Evil verizon

Update: Verizon has reneged on their previous tweet - unlocked HTC devices will be able to be activated on Verizon's network. Huzzah.


HTC may have switched to the good side, but that doesn't mean the Legion of Doom is finished. Far from it, in fact, as Verizon has taken the wrong a stance on the issue of locked bootloaders.

2011-05-27 12h52_26

Admittedly, this may be a huge misunderstanding; perhaps the Verizon rep hasn't heard the big news about HTC yet, or the carrier simply hasn't had time to properly respond.

But if it is accurate... well, HTC and Verizon have a highly successful partnership with each other - so where does this leave things? Tough to say at this point. Will one party budge? It's going to be difficult for HTC to move back on its word now, especially with the huge outpouring of support in the wake of their recent decision. Or will they come to some sort of middle ground? At this point, only time will tell.

[Source: @VZWSupport]

Aaron Gingrich
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    Awesome logooo!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Not mine, found it on Google Images tbh =X

  • Chahk

    Verizon has absolutely no reason to "budge" on anything. It's not like they have any real competition to force them to be competitive. They can stifle innovation and still sit back and rake in money hand-over-fist.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      ... You've heard of AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, right?

      • Chahk

        You mean AT&T&T and that other one that's so far behind the other two that it's not even funny?

        Besides, other carriers have just as much incentive to innovate as Verizon.

  • Jim

    Heh...saw this coming a mile away

  • Matt Demers

    I don't think HTC would have made their announcement without considering if their phones would play nice or not. This is probably a misunderstanding.

  • ryan

    Well, verizon, you're not the only game in town.

  • NattyBee

    We could all just follow HTC to wherever the unlocked devices go...with our newfound loyalty, they'll have the financial support to vompete with VZW. We need to exercise our rights and flex upon the power of the consumer in this fight, or we will lose. This is a crucial point in the war against consumer freedom & rights...we back down now and we might as well just hang our hats forever. Speak up and let Verizon know where we stand, and that we will stand, and we will win.

  • Kevin

    It almost looks as if the rep doesn't even know what an unlocked bootloader is. After all, the Samsung and LG android phones don't exactly have locked bootloaders.

    • Telanis

      Yep, the rep is just stupid. The HTC news is irrelevant, Verizon ALREADY has phones with unlocked bootloaders.

  • Rob

    They have issued a correction.

  • brian
    • David Ruddock

      fixed. Thanks for pointing that out, guys.

  • Yo-Yo Ma

    If this becomes the case, I will pay the ETF and leave VZW instantly. No joke. Their network is great, but I'm really, really tired of their bullshit.

    Example 1: Back when the RAZR was all the rage, I bought the V3m RAZR from VZW and excitedly rushed home to begin flashing it and loading all manner of softwares. But VZW took it upon themselves to lock the phone down with BREW. Awesome. Millions of other RAZR owners on every other carrier were having a field day with the phone, but not me. Stuck with it for 2 years.

    Example 2: In 2008 I bought a voyager. The Voyager was SO terrible on the internet/multimedia that I suspended services and used it as a voice only phone only a month after I bought it. Big regret, but VZW really had no great phones at the time so I lived with it.

    This past June, I upgraded me and the fiance to DINC's. Amazing phones. The upgrade consisted of paying $200 each for the phones and upgrading the lines to include unlimited texting and data. This ran about $40 more per line than I was previously paying. I also signed a 2 year contract. So, they got $400 out of me for the phones, and $142 out of me a month for service for 2 years.

    Fast forward to my first bill after the upgrade. There is a $100 charge for "data services". Basically 50mb at $1.99 a mb. I called VZW and they said the overages occurred the day I upgraded the phones to the DINCs. The problem was I did not ever use data on the Voyager (well, not for the 23 months prior to that). And after I had the DINC, I had unlimited data. I said there must be a mistake and asked if they could waive it seeing as how there were a lot of account changes that day and that the salesman might have accidently used data on the phone when he took it in the back to change over the contacts and all. Simply put, I was a customer of 6 years, I just dropped a shit-ton of money on phones and plans, and I was locked in for 2 years, but they were not willing to excuse these (false) data charges?!?

    I was so angry, I almost paid the ETF's right there and left, but I didn't as it would have cost me $600. But since then, VZW has been on my list. I will not be renewing. The fact that their coverage is good and they now have great phones and unlimited data is the only thing that keeps me here. If they get rid of those (which they are fixing too with data caps and now this article), I'm out.

    Sorry for the rambling rant, I'm just worked up now and had to vent. :)

  • JayMonster

    If VZW just stuck to their plans of being an "open" carrier, there would be no chance of this sort of mistake being made. Just goes to show how full of it they were back then.


  • jbonics

    6 mo. Left on my contract and I couldn't be happier. Tampa has the worst Verizon network. Slow hardware releases, missed texts, calls.

  • L boogie

    So where's the dual-core, 4G/lte phones at, vzw? You already have ridiculous prices, at least lets have some unlocked evo 3d/ sensation-like beasts to play with.