Android has really grown quickly in the realm of mobile gaming, especially with the influx of Tegra 2 phones and tablets. Keeping that momentum going, Madfinger (creator of Samurai 2) is currently working a new game optimized for Tegra devices called SHADOWGUN. There will be two version of this game - one for Tegra 2 devices, and one that takes advantage of NVIDIA's next-gen Tegra 3 processor, the quad-core Kal-El.

Update: Now with video (thanks, Nick!).


SHADOWGUN is a tactical combat game, but I don't think I can explain it any better than this:

Authored with the Unity development platform, SHADOWGUN combines tactical combat with third person harrowing action, ushering in a new visual standard for handheld gaming. SHADOWGUN puts players into the role of John Slade, a professional bounty hunter in the year 2350. Slade’s mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, renowned geneticist and former employee of the trans-galactic corporation Toltech Enterprises. Players must lead “shadowgun” John Slade as he infiltrates Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fights his personal army of mutants, cyborgs, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant. The story is written by award winning author Micah Nathan who has joined the MadFinger team as executive creative consultant for SHADOWGUN.

Yeah, that sounds awesome. I know, I know - a description isn't enough... so here are some screenshots:

Shadowgun_01 Shadowgun_02 Shadowgun_03

Looks great, yes? Unfortunately, there's no word on a release date, but we'll definitely keep our eyes open for this one.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • 6GhosT9

    Mmmkay, but Quadcore? That's starting to be too silly!

    • ReconDroid

      Umm, I just read that one of the next tablets to be released in July will be the Tegra 3 Quad-Core. I think it was Acer...

      • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

        Nvidia said 5 major PC manufacturers and 5 major phone manufacturers will use Tegra 3, and Amazon is going to launch a 10" tablet by the end of the year, too.

  • Álmos

    Well, wow. Although I feel like people were expecting this kind of quality from Tegra 2 games. Instead they got a GPU that's only slightly faster than Samsung's Hummingbird. Tegra 2 should have been what Tegra 3 will be.

    • p3ngwin

      what do yo mean?

      Tegra 2 is a dual-core processor that is not in the same class as Samsung's single-core Hummingbird.

      Samsung's dual-core processor is not "Hummingbird", it is "Exynos".

  • Stuart

    Have samsung mentioned anything about quad core yet? Cos honestly at the rate these Tegra chips are being spat out I'm not convinced at their actual quality. Personally I think the Tegra 2 is weaker than Exynos and Nvidia are just kicking these things out to market as fast as they can just to be that 'FIRST' kid

    • Álmos

      Tegra 2 is defiantly weaker than Exynos.

    • IamBeast

      Tegra 2 is definitely weaker than Exynos. None of the Tegra 2 phones that have come out in the market can budge above 2700 in Quadrant. While SGSII gets it at around 3300. Sure it's just benchmarks, but it's an indication as to what it's capable of.

      • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

        But that says nothing about the GPU. This is why "overall scores" suck. For all we know from that it could be that other things are more optimized, but the GPU performance is the same.

        • Zomby

          A jump that high can't be just about CPU optimization, aspecially since they're both using the same architecture. Plus the Exynos GLBenchmark 2.0 Egypt Standard score is over twice what the Tegra can churn out. (Heck, the old Hummingbird was almost as fast as the Tegra chip on that test)

      • Phil Oakley

        Also, the Tegra 2 devices are qHD. SGS II is not.

      • http://bighugstudio.blogspot.com/ KingK

        My Atrix gets 3000 quadrant stock stock.

        That's with 30% more pixels.

        Do some quick math.

    • cosmic

      Well Tegra 2 did come out like what January 2010(though the earliest product I can think of to get to the market was in November)? I'd be horrified if Exynos was weaker than a chip over a year old.

      Anyway Tegra 3 should be a nice jump up. It has been in the works for a while.

      • p3ngwin

        glad someone here has some perspective instead of comparing CPU, GPU, old processors, etc

        also, please people, don't say things like "A jump that high can’t be just about CPU optimization, aspecially since they’re both using the same architecture"...

        it's the same ARM Instruction Set Architecture, but not the same processor "design". Qualcomm, Samsung, TI, Marvel, Nvidia, etc pay ARM the license and then have the opportunity to HEAVILY modify the design.

        By example, Qualcomm's ARM A8 "Snapdragon" processors are often thought of as "hybrid" ARM A8/A9 chips as they are so heavily modified, that their A8 processors have features and benefits that the A9 has, and sometimes even more that the A9 doesn't have.


        not all ARM processors are the same, even if some people say they use the same ISA.

  • Rob

    That's a bit insane. Those screenshots look as good as, if not better, than current generation console games.

    • Someone

      Current generation consoles should have been replaced by now. They really only have a shelf life of about 5 years before they look dated.

