

    I'm rooted, and flashed rooted update directly over stock 2.2 only wiping cache and dalvik...not data (so your home screens and settings don't get erased) HUGE PLUS for me as I don't typically flash Roms. Just rooted for wi-fi tether and ad-blocking.

  • Gabe

    If u get Android guy with exclamation point u r rooted... u have to use a rooted version of the Rom because u are rooted... Update from download Rom -> stock roms and radios in Rom manager

    Also does anybody notice what happened to the alarms app with stopwatch etc I used that everyday and is a big reason I don't use cm7

    • SKB

      Yep. Thats why I don't use CM7, plus I like Sense.

      I didn't flash the new radios, think I should?

  • josh

    Well i dont know about you all, but since ive installed gingerbread with my evo my extended 3500 mah battery sucks worst than before ah screen says 89 % at all time i feel like this update is a joke just to try to shut us up about issues and to hide the true problem this phone is messed up! Thx htc for nothing... Might as well say too non rooted evo i truthfully have nothing on my phone...

  • b

    I've got an issue that I have not seen cited anywhere...my gallery will not update...it shows deleted files, and when new files are added they do not appear...i am seeing about 150 photos on the phone that were deleted yesterday and are not in the directory where it says they should be...not cool at all!

  • IowaTimeLord

    So the only problem I came across was Netflix not working. My notification light still works and I never got the voicemail error.

    Honestly, this update didn't seem like it did much at all. A few little things changed but I was really expecting more. Phone doesn't look different at all...Disappointing...

    • SKB

      Really? The UI is much crisper, text etc.
      Remember, most of this update was "under the hood" stuff. I'm rooted and was running 2.2. This is a HUGE improvement in speed and battery life.

      Little things yes...does it make the phone "new again" I'd say meh..not so much, but I definitely see the difference in performance.

  • tiera s

    ok so i was having issues before with the triangle and the android dude some how i was partially rooted...followed the steps in a unrooting video and BAM back to stock and finally got the update...over all i'm liking the changes notice alot of different things like the battery and 3G looks different..faster touch responses..smaller pattern unlock screen...overall i'm happy with it didn't have the issues everyone else is talking about

  • AJ

    shoot, i havent been able to manually update mines at all, been trying since june 3rd....tried 4g, 3g, wifi and everything...anyone know a fix for it, or should i wait until some of the bugs are flushed out

  • claire

    I would like to know why it's not available for the Evo Shift. How disappointing!

    • SKB

      The Shift will get Gingerbread, however the EVO is the Flagship Phone so It got it first. If you want GB on the Shift, just root!!!

  • scott

    my phone is stuck in the error HTC Sense has stoppe unexpectantly force close. This happened after the update was trying to restart my phone. help

    • SKB

      Battery Pull and reboot.

      • scott

        i keep receiving error the application htc sense (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly please try again. Force close.
        tried the battery pull reboot, power off, restart, startup without sd card. and back again.found a web post about this happening with another user who was updating to the 2.3 Gingerbread and others on the web previous to this update. the fix that has been recomended is to hold down the search button and type settings then clear the cashe/data on the HTC sense application. Trouble is; i don't have the option to type when I push the search button. I only have voice search and QR search. Voice attempts to check the internet via Google and QR Search activates a barcode scanner via the QR search app I previously downloaded.

        • SKB

          Just touch the search button from any screen. (DONT HOLD IT DOWN) The text box shows up and directly to the left you can search for apps, web, wiki, etc. You don't want that.

          Menu, Settings, Manage Applications, All. Find HTC Sense. There you go.

        • scott

          tried to just touch the search button, with no response. took it to the sprint repair store tonight. they didn't even try to fix it they just ordered me a new phone, said there is no fix, that i had an interuption during my download or install, never was it interupted...i downloaded using a wifi connection at home with the phone pluged in and sitting next to the router. anyway they tried to charge me 35.00 due to I don't have the protection plan. I refused to pay the fee due to the error was caused by their update. Sprint finally swallowed the cost but I'm without a phone for a while due to the Evo being on backorder. Wish I would have never clicked the update button. My wife has the same phone... I think I'll wait a while to "update" her Evo. Can't say I like Sprint very much. Had a much better experience when I was with T-Mobile.

        • scott

          Thank you for your help SKB, I wish the search button would work for me. It makes perfect sense to just go into the setting menu and clear the HTC sense cashe, but somehow the error is blocking me from accessing the text box. I still have my phone until the new one arrives at the sprint store. so I'll try anything until then if it will prevent me from having to start over. The only good thing might be a new phone will probably come loaded with Android 2.2. I'll be weary of updating it until the bugs like this are worked out.

      • scott

        I fixed it! I went into the bootloader menu by holding down the volume down button and and the power button; then selected clear storage. the phone rebooted and was factory reset. I reentered all my personnal data and am back to normal. Gingerbread 2.3 is still loaded. got my phone back, why couldn't the sprint repair desk do the same thing I wonder? Makes you wonder...

  • ryan

    Voicemail notification wont clear. Very frustrating.

