UPDATE: According to Droid Life, the update should start tonight, but it may just be a "soak test", for users that signed up via Motorola's support forums. That's not entirely confirmed at this point, so if you happen to get the update, drop us a line.

A couple of notes from Motorola about the update:

  • The update will be pushed late tonight. If you go to bed, it should be waiting for you in the morning. West Coast members and night owls may be up to see it.
  • It’s a good idea to keep your phone charged if possible and plugged in overnight. You don’t have to keep it on, but you can.
  • If you are rooted, you must flash back to the standard Droid X software to receive the update. (Even then we can’t guarantee the update will work.)

The mention of root access is quite interesting here, especially the "even then we can't guarantee the update will work" bit. We'll keep you posted as more information comes around.

---Original article follows:

There you go, Droid X owners - we finally have an official date for the Droid X Gingerbread OTA (well, the beginning of it, anyway). According to Android Central, the first wave of the OTA update should begin rolling out this Friday (May 27).

2011-05-25 10h42_55

This much anticipated update will not only bring Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to the Droid X, but also a new download manager, an updated app manager, a finer-tuned multi-touch keyboard, updated MotoBlur (GingerBlur), app grouping, updated calendar, a fix for Exchange Active Sync (calendar and email), and improved battery life, according the official changelog.

2011-05-25 10h43_22

Keep it locked here on Friday, because as soon as we get confirmation that the update is indeed rolling out, we'll make sure to grab a copy of the file so you can manually update.


Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.androidvideoreview.net Sherwinator

    Finally! Hopefully, VZW doesn't surprise us with even more bloatware than we already expect!

    • JayMonster

      I was thinking the dame same thing, but considering how much bloatware VZW has stuffed on the Charge and Thunderbolt, you can bet that at least a couple of "VZApps" wil find their way in with this release. Ironically, that wil probably be the big difference between the last leak and the official release.

  • Chris

    If the DX2 isn't included, I'm returning mine.

  • portnoyd

    Finally. Hopefully we'll see a root method by the end of the weekend. :P

  • Rick Morayniss

    As a Bell Canada Atrix user, I feel like a red headed step child. I get no love.

  • Motoxer

    Damn! I rooted to have free mobile wifi hotspot. This sucks!!! Someone needs to come out with a quick one click root option like Z4root for DX, now that this update is coming and do it quick!

    • Codexx

      Out of curiosity: What app are you using to get the mobile hotspot service for free? I've been looking for a good one and I can't find anything that doesn't look like a cheap gimmick.

    • JayMonster

      And yet people continue to wonder "why" VZW wants manufacturer's to lock down their phones. SMH

      • Juice

        Locking a bootloader doesn't eliminate the possibility of rooting a device, it just prevents the user from flashing custom files onto the rom. Every phone with a locked bootloader has been rooted.

  • scott

    Nothing yet here in florida... anybody else getting it yet?

  • Rick

    Nothing in Chicago as of 11:00am.

  • Robert Evan

    Nothing in Denver as of 10:30AM mountain time.

  • Andrew Seabrook

    nothing in dc as of 12:40pm EST

  • Foglock

    there is an app called gingerbreak that should be able to root this version. It has rooted other GingerBread versions on the droid X so it should root this version as well.

    • Cameron Summerson

      Gingerbreak will NOT work on the OTA update for DX, as the exploit has been patched.

      At this point, there is no known way to root it after the update.

  • HEAT

    Nothing as of 1:15pm in Rochester, NY

  • PiP

    I was able to find and download a .zip called maderstck340

  • f3hunter

    LA SoCal-Nothing yet 5:30PM

  • Rnmackrn

    Nothing in South Carolina as of 10 PM

  • http://www.kungfudrafter.com Curt Moreno

    Nothing going on here in Houston yet. 10:20pm

    Thanks for nothing Verizon. Again.

  • Randy

    Nothing yet, So Cal 1 AM.

  • Brettski

    Been eagerly waiting like a child for his presents on Christmas morning. Only to waken and try an update system and nothing happens! WTF!!!!

  • Doctor Drizzle

    Nothing yet here in Northern Michigan

  • Jughead

    Nothing yet in Jersey 3 pm. Has anyone been confirmed to have gotten this update yet?

    • JayMonster

      Yes, but it appears to be very limited thus far, and Motorola did say that the" pull" wouldn't be available to start until June 1. It stems that people who signed up for the " soak" are the one s getting it first, i guess as a sorry of test before it rolls to everyone.

  • Rotten BoBo

    Nothing here in Sc as of 6:22 PM. Some of the sites have been saying that members of the VZW forums would be the ones getting the soak test first, then suppose to be sending them out in waves thereafter, sometime on June 1st we should get it, I'm hoping before. Keep in mind, those that are rooted, I've been told the update won't work since its OTA update. And Fyi, gingerbreak won't work either since it's been patched.

  • Tjsulz

    Just checked for updates and it's finally here!!! DLing now!!! -Cedar Rapids, Ia

  • orlando