      Well, it's 5+ years. =P

      • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

        The comparison is valid. Consoles can use a lot more power than mobile chips, so saying that mobile chips that can run console quality from 5 years ago on 1W of power is not impressive, is wrong.

    • http://www.pretentiousname.com Leo Davidson

      The screenshots are great for a phone game but if you look closely they're more like a previous-gen console game with the screen resolution increased but not much else.

      The poly-count is low (e.g. look at the guns) and there isn't a lot of detail in the shading/lighting.

      It looks great, but mostly because of good art, not because it's using technology on par with what a console can do.

      It's still a huge credit to the development team that they got something running on a phone that looks like a current-gen console game at first glance. I'm not dissing them at all; just saying, if you put it beside (say) Gears of War, it won't look as good, so don't throw that Xbox 360 in the bin just yet. :)

      • Lucian Armasu

        The fact that it looks close enough to a real console game, it's good enough reason to think that you'll be able to dock your phone or use Google TV with a gamepad to play these games, just like you would with a console (Honeycomb got gamepad support recently). This is also why I hope Google TV set top boxes launched this fall will use Tegra 3 instead of lame Atom. Imagine the possibilities.

        • p3ngwin

          agreed, totally.

        • Phil Oakley

          +1million on this :D

  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    Nexus 3 and Nexus HD, i see your shadows at the horizon... COME OUT TO THE LIGHT!!!!!
    (Nevermind the "drunkness" Final Medicine Exam is in 2 days :''D :''O :''/ *Suicide*)

  • IR

    I looks good and Im a Android fan boy but IOS have been doing this long time ago, I just think that Android should have had some type of optimization long time ago to run games like this. other than that, Im glad we are finally getting really good looking games!!!

    • http://martino2k6.wordpress.com/ Martin

      The optimisations are there, as are the APIs. The most recent iPhones have an SGX535, whereas many Android devices have SGX540 and Tegra 2. In other words, many Android handsets are more powerful than iOS handsets, however to date developers of these more demanding games didn't seem to target Android.

      Well, let's hope that will change.

    • Someone

      Like... which game?

  • TareX

    Nexus 3, with Tegra 3, from LG, with Ice Cream Sandwich.

    That's why I'm holding out till January. My Atrix will have to do till then.

    • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

      And 1280x720 HD resolution (hopefully IPS, or AH-IPS display).

  • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

    Looks ridiculously awesome indeed. If Tegra3 actually delivers on its promise, it will be epic. But Tegra1 and Tegra2 were rediculously underwhelming, so I'm not holding my breath. I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised though!

  • MichaelGGreene

    Quadcore? Sch yeah right. The whole Tegra2 exclusivity thing is ridiculous. Limited to only a few devices. And why not ship it to Galaxy SII on a more widespread basis??? Whats the problem there.

    You're not missing a thing here. 0 NOEZ I CAN PLAYZ 6 GAMEZ in KEWL GRAPHIKZ.

    And literally its only 6 games that use the Tegra2 chip.

    • Zomby

      And for many of those games, that limitation can be bypassed by using Chainfire 3D wich will allow those supposedly Tegra-only game to run on lower-specced phones, often without a single problem.

      • p3ngwin


        Chainfire's solution DISABLES graphics functions to make it compatible with standard OpenGL devices that don't have Tegra.

        you may not notice the difference, but it's there. the Tegra graphics have certain functions that go beyond OpenGL's standards.

  • azumihk

    the 540 is doing 90m triangles a sec, still the fastest out there, but the sgs1 doesnt have dualcore but the graphics it can handle like no other. the 540 in sgs 1 is even faster then the graphic n sgs2 but coz its dualcore the overal score is faster from sgs2. gameloft is making alot of good games these days but still like 30% of sgs graphic power.

    • Lucian Armasu

      I think you're overestimating SGX540. It may have 90m triangles on paper, but that's not its real performance. Last I checked it had 2x the FPS of Adreno 200, and Adreno 200 had 22m. And Tegra 2 is actually 30% faster than the SG540 in Galaxy S, but not faster than the one in OMAP4 which is overclocked and improved.

      Still Tegra 2 is really old, it was supposed to arrive in August or September last year, but it got delayed a bit, and it got in more popular devices even later than that. But this is why we'll see Tegra 3 in August this year, because they are on a 12 month cycle.

      OMAP4 SGX540, Exynos and Adreno 220 are barely 10-40% faster than Tegra 2 (which should've been expected since they are half a year newer). Tegra 3 on the other hand is just a few months away and has 3x the FPS of Tegra 2 GPU.

    • Zomby

      I don't know what you're smoking, but you're definitely not living in the same world as we are. The 540 might be close to be on par with the Tegra2 but the Mali400 in the SGS2 is over twice as fast in real-world benchmarks. And that has nothing to do with being dual-core.

      • Iambeast

        Agreed. The SGSII kills any and all phones out on the market today. Whether it's CPU computation or GPU, the SGSII is definitely the faster on paper and in real-world usage.

