Last Updated: September 3rd, 2011

This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week’s, see I/O 2011 Aftermath & Recap: What Has You Most Excited?

In light of this week's bootloader lockdown bonanza, it makes sense to ask something related. We know that as an Android-centric blog, our readers are likely to be a bit more hack-'n-mod oriented, so we're interested to see: who will manufacture your next device?

The "why" isn't crucial, though you're certainly encouraged to share your reasoning via the comments. Really, we're just interested in seeing how much HTC's new open policy has helped it, and how much Motorola's locked-down style is hurting it.

What Manufacturer Will Your Next Device Be From?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • Bigtex

    This is a hard one. I have owned both HTC and Motorola stuff, and I like both.

    Phone wise, being a Verizon person, I am leaning to a coming Motorola device, but if HTC were to in the same summer time frame put a counterpart to the EVO 3D spec wise, it'd be that.

  • Fabian

    After promising the open bootloaders i can say that a lot needs to happen before i go away from htc :)
    their phones are just awesome :)

  • Dimitar

    My next device will be Galaxy S2 :) And I hope I'm gonna be able to buy it before the end of the summer.

  • Stuart

    UMy next device will be the Samsung Galaxy S2. Ive got a HTC Desire at the moment and love it cos i got one of them with the amoled screen. Im bored of the HTC designs though the Sensation looks good. HtC screens and processors are inferior to what Samsung is offering so going to change.

  • sfsdfsdf

    HTC, always looking smart while Samsung looking ugly plastic-ish ... plus HTC opens bootloaders, plus waiting for next Nexus (which rumors says LG+HTC so looking forward to it!)

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      You know someone is an HTC fanboy when they champion the decision to stop locking bootloaders as something that makes them better.
      They NEVER should have locked it in the first place just as Samsung never has.

  • 41LY45

    Tough choice, I'll go with GSM capable phones.

    Coming from the Samsung Captivate, love the SuperAMOLED screen.

    Probably will go Samsung but i'm more inclined towards Nokia's N9 (MeeGo)

  • Matt

    Love my EVO. They can just rerelease it and I'll rebuy it everytime an upgrade comes around.

  • Adrian

    with now unlocked bootloaders, cracking phones and support and rumoured to be next Nexus maker, defo HTC

  • Tim

    I'm leaning towards the iPhone 5.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


    • Jon Garrett

      then you're leaning towards....

      a phone that will be just as boring and restrictive as the last.

      a phone that slaves you to iTunes.

      a phone that has to be jailbroken (which causes other issues) in order to have basic features Android phones come with.

      a company that wants complete control over how you uses YOUR device.

      a phone that will have NO, USB ports, NO expandable memory, NO HDMI ports,

      right now dual core processors, a full gig of ram and 8 megapixels are already standard on current Android phones, by the iphone 5 comes out., it will lag behind future Android phones.

      my wife and I are iphone 4 users but we have made up our mind a long time ago that Android devices offer so much more and we are committed to joining Android.

      • Chris

        I'm pretty sure he's trolling.


  • hugus

    It depends on if I am getting a phone or tablet. HTC for a ohone, but looking at a Samsung tab.

  • Ray

    As long as they continue producing phones that perform better than the competition, and continue to support openness, I see no reason not to look to HTC first and use it to compare all other devices to.

  • Double

    Where is "Google" in the list. Nexus ftw.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Google doesn't make phones.

  • johnny

    Waiting for that good ol' samsung galaxy s 2

  • JHPadu

    It might be an HTC, or the 3rd Nexus (I did have the N1). But chances are that I'm going for the Meizu MX since I have the M9 now, and I like it.

  • sgtguthrie

    HTC as long as they stand by their promise of unlocked bootloaders!

  • Fleeing

    As long as HTC keep their word on unlocked bootloaders and continue to supply competitive, well built product I'll stick with them. HTC phones haven't disappointed me yet.

  • Adam

    I loved my G1 and when the G2 came along it was the perfect upgrade. If HTC makes a G3 I'll get that too.

  • Iain

    I can tell you who it won't be, Sony Ericsson, because of the contempt they have for existing owners.

  • Nathan

    whoever makes the nexus 3. LG or HTC. Honestly don't care which as long as it looks similar to the N1 and NS. as in a nice smooth curvy design. instead of a block phone like both of them have been making lately.

