Last night HTC announced that future devices would come with unlocked bootloaders via its Facebook page. Naturally, one of the first questions to arise from the community was "what about the EVO 3D?" To get an answer to that question, many users went straight to the source: HTC CEO Peter Chou. Here are a couple of the responses that we've seen:



So there you have it, directly from the horses' mouth - the EVO 3D will have an unlocked bootloader, although we're not entirely sure if it will ship that way or come via an OTA update later.

UPDATE: We've contacted Peter Chou about the status of the Sensation bootloader and will update if we hear something back.

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Cameron Summerson
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  • Richard Yarrell

    Truthfully none of this bootloader nonsense meant anything to millions of true HTC customers to much is being made of this. HTC has placed android on the map and has been dedicate to producing the best device from day one. I purchased my evo 4g from day one June 4th 2010 and its still stock and running just like day one. I will be receiving my evo 3d on day one as well and that device also will remain stock. HTC devices do not need to be ROOTED they come with everything any person would need.

    • Anon

      and a lot of junk we don't need..

      • bill eastman

        Except for what Sprint disables and charge $30 per month for

      • Richard Yarrell

        Then just don't buy HTC simple as that. Don't be the person that pays there money for something then at the same time trim around and complain you can't have it both ways

        • The Doctor

          If you root, you absolutely can have it both ways. That's entirely the point.

    • Genjinaro

      It meant something to the customers that matter, the customers who knew what HTC was before HTC was allowed to place their brand on the phone, the customers who know how to enhance battery life & performance, the customers who will keep your phone up to date, the customers who can make the most out of your investment when the carrier decides to stop supporting your phone. It meant something enough to get the CEO involved. Need I go on?
      See kids, this is why don't smoke carrier loaded bloatware or accept locked items from corporations that should be sold, open.
      Don't be like Richard.

      • Richard Yarrell

        You can't be serious...

      • Richard Yarrell

        Your choice is your choice be happy for yourself. Don't make it seem like your world is the world everyone lives in because It's not your group is small and will never be bigger than the platform. Be glad android is open I guess it gives you something to do now doesn't it.

        • Kelli Smith

          You're a major douche dude!!! You're just jealous you can't do shit "our world" can!!! Stop trollin man!!!! I'm girl and probably know WAAAAYYYYYY MORE about this stuff than you!!!

    • squiddy20

      While true that the bootloader issue meant nothing to the average user (yourself), there are many other people who are not "typical" users. These "atypical" people want to make their device the best it can be. Faster processor, more internal storage space, less bloatware, and total control of the system is what makes our phones better than stock. While the Evo 4G and the Evo 3D are pretty good as is, they could be better. A lot of innovation (that you obviously don't know about) comes from the hacking community. I'm pretty sure it was the hacking community that first brought apps2sd to Android. Since then, it's become standard since 2.2.

      • Richard Yarrell

        In the real world people don't keep phones for the 2year length of the contract people change or buy new way before 2years. The hacking community would only come into play when someone has a device that is old or that person may not want to purchase or simply can't afford a new device before 2years. That does not apply to millions of people simply said I buy new every year and millions do the same. Different strokes for different folks

        • asadullahibnrob

          You obviously never heard the phrase don't knock it till you try it. I bought a sprint hero when it first came out just cuz it could be rooted. I buy a new phone every year sometimes six months depending on what's out for my carrier.
          One thing that all phones have is bloatware for me it's sprint football and other apps that hog memory or kill the battery. root enables you to remove those apps. My girl has a metro lg optimus and 2 apps on there killed the battery life and couldn't be removed without root. Once removed her battery life increased by four hours.
          Another thing sprint hero had 2.1 on it 6 months before it was released officially. There are many reasons to root and until you try it don't knock it.

        • Kelli Smith

          Are you employed by Motorola or Apple??? LOL

    • http://beastmods.com jacob

      no one needs your opinion. cm7 for the win!!!!!

    • http://ppcgeeks.com truth 101

      you clearly have no idea how to use the device. your ignorance is your down fall richard. go buy a razr. you clearly don't belong on this device.

  • Bill Hughes

    There are a good number of people who do want them rooted. HTC does come with everything a person would want, but it also comes with a lot that people don't want and rooting is the only way to get rid of it. On another note, any phone can be rooted regardless of the boot loader. What an unlocked boot loader allows is custom kernels and such that will allow tweaking and overclocking.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Bottomline people who buy HTC buy because of what they want from the device everyone already knows what they are getting. Root is not needed

      • Andrew

        Why are you so defensive about this? What's the downside? HTC is allowing a select group of people to continue to use their devices the way they want to. This change doesn't affect the other customers, yourself included, in any way.

        I'm on my third HTC smartphone. I used custom roms on each one from day one. I have really been looking forward to the Sensation 4G, but I won't consider buying it until I know for sure that the bootloader can be unlocked.

