Update: One of our commenters has pointed out that a current Sprint carrier-switch incentive plan (offering $125 per line to switch from another carrier) ends on June 23rd. Oddly convenient timing, don't you agree? That makes this date seem even more likely. Thanks Todd!

Well, there's been a lot of rumor-mongering about the EVO 3D's release date, and we've stayed pretty silent on the matter. Today, thanks to the good folks over at Phandroid, we've got a date we feel pretty confident in posting (in the sense that it was probably real at the time the flyer in question was printed):


Aside from the almost annoyingly ever-present Green Hornet ad-placement, at the center of the ad you can clearly see the words "Pre-order the new HTC EVO 3D Today. Available June 24."

Now, whether the change in HTC's bootloader policy might affect that date is unknown (probably not - unlocking will likely be a post-release OTA sort of thing). But if RadioShack, a 3rd-party retailer, has had a release date given to them, it's probably one Sprint has some confidence in. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

The EVO 3D is Sprint's most anticipated handset to date - sporting a 4.3" qHD glasses-free 3D display, dual core processor, and Sprint's WiMAX 4G. It will be replacing the EVO 4G as Sprint's flagship Android device. It will (supposedly) cost $200 on a new 2-year agreement, or, if you hand in your old EVO 4G or EVO Shift 4G at RadioShack, a paltry $100.


David Ruddock
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  • Todd

    I want to get an evo3d, not because I am excited about 3d, but to have a current handset. I am switching to sprint but want to take advantage of the 125 credit per line switch, but that ends the 23rd. Not sure what to do about that.

    • Will Nelson

      Easy, get some random cheap phone, then return it the next day under the 30 day return policy and get the 3D.

      • http://www.hollercentral.com hollercentral

        Will this really work? Sounds like a legit hole to me.

      • Blingeorkl

        The issue is if the Evo3d is sold out for a few weeks like the first Evo was when it released.. I'm fairly certain you can only do the 30 day swap if they actually have the phone in stock. I'm going to see if they can extend the transfer credit a day, because otherwise that's a pretty silly move on Sprint's part.

        • Will Nelson

          Aye that could be an issue if you didn't pre-order

      • Todd

        Dude Thanks! I should have thought of that! :)

    • David Ruddock

      Wow, really? It ends the 23rd? That makes this date sound even more likely. Thanks for that tidbit, wasn't aware.

    • Josh H

      Make sure you apply for that $125 credit on sprints website within 2 days of signing the contact. Also wont get it for atleast 61 days.

      • Josh H

        ..and you can only get the credit if you buy the phone directly from sprint. Not radioshack or bestbuy.

  • http://www.dominikstriplin.com Dominik

    I really hate the fact that I have to choose between this device and the Nexus 4G.

  • Theo Smith

    Sounds likely. The Evo 4G was released on a Friday too.