  • Alvin

    HTC for the next one. Build quality is good and unlocked boot is a very good bonus. I like the idea of an easily self managed phone upgrade!

  • iPeck

    As a proud owner of a nexus one, i think htc makes rock solid phones. Ill go back with 'em when i change my device.

  • Snail

    if its not a nexus, im not interested

    • jason

      ditto. nexus/google should have been an option.

  • RandyN

    Currently own a Samsung Vibrant, therefore my next phone will be an HTC (enough said).

  • Tiger

    For me its between Moto and HTC

    the most important for me is call quality

    and the quality on the galaxy series is really poor IMO

  • PezLee

    What really matters is who supports the phone after I root it and get off the limits the overlay of choice set on it. That is why I like the Vibrant so much, great devs and support community with a phone that was so much more capable than Samsung ever let it be.

  • Paul

    Traditionally I've owned HTC, I had the N1 and the G2. Wife had a Motorola Cliq, hated it, got her an HTC MT3G Slide and she loved it. She just upgraded to a HTC HD2 flashed to Android and she likes it as well. But the boss owns a Nexus 2, and damn if that display don't look nice and that device ain't thin. The Galaxy S II is supposed to be as thin with better specs and a better display. I think I'm going to end up jumping to Samsung next. My answer was, I'll go where the specs go. I believe the Galaxy S II will be hugely popular, and if it is, so will the support in the hacking community which means custom ROM's.

    • MikeJwF

      Wait did you say you flashed a W7 phone over to an android OS?

      • Analog Spirit

        The HTC HD2 was a Windows Mobile 6.5 device (not WP7), and yes, it's entirely possible to flash Android onto it. People have been doing it successfully for about a year now (I think). Some hackers were trying to put WP7 on it as well, but I don't know if they ever succeeded, as I haven't kept track of it lately. You can find out all about it at XDA Developers. They have a vast wealth of information on customizing HD2s. When I had my HD2, I was seriously considering doing just that, as I loved the hardware but the software was just not cutting it for me. But then I decided that I didn't want to have to hack my phone just to get it to do what I wanted it to do, and I didn't want to risk bricking it either (and also voiding my warranty). So I took it back and exchanged it for a Samsung Vibrant (and ended up taking it back too, due to its own issues). But if you're into flashing custom ROMs and all that, the HD2 is known for being a good platform for it; a test bed for custom software, if you like. I hope this helps... PEACE

  • Richard Yarrell

    There's no question as to where my desire is. I am a current evo 4g owner and will continue with my Evo 3d when that launches. HTC as well SPRINT has been doing big things for a long time now and I'm that will continue and I will gladly remain in that camp. Especially with Google joining forces with sprint that only means the third carrier in the US is the best carrier end of story here.

  • Mike

    Manufacturer isn't necessarily important to me, I do really like my HTC Incredible though. I definitely want to be able to root/ROM as I see fit. CPU/RAM will be important. Overall size (dont like the huge phones). Also, I really want to see ANT+ on my next phone.

  • David

    I am on my third HTC (Touch Pro, then Hero, now EVO). As long as they make phones that are unlockable (important distinction from locked/unlocked) and are near cutting edge, how could I not?

  • eTiMaGo

    Not planning to upgrade for a while (probably when ICS becomes common), so gonna have to wait and see what's on the meat market at that point in time.

  • Scott

    I wish I could say HTC, but I'm not buying another one of their phones unless they significantly increase the internal storage capacity. Apps are just going to keep getting larger, and the 16GB available in the Galaxy S2 makes the 1-1.5GB in most new HTC phones look pretty ridiculous.

    • Noel

      Totally agree 1000% on the internal memory issue with HTC. Look at a superb device like the Sensation...absolutely no reason why it shouldn't have 16 or 32Gb internal memory and at least 1Gb of Ram. That has got to change else they risk making die hard HTC fans start looking else where. I say if selected to make the N3... which i think it is imperative that they are selected, this issue must be addressed.

  • Cliff

    It’s Samsung for me. I like HTC phones, especially my Nexus one, but I don’t like the fact that every time someone buys an Android phone from HTC, Microsoft gets $5 for an Android licensing fee. Microsoft has already been paid over $150 Million by HTC for their Android licensing fee, which is total BS. Sorry HTC, if I wanted to give money to Microsoft for an OS, I would by a WP7. As far as I know, Samsung does not have this same licensing agreement with Microsoft, so I will be giving my money to them instead.

