While Google released the Honeycomb update that brings resizable widgets, USB host support, and overall performance improvements to VZW XOOM owners during I/O, and Motorola dropped it on Wi-Fi only XOOMs late last week, all other Honeycomb tablet owners have been asking the same question: when do I get it?

For owners of the Acer Iconia A500 and the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer that question has been answered by This Is My Next, and you'll be glad to know that you could see your update in as little as two weeks, as the update is scheduled for early June for both tablets.

The update will arrive in typical OTA fashion, but no exact date has been confirmed at this point.

Update 5/27/11: According to This Is My Next's sources at the Computex expo, the Android 3.1 update for the ASUS Transformer should be going out early next week. In addition to the same widget, app switcher, and stability improvements we've already seen on the XOOM, it will supposedly also bring an update for the dock.

Update 5/30/11: It's official - the update will roll out tomorrow, May 31st. Of course, if you don't want to wait, you can grab the update, already successfully applied by many people, from here.


Source: This Is My Next [1] [2], Facebook

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://talk3g.co.uk Hands0n

    A nice early #win for Asus and their terrific Honeycomb duo. It is great to see Asus taking such a proactive lead in supporting their new tablet devices so well, and quickly too.

    Anyone considering an Android tablet computer would do very well indeed to take a close look at the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Buying it has been a good decision. Now all I want is the Keyboard/Dock to become available.

  • deedub

    Very happy to see this news. Getting my superb Acer Ionia A500 was one of the better "Android Decisions" I have made. Now in a couple of weeks it is even going to be better!

  • http://www.kuwaitiful.com Obeya

    I just purchased an overpriced(due to limited stock) Asus Transformer from eBay. Glad to know I'm getting 3.1 a few days after I get hands-on.

  • bigchi

    if only I could get a transformer...

    • paul

      Bought mine from comets over the phone with dock 2day delivery

  • Robpol86

    The moment the Transformer gets 3.1 I'm buying that bad boy (if I can find it).

  • Foo

    That's cool that they are dropping 3.1 so quickly, makes a change from taking ages to release for phones. Will be good to see how the A500 runs with it.

  • MaxGraf

    Id love to get this, but i just noticed that amazon has the keyboard dock for 279$ US. Really? On top of the tablet price this puts it way outside what I want to spend on a honeycomb 3.0/3.1 device. I will most likely wait on a toshiba and use a usb or bluetooth keyboard.

    • b1ll

      The dock is $150 MSRP, it's probably this expensive because it's out of stock...

  • Tyler

    Its not being sold directly from Amazon due to low stock issues but 3rd party vendors selling in Amazon.

    For example, TigerDirect has the 16-32GB bundle but in a bundle not by itself. With case, klipsch headphones, memory card, cleaner ect for 78-100$ extra.

    AT Amazon last week a 16GB Transformer last week was going for 6-700$! Docks were 2-250$. 3rd part vendors keep switching the price up and down since they know some will pay more for one. One guy was selling a 32GB model for 567$ and 39.99 shipping!

    I was lucky to get a 32GB version from Newegg last week with next day shipping for 526$...now i need the dock at a regular price! The Xoom is a joke compared to the Transformer the screen is FAR superior. Like many have said, well worth the money.

  • ChrisAlb

    A500 is already getting 3.1 pushed down to them. Just updated my sons tablet on 5/26.

    • http://www.episode-alert.com/ Staba

      What are you on? A500 won't get 3.1 for weeks.

  • karim

    I would rather see an unlocked boot on the a500.

  • erica

    That is prob the 3.01 update from acer not the 3.1 Google update for the iconia

    • ChrisAlb

      You are correct. I tried to correct my statement right after the post but I guess it did not take....

  • dave

    Was wondering if using the same method I can install 3.1 on my a500?