        Rooting may not be important to you, but it is a necessity for me. Sooner or later I always find things that I want or need to do with my phones that I can't do without rooting.

  • Ryan

    I received an e-mail from Peter Chou today as well. Kinda interesting because these two and mine almost make me think that he (or someone) actually read each one and replied personally instead of sending a form letter to all.

  • http://www.theandroidvibe.com Troy

    I think it's great that HTC is being friendly with the superuser community. Android is about being open and doing what you want. The attempts to lock it down by certain carriers and manufacturers have been pathetic and irritating at best.

  • Simon Belmont

    I am really glad HTC is acquiescing here. I have been a loyal HTC fan for a while now and this reinforces that.

    I can not wait for the Sprint HTC EVO 3D to be released. It will be my next handset.

  • Danny Lewis

    I got the same reply too: http://redd.it/hli9o

    Now, what I'm wondering is how the EVO 3Ds that are already on their way to the stores are going to have their bootloaders unlocked. To me, it seems more like a hardware issue instead of a software issue. I'm not buying one until I see proof.

    • Genjinaro

      Its software related. The bootloader is a program.

  • Layla

    Now the big question is.. When will the Evo 3D be released???! I just cant wait to get this phone in my hands bootloaded or not! Im coming from ATT ( sucky service drops calls all the time) and the iphone that you cant customize or do much with. Just hope I can sync the droid to my mac and Itunes.

  • http://www.Facebook.com/armando.Saldierna armando Saldierna

    Am I the only one that found it humorous that on the bottom of the email he posted there's a confidentiality disclosure?

    • bobomb

      That's pretty much standard corporate stuff. Still funny though.

    • http://xda alchemist316

      I did to LOL also bootloder = software.
      Also if u don't root your phone the unlocked boot won't apply its personal pref fact is HTC has always been dev friendly until recent .
      Peter made the policy change based off people like me who started the fb thing I love HTC and was pissed when I and others found signed files in the shooter dump ..
      Like I said if u don't root it won't hurt to.make thousand s of loyal HTC consumers happy mainly the devs who made the EVO4g better then it was .
      Now all we have is options rom or not rom sense or aosp maybe who knows what else I see this as a win no matter how you play it ...

  • Layla

    Armondo, I saw that too!!! Hilarious!

  • slik


  • SCB1898

    Now give me the darn phone, already!!!!

  • fada_nee

    Armando, i believe that confidentiality note is auto-generated. That note is probably attached to all his emails. Whenever i send an email from my work email, there's always an attached disclosure.

  • bobomb

    And ROCK ON HTC!

  • RyuKen

    Thanks HTC, you guys are listeners and open to feedback. I already preordered thru Sprint Store. I will get the gold version of the EVO 3D. (just to let u guys know there is a gold ribbon version).

    • RyuKen

      Will do u guys like red or gold?
      Please elaborate…

      Will gold is:
      color of boullions

      Will red is:
      good luck

  • RyuKen

    Just wanted to mention that recent tests on Gingerbread 2.3.3 is vulnerable to attack when using Google Sync, Picasa, etc. Does any one know if Sprint or HTC will use Gingerbread 2.3.4 (which fixes this bug) in the new EVO 3D? This would be better or else clients would have to update the version. Please help if u could give feedback on this matter.

  • GregL

    Richard are u serious? You sound like that 70 year old that will buy a camaro and drive it stock 50mph in a 55mph zone and hate on a kid passing u with a loud and faster camaro!!! Keep ur 3d stock but please don't hate on people that actually want a bit more out of their purchase.

    • Richard Yarrell

      People are entitled to want whatever they that's your choice as well do you. Regardless of what you do millions upon millions who are HTC loyal fans purchase their products for its consistentcy and the fact that they just work and provide many things not because of the need to root. I'm pretty sure if I wanted to root my device I can give it to someone to root it for me just like everyone else does then come on these sites talking like they rooted it themselves.

      • Kelli Smith

        Do you even understand what rooting is??? Apparently not!!! Get out of our world and stay in your boring one if you don't like it!!!

      • http://ppcgeeks.com richard is a douche bag

        someone should lynch this clown

      • Threeheadedtoad

        Keeping your phone stock? Do you download apps from the market? Probably not, cause it didnt come with your phone. Do you drive a Ford Focus with a cassette deck? Probably so, cause options are for dweebs. Keep your phone stock. But next time your one friend asks "Hey, did you see this cool ___?" You can say "No, because HTC didnt sanction that for me. Mindless.... Rooting is about customizing. Nuff said. Now, I have my Evo 3D. I just want my root so I can get rid of Amazon MP3 and turn on tether. Plus, I want my TITANIUM back!!!

  • GregL

    RyuKen correct me if im wrong but from what i have read the gold maybe sold only as a GSM version of the 3d?