    • Mike

      @ Cliff - I respect that you can have your own opinion, but that's just a ridiculous way to think!

      • cliffy

        For one thing, Microsoft had ABSOLUTELY no hand in creating Android, but wants to get paid like they did. Instead of creating a better OS than the competition, they decided to patent troll with Nokia to try to marginalize Android to make it less appealing to device manufacturers. Microsoft simply asserted that Android infringes on five of their (very obscure patents) and began suing device manufacturers and demanding licensing fees. Microsoft has not proven that Android infringes on their obscure patents, and my guess is that when Microsoft approached HTC, HTC found it more economical to just pay the licensing fees than to try and battle it out with Microsoft. Therefore, I do not wish to support Microsoft's underhanded and patent trolling tactics to try and marginalize the Android OS. How is this a ridiculous way of thinking?
        - For more information on this subject, look up the Barnes and Noble lawsuit with Microsoft on this very same issue.

        • Mike

          I completely agree that MS doesn't deserve the $ they are getting and that it's horrid what they're doing. However, I just don't see how that should affect your decision to purchase an HTC product. You're not hurting MS by not buying HTC and you're not supporting HTC whom you feel has a quality product worth your money. in short, you're worrying about something you have no control over and your stance has no effect on MS...that's ridiculous in my book. I really don't mean to offend you, I just don't agree with you.

        • Bigtex

          That's part of it. The other part is that others also sued HTC. Microsoft talked to HTC about doing WP7 phones, and assisting with their patents to help quash the lawsuit.

        • Cliff

          Don’t worry bro, you’ve not offended me. I understand your position on this, but I disagree with your conclusion. You are correct that my “boycott” (for lack of a better term) of HTC because of the patent trolling will do nothing financially to Microsoft (not getting $150 Million from HTC for Android licensing certainly would not break the bank for Microsoft). However, like many things in the realm of consumerism, it comes down to principal. Many people choose to boycott Wal-Mart for various reasons, or choose not to watch a movie by a particular actor or director because they think their ideology is wrong. For whatever reason, people choose not to buy products based on their principals, often times knowing that it will probably do little to nothing, and this is the same thing that I’m doing: I find it downright despicable what Microsoft has done and is doing, and will do what I can to let them know that. While I disagree with you that I have no control over this issue, I do admit that I have a minimal amount of control. Be that as it may, I am choosing to exercise this minuscule amount of control based on principal. Who knows, maybe HTC will listen like they did with the bootloader thing.

  • L boogie

    Tough call considering the upcoming choices looming.... I'm currently using incredible 1 CM7 running 2.3.4. With that said, on Vzw it's gonna be Galaxy S 2 or Bionic or if Htc can come up with a variant of evo 3d or sensation. If I bail to sprint, Evo 3D or t-mobile, Sensation or Hercules

  • jeremy

    Lucky manufacture that makes the new nexus

  • Chris

    Very likely HTC. Assuming they hold true with their promise of unlocked bootloaders, that takes a lot of mystery out of an early-adopter purchase since I know an HTC phone will be unlockable before I buy it, and with HTC's brand strength, will get a large community of developers working for it.

    The next Nexus phone would be nice, since I have an N1 now, but I had problems with the Nexus S' design features so I'm holding out for more information.

    If HTC unlocks the Sensation, as they promised they'd unlock the EVO 3D, that'll probably be my next phone unless the Nexus 3 is announcing within the next few months. The Sensation is all but certain to get CM support, which means I can get a close-to-stock Android experience on any phone that's supported.

  • jimmy p

    I love Samsungs super amoled plus but HTC's phone are just built so much better... i'll be sticking with them after i decide to get rid of my N1. Do you not wanna make me a nice phone with a samoled plus screen HTC? :P

  • Mike

    the one with an unlocked bootloader

  • Epsilon

    I have HTC Desire and I love it. I won't be changing for another year or two.

    I will probably buy Samsung Galaxy 10.1 when it comes out

  • nick

    I'm a long time motorola fan, but I gotta give it up to htc for unlocking bootloaders. I wish moto would follow suit.