    • SKB

      Google it. TONS of articles on how to fix.

  • Steve

    My phone no longer vibrates AT ALL! No matter what I do I cannot make it work anymore. I HATE THIS NEW VERSION.

    • SKB

      Push your volume button all the way down to the "vibrate setting". IF that doesn't vibrate then its a hardware issue. If it DOES vibrate, then check your settings in whatever app you want the phone to vibrate.

  • Tom


    I kept getting a notification of 2 voicemails, I could clear it from the pull down status bar or by going to settings/call/clear voicemail notifications as stated in previous posts.

    Neither method worked permanently, the notification kept coming back.

    I called sprint tech support and they had me do the following proceedure.

    Select the voicemail icon to open the voicemail app

    press the menu button

    select compose

    in the TO window type: [email protected]

    then press record

    press stop to stop recording

    then send the message

    with these steps complete then select the icon for settings, select call, and select clear voicemail notifications.

    Too soon to say yet if the notification comes back again, but its worked for 10 minutes - thought I would share now so the rest of you can try.

    Good luck!


  • Drew

    I have tried all of the solutions for the VM problems and nothing is working. I've tried to clear the VM icon through the settings---comes back after I power cycle or after 20 minutes; I've tried the 'record message' send to [email protected]--nothing; I've tried a PRL update---noting; Sprint first line rep suggested the clear icon method and sounded shocked that I would power cycle my phone, "WHY are you turning it off?"; the Tier2 Tech Support recommended the same thing then said, "we have no fix...HTC is aware of it and we're expecting an update in a couple of days (today is 6/8/2011). We'll see...this icon thing is starting to p*** me off. I hope HTC addresses this ASAP.

  • Sammy

    My internet keeps closing. For example, when I touch internet icon, Google opens and then my phone closes it. Please help!

    • SKB

      Google.com is NOT functioning today on mobile devices. Change the your default home screen to something different like CNN. The browser works just fine.

  • Jason

    I've only seen a few people mention this, but since my Gingerbread update on Tuesday, my battery life has gone into the toilet. I used to get at least a full day on a full charge, and now after it basically being on standby for 2 and 1/2 hours, my battery is at 73%. Previously it would still be in the 90% range at this time of day. I use ATK to make sure apps are not running, and always have GPS disabled. It's frustrating and died on me yesterday before the end of the work day, which never happened before! My usage hasn't changed! I've rebooted a few times after the update just to make sure some things may have needed to be reset. I haven't had any of the voicemail/notification problems others have having though.

  • CharmB

    Since I updated on June 3, I lost all my archived books in Amazon Kindle, I need them back please, I only archive them to free up my home page.

  • Michelle

    Update came through for me last night... My battery life is worse than it was before and I'm disappointed that the LED function for sms notifications is not working. Anyone else with the same issues?

  • Jonathan

    I was having problems with a voicemail notification. The solution you gave worked for me!

  • JMF

    For some stupid reason, I did the upgrade to Gingerbread (on my HTC Evo) the day it came out. I have had nothing but problems, including, but not limited to:

    Won't retain any of my settings (e.g., I use LauncherPro, and it keeps going back to HTC Sense, even with the defaults changed; won't keep my wallpaper setting; won't keep my message notification setting).

    Battery power has been cut IN HALF. I have an extended battery that used to last me at least all day, and now barely gets me through to noon.

    Internal memory usage is either being reported incorrectly (causing me to get a "low memory" notification even though I've added nothing to the phone), or the upgrade doubled the system's use of memory.

    Bluetooth quality has disintegrated. Half the time, I can't be heard (and that has NEVER been a problem prior to this).

    Voice-to-text is also broken (it can't hear me).

    I'm sure there's more that I'm forgetting, but those are the highlights.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Who to I go to with this problem? Sprint? HTC? Google? Bueller?

    Anyone know how to downgrade back to Froyo?

  • Elle

    I also have problems with voice search. It says to speak louder. It appears the Mic is turned off? But I don't know how to turn it on.

  • Brigitte

    I just got the gingerbread ota update yesterday, and so far, I'm very unhappy with it. Problems all over the place. It interferes with swype typing, compass sensor is even worse than it was before, text selection jumps around at random, music albums are now randomly broken up into separate duplicate albums, weather doesn't show unless cell network location is checked, which only checks now if you agree to mobile tracking, ringtone and notification settings randomly change. That's what I've noticed so far. I've read that others have also had problems with led notification, camera, home etc buttons not lighting up, on and on. I hope google is on top of this with a fix. Evo 4G.

  • Diablo

    Call Duration is gone. Can't tell how long the last phone call was. Really sucks when you bill by the hour for consultation.
    Voice Search...dead. Voice Dialing seems a bit more responsive though.

    LED Notifications when plugged in are nonexistent. Unless you count the Amber color for charging and Green for charged.

    Screen Shot software, (Shoot IT).. no longer works. Bugger.

    Netflix.. still no fix.

    The UI icons got a little rework, look a lot cleaner. Memory management and flick scrolling are more fluid. Turning off and on the 4g wireless is lot less laggy.