  • L boogie

    Fat chance in hell seeing this or sensation on vzw....to each his/ her own on whether to go root or stock, but always remember that android is about being open and having it your way though, root is android Bliss for those who know

    • Richard Yarrell

      Great for those who know or for those who pay to get there devices rooted. Regardless there are far more millions upon millions who don't choose to or need to more of us exist the true HTC fan first then android second. HTC fan meaning loving there products and understanding what there products bring to people.

      • Thebullybreeds

        LOL paying people to root? Dude you do know there are 1 click root methods. Unrevoked for HTC phones. I have a nexus s and to root it the long way is not that difficult. Set up adb go to bootloader mode, type oem unlock, then fash clock work recovery mod, and then flash super user. Bam you got root. Go check XDA many people root their own phone. And if the evo wasn't going to be able to have root access it would be dominated by the galaxy s2. Go check sensation vs gs2 and you'll see why.

      • Kelli Smith

        If there are so many of you then why are you the only one complaining about??? Riddle me that, HUH?? Cause you're a jealous douche! You deserve a freaking track phone!

  • Deveal2014

    @Richard Yarrell there is nothing wrong with rooting a phone apparently you never seen or used one before. But let me tell you its very amazing and blows stock right out the fucking water. Htc does make great devices mine has light leakage and glass lifting issues from day one so yea its excellent (sarcastic voice)But i mean i love the phone but even more so when i learned the rooting methods and the flashing and tweaking. And i dont know what real world you live in where people constantly by cell phones every 6months to a year cuz the majority of people i know keep them for two years because everyone is not into tech like that and to them theyre just phones. Also the millions and millions of people you claim dont need or want root im sorry but where are you getting these figues from lol im sure if more people knew of it and what it does they would want it. Everyone ive met with an Evo or a unrooted android phone when they see how different and amazing my rooted android device is they want it right away and im not bullsh***tn around lol. its a good thing HTC listened and unlock because they would have lost alot of money i dont care how small yall claim the DEV and hacker community is . without the hacker community I be like everyone else with froyo lol but no i running gingerbread getting 13 hrs a day with no extended battery im sorry root is required i colunt see myself without . plus all that bloatware and plus the original evo had alot of issues when it first came out it needed like four updates to be stable so dont act like it was magic right out the gates.

  • Tim

    "I’m pretty sure if I wanted to root my device I can give it to someone to root it for me just like everyone else does then come on these sites talking like they rooted it themselves." - Richard Yarrell HHAHAAHHA

    I can already tell you are not tech savvy. Most people root themselves, its a simple process. And as far as you thinking rooting a phone is bad, since when are options bad?? And the true loyal HTC fan base comes from windows Mobile phones (vogue, touch pro, etc), and the majority of those buyers did in fact "root" their phones.

    If you are buying a product, why have other companies tell you what you can and cannot do. Rooting your phone provides the user true access to the product they bought.

    And plus, can you watch Hulu on your phone? Nope. Can you play movies to your TV through the HDMI? Nope. Can you tether? Nope. Can you flash ROMs? Nope! Nice phone you got there, how about you try to unleash the full power?

  • Conner

    I'd like to see where you are getting your "millions upon millions" number from. You do know there are other manufacturers aside from HTC, right? And not just the ones that make smart phones either.

    As lots of people have already stated, rooting lets you unleash the real potential of the phone, and gets rid of both what the manufacturer and the carrier say you can or can't do.

    If that's too hard for you to comprehend, which it appears to be, take a PC for example. If PC's were sold with all this extra crap you couldn't remove and didn't allow you to customize at all, they probably wouldn't sell as well, nor be as popular.

    If we're paying for something that says it can do x, but it doesn't, then that is false advertising (IE, saying the EVO 3D has 4g of memory, when in reality it only has 1GB because of all the crap they have on it that is very misleading).

  • Conner

    Also keep in mind that whether or not the "small" community of "hackers" makes a large part of the market is irrelevant since it is them that keep the tech world going round and round. If it weren't for the people truly interested in making things better and improving how the technology performs and how it can be better we'd still be banging rocks together trying to make fire.

    You may be right that it is the average consumer of "millions upon millions" who keeps the company going, but it is the tech guy who even makes such a product in the market possible.

    • Kelli Smith

      Well said Conner!!!!!

  • Sevad

    Kinda off the subject of the bootloader but...I was just given the official response to Best Buy from Sprint: The official release date for the EVO 3D is June 24th. I asked him to prove it and he actually showed me the intracompany email circulating that said in no uncertainty the EVO 3D's release date is June 24th. Cant' wait but I gotta :(

  • Woodsy

    I have the EVO 3d for little over a year now! One word describes it!...__JUNK I have sent it in called nothing done about it! OH all under your so called warranty!! Started 3 months after I bought it! Don't worry though,I'll never buy HTC again! (Thousands more I have read) Your company is a joke! You FUCKED up! Your response is oh well OOP,S!! Just a little guy,who wants the big guys to take responsibility? Sincerely. Germain)-: