The founder of Notion Ink has updated the corporate blog with a number of changes that are coming to the company's Adam. For those of you interested in the Tegra-2 powered 10.1-inch tablet, the company is also opening up sales again, albeit by invite only.


We've covered Notion Ink's tablet progress through a number of controversies surrounding shipping and build quality, but it looks like the tablet will be finally getting an update to Honeycomb by the end of June if all goes according to plan.

Other updates include an new version of the Adam-specific market (even though you can unlock normal market access yourself), a kernel update, advanced customer support and hints at @Home support in the future.

The blog post (linked below) also goes a bit into the hardware side of things, but we've included the basic gist of the update details below.

We are pushing the Eden 1.5 update on Monday, so click that update buttons on your Adams! It comes with more than 150 changes as compared to Eden 1.0 (you can check out the documentation on Conclave on Monday).

  • We are pushing one more update on Wednesday, specially for those who want to test rich features of 2.3 Gingerbread!
  • We discussed about Kindle and Dolphin Browser coming bundled on Adam, well, there are more apps coming in (some in this update like Chords (with Panel), To-Do (Panel) and some around next week)! Some for the 2.2-2.3 clients, and more for Honeycomb!
  • The kernel update is on its way. The reason this update took little longer than expected end of third week was to dis-associate it from the kernel up-gradation which is required for Honeycomb. Right now you can see the images on Tabletroms working pretty well, but there are lots of errors and broken pieces.
  • Last 6 weeks we were integrating all support pieces to an advanced online system, which you will soon see go live on support.notionink.com. This system is used by right from FedEx to Samsung, and we are expecting it will cut the time to response further down, get you one system to track all your issues, get live support and get to scan through a large documentation of past issues.
  • @Home (from Google) announcement is a very good news for Adam users. We have a team here working on automation systems, and after their study we will release few DIY system using which you can do interesting things!
  • Adam is going live again! We are going to open sales coming Monday (evening to be precise)! Those who have subscribed at  http://store.notionink.com/subscribe.php will receive an email invitation.
  • Good News for Indian customers. Now they will receive products with all duties pre-paid.
  • We have moved all our resources from current Eden 1.5 and Gingerbread to Honeycomb, and near the end of next month, you all should have Honeycomb on your devices!

Source: Notion Ink

Matt Demers
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  • jcase

    I find it odd that they are able to bring Honeycomb when the source is "only available to Google partners", yet they don't have the Android Market, another thing only available to partners.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Indeed, I wonder how they're doing this and whether they'll finally have the Market.

  • Dan

    Does anyone really care anymore? The company ruined it's potential market by being late, unresponsive to customer's who had paid money and wanted to know a ship date, Deceitful, claiming that delays were due to requested bribes. I would never deal with this company again

  • bk w/ bloody sauce

    this is great news for us Adam users, we get this update, then all the roms including Cyanogen will get the update we've been waiting on. And yes, I love my Adam, nice to have ports on the side, makes it more than a toy tablet as my wife says, lol..

  • I Love Notion Ink

    I never saw the big deal behind this company in the beginning... There are a lot of better tablets out there now.

  • brad

    In the words of luke skywalker. What a piece of junk.!

    Oh and i just typed this on my asus transformer with honeycomb 3.1.

    • Tyler

      lol ^ awesome update huh?

    • Pichakai

      I got myself a Transformer last week. Better a real thing than a "notion". ;)

      • Martyn Lesbirel

        No keyboard out yet. No 3G. No interest.

  • akash

    Although it has been unnecessarily late for the company to finally launch their adam to the customers i hope they will understand now and would deliver bettr services in the coming future and not to forgt that its a startup and this is their first time.btw i love adam.

  • Angel

    I Love My Asus Transformer. It's the best!!

  • talung

    Gotta be honest, I have an Adam, but will point blankly tell people not to buy this.

    The company is all about dreams, but has not got a stitch of reality in it. The hardware is ok, but the screen resolution has now been surpassed. There are far better buys out there with better customer attention and actual reality about their product.

    They have definitely killed the pre-order market support for all electronic products from unknown's for me.

    • Pichakai

      Notion Ink's marketing is like a masala bollywood. Convulated plot, unneccessary song &dance, predictable ending to the bad guy. RIP Notion Ink

  • Valnir

    That picture is not even remotely true to the real thing. Add atleast 1 inch of bezel on all sides of the screen and you might get close to it.

    lol at Notion Ink who started claiming iPad had too much bezel, and ended up with a pad that looks like a $5 photoframe from a low budget gizmo-store.. ;)

    And dont flame for mentioning iPad. It was the only competition they compared themselves to back then, so it's relevant.

  • Lennart

    Picture is from a very early design. The actual tablet - which I still believe is pretty good, even if the software completely sucks.

    However, with the available custom ROMs, that is no holdback. NotionInk has not lived up to the hype, but neither does it completely deserve the garbage people throw at it, here as well as elsewhere. They are improving.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el Noel Barcellos

    IF you want to see the potential of the ADAM and some of the mods avail check out my youtube videos http://www.youtube.com/user/no6969el

  • Android Boi

    Can Notion Ink please die. Sick of the coverage. They are a con, that sold sub par tablets.

    • brad

      Yeah. Why waste bandwidth on reviewing a product that is comparable to the atari 2600. Its late. Its subpar. India has some great food, great clothes. But technology and cars, they dont do well.

      • neo

        Hi brad and "Android Boi",

        I actually own the Adam device and it is actually a quality piece of hardware. The initial software on this device was very disappointing, but it did not matter as the mod community stepped in and made awesome strides. However as of the latest vanilla update done by Notion Ink, I now have reverted to the normal OS and find it working perfectly for my needs. They are a startup company and if you expected a freaking ipad killer you must be out of your mind. The device is solid, the software is getting there, and YES there are people that still care about the device and its development.