    Overall, I think the update is good as far as performance goes.

    As far as the little conveniences that people have come to rely on or expect. Well... I think a patch to fix these things is definitely in order.


  • MajorGlory

    Still haven't seen a fix for the voice-to-text. Any suggestions on this?

  • SH

    We have two Evo's. When updated to 2.3, the voicemail icon shows up on each. Clear it (settings/call/clear ...) and it pops back up later, despite no VM.
    I have Google voice on my Evo, my wife uses the default sprint VM, but the icon pops up on both.

  • steve

    is there anyway to go back to 2.2 after upgrading to 2.3.3 on unrooted evo

  • ian

    Got an update today it fixed my netflix but my notification tone is still messed up and cant change it anyone know how to fix that?

  • nick

    I also did the update, and having a lot of issues myself. When u check the call history before it showed the duration of a call, and after the new update to 2.3.3 now all it show is the time of the call...NO DURATION. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

  • matt

    I have a htc evo shift, the problem im having is, the them will keep replying every time i go into any app, everytime i go into anything but app, this has been happening ever since the 2.3 update came out, the people that will eventually come out with a bug fixx, please do look into this and please fix this, im pretty sure other people have xpericened this also, so please please fix this, again to be exact, the htc in gress letters, and a white background, then the theme will reaply everytime, so fix this please!

  • matt

    I have a htc evo shift, the problem im having is the theme will keep re applying everytime i go into anything on my phone, for an example ill go into the market, after i exit it will re apply the theme. It does this all the time, and it is really annoying.
    This has been happening ever since i installed the 2.3 update, the phone was just fine before the new update.
    Please fix this:) im hoping that the bug update will be out soon:)

  • Dave_d

    I have a "Missed Call" notification on the locked screen of my htc evo 4g. The notification shows when I first turn the screen on but goes away when I slide down the lock bar. i.e. it shows before I enter my lock code.

    (Note: not all users have their phones set to need a lock code.)

    It has been there since I installed Gingerbread and missed my first call.

  • brody

    ok sprint,,, everytime i install a damn update from yall my htc evo 4g gets all kinds of problems now i have the htc sense error again AND CANT ACCESS ANYTHING IN MY PHONE! so how the hell am i supposed to tell you "if the errors the update causes ARE HAPPENING" man im so tired of this foreal yall need to get your damn updates to actually fix things not make em worse. this is so stupid im tired of payin money for stuff tht isnt guna work

    • Scott

      The htc sense error happend to me too. If you press the search button on the bottom of your screen and are able to type a search then search settings, applications, manage apps, HTC sense, clear cashe/data. If this isn't possible then reset your phone to factory by holding the volume button down while pressing the power button. When the bootlogger menu pops up select clear data. I tried the recovery option and it did nothing for me. Tried taking it to sprint and they did nothing so...

  • kayakfl
  • DRC

    Unfortunately, nothing seems to remove the missed call notification. All missed call notices have been deleted, I've tried calling the missed call number, and there are no notifications.
    Android 2.3.3
    Software # 4.24.651.1
    Build 4.24.651.1 CL61076
    6/14 23.58.32 CST

  • Dave_d

    After turning the phone on and off a couple of times, the "Missed Call" notice just went away on its own. Problem source not discovered but at least it went away!

  • Gr8typist

    Completely hosed my EVO. It is spontaneously rebooting over and over. I finally got it stable long enough to get Handcent off of it, and uninstalled Open Home for good measure. Still rebooting. Very unstable if you try to do much of anything with the Internet. Phone is not rooted and Sprint tells me I need to go to a store to fix it. Stupid.

  • Alison

    I have this and its working awesome. But now my phone has an OTA update and it wont do it.It goes to the part where its installing it and then the android guy has a ! over him..any suggestions?Thank you!

  • Lindsay

    Since the gingerbread update, I can't use my camera. It wants me to insert an sd card but it's already in there. Help, I use the camera everyday. Any suggestions?

  • Teethabarber

    Waiting for my battery to charge a bit before I install 2.3 i'll let everyone know soon as I've done so.

  • http://unknownwebsite.anydomain.com.org Mark Hoffman

    My HTC EVO 4G just got from the update to Gingerbread 2.3.5, everything seems fine, I have full internet access to Wi-Fi, but it has become pretty nasty an error message appearing every 3 minutes, Error Code 67, Unable to establish wireless connection. Fucking Update! This update seems pretty useless!

  • Now I hate HTC

    the update to 2.3.5 just screwed my htc evo 4g turning it into an expensive brick! Why htc doesn't test updates before releasing them?
    and as the evo 4g is cdma phone now i just have to reactivate it again, led isn't working, and it doesn't detects any wireless connection anymore, battery life has decreased drastically, htc sense doesn't updates anymore the weather, news or the mail, instead htc sense crashes all the time, does anyone has a suggestion of how can i repair my phone?

  • Mills

    I have an evo 4g and do the update and now no wifi! I just get error when I click to turn on wifi. Also, when I turn the phone on I get a triangle and message that android.phone.com connect error message. Help!!!