The wait is over, guys - PopCap's hands down best game, Plants Vs Zombies, finally reached Android minutes ago after many months of anticipation. Normally $2.99, PvZ is available for free exclusively on the Amazon Android Appstore.

The game is a little on the heavy side - be prepared to dedicate 75MB of free space to it (though at least in CyanogenMod, all but 232KB can be moved to SD without any problems).

After a period of exclusivity, PopCap will upload it to the Android Market for everyone to use - until then, it's just us, U.S. folks. Sorry, rest of the world :( (unless you use the tricks posted in the comments that is ;)).

Behold the most ridiculous game trailer I've seen this year:

  • Use an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants to stop a mob of hungry undead from invading your home
  • Think fast and plant faster--peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs, and other fearsome flora await
  • Play through 50 exciting levels in Adventure mode
  • Battle 26 types of zombies including pole-vaulters, snorkelers, and bucket-heads


  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection to download.
  • This app is not tablet-optimized, but will run on most Android tablet devices (some pixelation may be visible during gameplay).
  • Plants vs. Zombies will not run on the following devices:
  • --Motorola DROID (works fine on Motorola DROID 2 and some DROID X's), Devour, Flipside
  • --Samsung Transform, Intercept
  • --HTC Aria, MyTouch 3G
  • --Sony Ericsson X8
  • --Sanyo Zio
  • --Kyocera Echo
  • --LG Ally

And now, dive into the world of epic battles between the evil zombies and joyful plants, defending themselves using any means necessary. Just be warned - the game is extremely fun, the calling-in-to-work-sick kind of fun (not that I advocate such behavior!).


image image image

[Source: Amazon Appstore]

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Aatif

    Not really only for the US. Fakenamegenerator.com FTW!

    • Dan

      Do you have any link with the apk? Thank you very much in advance.

  • Sean

    yep... what aatif said...
    easy for non-us users to access the amazon store (it only sucks when US only apps [like the gps one yesterday] get released)

  • gurningchimp

    *cough* Yesterdays GPS app worked fine in the UK *cough*

  • Piki

    Aatif, thanks a lot!

  • Tony

    Best game trailer ever :D

  • Phil Oakley

    I've got it and I'm in the UK. On my Desire HD, the graphics are a little low res and stuff like that. But they're only minor niggles. This game is great!

  • bluepython9286

    Angry! between the hype I have been hearing for months and the trailer I really wanted this game. Won't run on myTouch 3G Slide though!

    I love Android, but its things like this that truly piss me off. If you don't have the top of the line phones its like a crap shoot sometimes.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The phone has mediocre specs and is now over a year old - I'm not too surprised. The game sometimes goes a bit slow even on the EVO - I'd imagine it probably runs out of memory on mid- to low-range devices.

      If you buy a crappy computer and put Crysis 2 on it, will you also complain that it doesn't run?

      • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

        Thanks for the heads up on how it'll run on my EVO, still excited to nab this for my future tablet use!

        Crysis 1 won't run on a crappy computer, I wouldn't even dare to try Crysis 2.

    • Jon Garrett


      Its the same thing with Apple users., users with older devices are left out to dry also. even 3GS users wont get the next iOS firmware.

      Older hardware will always have this problem, weather its desktops, laptops or phones and tablets.

      • James

        Yeah...except it's much, much easier to check if the apps will run on an iphone. And pVz runs brilliantly on the iphone 3g (3 years old~~). Face it, the android market is terrible for games. And mediocre at everything else.

        Android is a nice idea, but what with every handset being locked to the crappy software that the manufactorer puts on, needing to flash rom 99% of android phones to make them anything but useless, and the complete dominance of the apple app store over the android market, I'm counting the days until i get my iphone replaced and can drop this piece of crap sony x10.

        • Papapau

          50% of mobile users are smartphones..
          50% of those smartphones ANDROID..
          20+% apple..

          Nice personal opinion Apple fanboi, get real!! your days are done..

  • Bruno BarĂ£o

    On my ZTE Blade most graphics were black (I couldn't see the main menu), but after installing ChainFire3D I could play the game just fine. :-)

  • Erwin

    can please someone download it from amazon and share it here? pleaaasseee... =)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That won't work - all apps downloaded from the Appstore have DRM and check in with the mothership (i.e. the Amazon Appstore app) before running.

  • Y.

    How did you guys make it work?
    After I used fakenamegenerator.com, now it wants a billing address and payment method..

    • Mesmorino

      You'd think giving stuff away would be a simple and straighforward enough process, but no.

  • Kevin

    No love for the OG Droid..... damn!

  • larry

    funny why i had to download it through wifi, when my thunderbolts speeds are much faster than my wifi! whatever....

  • J

    says incompatible with my device must be hdpi only(stupid mytouch slide and mdpi res)

  • viktor hero

    how you get I get" the amazon appstore for android is not yet available in your region "error when trying to download signed up using fakename

  • AnthonnN
    • Jo

      Cheers mate, Very much appreciated, been playing it without any problem (on my Galaxy S2)

    • tokancs

      Thanks, its work well on samsung galaxy tab p1000...

  • Chris

    Is there any way to force a download without wifi? There was an app I had on my iphone that would fool it into always thinking wifi was on for situations like this.

  • Adam

    Runs fantastic on my G2. Great game :)

  • Zepius

    you can purchase it through the website if you have a OG droid like me, and then have it later when you get a different phone.

  • Chris

    If you have a phone that wont let you download it, like the Droid, you can still go to Amazon's website and get it for free there. So when you acquire a device that can play it, you'll just have to download it.

    • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

      Acquiring free apps on Amazon but not installing them has become a past time. One day I may need app X for some reason, but for now I'll just have it not installed but acquired.

  • themitchy

    No love for Canada = no love for Amazon.

  • Chopper Joe

    Anyone get this working on a rooted nookColor? Downloads but won't install (says there's insufficient storage, which, physically, isn't so).

  • mike I

    would not run on my Archos 70 tablet. installed fine, but everytime during the loading screen just dumps out to tablet homescreen without so much as a force close or other error message. at least it is free and hopefully an update in the future will make it work.

    like other folks have said even if you can't play it today on your phone better to buy it when it is free so you can have it down the road when you upgrade.

    • pawns

      I have the same problem on Archos 70. But after rebooting it. I can at least get to the registration screen and play...not sure to what level tho'

  • DevilDogVIKING

    it played fine until I got to level 7 then it started lagging and freezing up my phone. Epic 4g

  • tyson

    My gtab is freezing at level 1-3. Running tnt lite and zeam launcher

  • Pookster

    Experiencing a lot of framerate stuttering and slowdown when acquiring a new seed in adventure mode.

    I'm using a Xoom. O_o

  • S3nd41

    Awesome trailer, I especially enjoy the little brain marking the lyrics as the music goes. That put, 75mb worth of space to run this seems kinda ridiculous, I bet they could have tuned down the weight if they had put a little effort on it.

  • the boognish

    So when will it be available in the uk, without messing around with american app stores?

  • zee

    thanks nice game i like it

  • Jacob

    Uhhh sorry to break the news yo ya but the app is no longer free even on amazon.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It was a one-day sale, bro.

  • glenn

    I hope they make a version for the htc One x

  • chocolate poptart

    It says that the game is for free available on the amazon app store but when i go to it it says 99cents. i dont get it.

  • rubycat7

    Is it free