  • Peter

    I'd prefer HTC but the two most important things that trump brand is AT&T compatibility and a physical keyboard. I will not buy another phone without a physical keyboard. If two AT&T compatible phones with physical keyboards are released and otherwise are similar, I'd probably choose the HTC.
    For anything modern, HTC is the only one who makes one (Desire Z) and that is what I have. Before that I had a Nexus One (no physical keyboard so I couldn't stand it after a couple of months) and before that I had a Motorola Milestone because it was AT&T compatible and had a physical keyboard. Severe lack of RAM in that.

  • Chopper Joe

    I have an EVO, love it, and EVO 3D would be a "slam dunk" except (a) I couldn't care less about 3D and would prefer one decent camera to two mediocre cameras and (b) I don't want to get caught up in love/hate fests rather than objective evaluation.

    Samsung is doing a lot of innovation and the spec sheets are impressive, but I'd like to hear from Samsung owners about how happy they are with Samsung phones especially after they've had them for awhile.

    I'm trying to be open minded but, from my experience, I have a very negative view of Samsung products. I own a Samsung Blu-ray player that is a piece of crap despite "cool features" and two kids who bought top-of-the-line Samsung's (one Sprint, one T-Mobile) and both had to get replacements due to hardware failures. Is there any indication that Samsung is addressing quality control?

  • http://fc1032.blogspot.com Brian

    First priority for me is a Nexus phone :)

    But by brand: Samsung just for the AMOLED screen.

    If I'm going to go to LCD, I'd get a sharp!

  • John J

    Asus, simply because my next device purchase will be a Transformer.

  • Vaz

    Not sure yet, I have had a Motorola Droid and loved it, currently have Thunderbolt and like the phone but HATE Sense with a passion, I know I can just install another launcher to get hide it but I just wish they would allow it to be turned off. They used to allow you to select the default launcher and set it to stock or Sense but for some reason that is no longer an option. Haven't used a blurry phone yet, but getting a bit discouraged that in order to get a stock launcher on Verizon that I will probably have to root, not that I have anything against rooting, I just don't think I should HAVE to do it to get to the stock launcher. If Sprint TMo and At&T weren't all horrendous in my area I would seriuosly consider switching and getting the currrent Nexus phone at the end of my contract.

  • Mark

    Looking at the features or specs. My two Android phones have been HTC so far so I have more favor with them. If any other manufacturer can bring something better to T-Mo, I will definitely lean to them.

  • James

    Given Motorola non-US owners still have no date for the honeycomb 3.1 update and Motorola have given no dates the get the SD card working I know one vendor I won't use again.
    Likely my next phone will be Galaxy S2 (jumping from iPhone)

  • Analog Spirit

    Well, if I go back to Android (which seems increasingly likely at this point), I'll just bide my time and wait til Ice Cream Sandwich is released, and see what devices will be out by then. I want to at least see the Samsung Galaxy S2, the next Nexus, and several HTC devices before I make my decision as to which OS and manufacturer to go with when I upgrade. So far my favorite new phone is the Galaxy S2, but we'll see. I'm in no hurry to blow all that money on it right now.

  • ErOR

    HTC won't be locking bootloader anymore so I'm back on board with them. Hopefully something beastly next year.

  • Noel

    Note to Google...take a look at this poll and there u have it...hands down HTC should be making the new Nexus. Hopefull a device with a Sensation like curved edges...Dual core or Quad core chips if available...make it close to a world phone with multi radios 3G/HSPA+/LTE...Super Amoled plus displays, hope Google can put in a word so Samsung can sell some of those to HTC, if not the new Toshiba displays...this time more Ram 1.5 to 2Gb, more internal memory 16/32Gb...a bigger battery 1800+ mAh...a 12 or 16 Mpx cam those are available in the market now. This phone should blow the minds of those who had doubts of the power of Nexus.

  • RyuKen

    Just wanted to mention that recent tests on Gingerbread 2.3.3 is vulnerable to attack when using Google Sync, Picasa, etc. Does any one know if Sprint or HTC will use Gingerbread 2.3.4 (which fixes this bug) in the new EVO 3D? This would be better or else clients would have to update the version. Please help if u could give feedback on this matter.

  • Andrew / Des Moines

    Once you go AMOLED, you never go back. I assume Sammy has some patent and/or manufacturing advantages here, but it is so superior -- and with an upgrade coming in September -- I intend to have a Galaxy S II.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fortknox3 Terrance Knox

    Moto RAZR Nexus! HTC never fixed the problem with OG Nexus, Samsung needs to fix the radio and speaker on the GN.