In typical speedy fashion, the official Gingerbread update for the Motorola Droid X has already been rooted and mirrored for mass consumption. Two versions are available, as is usual for releases of this nature: odexed and deodexed. The instructions aren't exactly simple, and you have to know what ROM and version you're currently running in order to properly update (then again, chances are that if you're rooted and ROMed in the first place, you probably already know those details).

To download, head on over to MyDroidWorld and follow the steps appropriate for you. As always, be careful and make sure you're following the proper instructions before flashing, lest you end up with an expensive paperweight.

[Source: MyDroidWorld via @P3Droid]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • scott

    I just want the ota update... is there a link for that?

  • Kevin

    Yes, a link to non-rooted .596 update would be appreciated.

    • Techie 77

      The OTA non rooted is at the source link guys... the very last part of the original post has download links for the update.zip. Worked like a charm..

      • grayson russell

        Where to download non rooted 5965 update

        • http://qwer qwer

          android 2.3.3 ginberbreab

  • Tom

    Yea. Where is the original OTA update

  • RockinEvo

    That's good for the X users out there I have it on both my Evo n hero

  • Darren

    So rooted DX 2.2 users won't get the OTA Gingerbread update? I did get the OTA Froyo update while rooted.

  • mowky

    ota is available as of 12:24 am. just got it outside of pittsburgh!

  • Just Toon

    got mines! so happy :^)

    oh && my dx is flashed soooo yea I'm pretty sure for those who're flashed will get the update w/ or w/o verizon wireless service. I just had to manually do the update, no ota!

  • orlando

    I updated my DROID X a few days ago and I wish I never did. This update sucks. My phone is much slower, APPS don't work as good and the grower is slow. Do not get this update!!!!!

  • Brawndo

    This update killed my battery life, i would not recommend this update to anyone.

    • travelingal

      I have the same problem. Wish now I hadn't updated.

  • Mrlonely82

    my phone sucks after I did the update (droid x ) I had to reset lost all my contacts and play list