    • http://bighugstudio.blogspot.com/ KingK

      Its more like 30m triangles/sec, don't believe all the hype.

  • Joshua

    Can we play this on non-tegra phones with chainfire 3D graphics setting and setCPU?

    • Zomby

      Right now the game is not even released yet. Let's give time to the developper to complete and release it, then we can see how we can get it to work on our "lower" hardware phones. If the Tegra3 is as underpowered as teh Tegra2 was, my guess is current Exynos and OMAP4 phones will have little trouble running this.

  • LAMM

    Virtual thumbsticks....

    Either they make games with proper touch screen controls or the give us joysticks... My experience with virtual thumbsticks is nothig but bad memories.

  • eto

    Huh quad core?! Ok understood - normal thing. Technical devices must be faster and faster.. but guys..
    Where are my dual core apps? where is my improvement?

    Except for flash and like 5 games there is nothing i can do with my galaxy s2. This definetly IS useless, if performance is not used at all!

    • p3ngwin

      how about that performance also translates into better battery life for you?

      you care about that ?

  • xoomer

    Only 6 games making full use of tetra 2. Kalel will launch with less and most devs will still be working on getting the best out of dual core. Dual core will be the tablet standard for another year at least. Buying quad core when it comes out will be a waste of money as there'll be no software to get the best from it.

    • p3ngwin

      having more efficient processors translates into improved responsiveness from the OS and applications, as well as better battery life.

      if you don't notice the performance, you will appreciate the extra time your battery charges last.

      even if you don't like the processors, the developers will, as they are the ones that will be making the apps you will use tomorrow. other wise how do you think you got the technology in your pocket today ?

      do you fancy swapping your current phone for a 2 year old 600Mhz device with Android V1.5 ?

      that's because the developers of the OS and the apps got hold of better processors and devices with more ram and better GPU modules in the SoC's.

      once they got that hardware, in advance of the consumers, they developed a better OS and apps, that take advantage of the hardware, that you later enjoy.

      you may not see much use in quad-core, but you will when you want to use Android 4.5+ later once you're current device is "lagging" and can't run the latest apps and current OS.

      you may not want to be an early adopter, but it is the people that make the hardware, and those early adopters that gave you what you have right now.

      just because you can't justify the decision to buy, doesn't mean it's useless and not needed right now by others.

      For the people who adopt this hardware early it is not a "waste" any more than your thoughts are "wasted" on technology stopping because you believe it's not needed.

      enjoy the performance and battery life that comes from more efficient hardware, otherwise allow the early adopters to fund the R&D that will help you enjoy a better future.

      just don't say it's a waste when you currently enjoy your device that was made cheaper and better from people who bought 1Ghz devices for the last 2 years.

      otherwise you sound like an entitled brat for saying technology like this is "wasted" while you enjoy the fruits of yesterday's early adopters that invested into such "waste".

  • http://bighugstudio.blogspot.com/ KingK

    Only 6 games for tegra 2?

    Its probably around 20 now.

    Tons of new ones came out and coming out. Great games too like riptide, bang bang racing,etc.

    Too many people with crappy phones and envy.

  • haz

    I couldn't care how awesome it looks... with no physical buttons and nothing but a tactile-less touchscreen to control your character, all these "high-end" games are utterly pointless.

    Wake me when phone and tablet makers start including real physical buttons (not unlike that ONE Sony phone). Till then, these games are nothing but silly eye-candy or fancy tech-demos and nothing more.

    • p3ngwin

      not going to happen, you'll just have to buy the few specialty devices like the Sony PLaystation phone that cater to your specific and minority needs.

      most devices are evolving into a common majority needs scenario, and gaming isn't it.

      you can look forward to more games being developed for such devices with challenging interfaces, because that's where the industry is going and people are buying into it BIG time.

      ID Software, Epic, and developers that came from high-end PC's and consoles are developing for these device you dislike.

      that means games from serious developers, not just casual gaming are coming to stay, and they will be using devices with little to no hardware buttons.

      you can stay asleep, as you are not the majority that these developers and hardware makers cater to. they care less about you. that's why you only get that ONE Sony phone with hardware controls.

      you may think these games are "silly eye candy and tech demos", but that's because you are naive to the fact that these games sell and make big money.

      why else do you think these devices you hate for gaming are attracting such serious gaming developers ?


    Penqwin take it down a level. Your just as arrogant as the last guy. Use a tampon or something but stop bitching about that guys comment. I'm sure your a fat gamer and all but seriously go eat some McDonalds.

  • http://www.geeksuper.com/ Faisy

    This game is awesome!

  • Sky502

    I want to play shadowgun deadzone but it's not capable on installing on my samsung galaxy player 3.6. Can you create the shadowgun deadzone that is capable to install it on samsung galaxy player 3.6.