Remember the special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1 that was given to all Google I/O attendees this year? It looks like the celebrations of owning a limited edition device have come to a screeching halt, as some owners are experiencing a very specific hardware issue with the device - the front glass is starting to become detached. Earlier today Android Community posted about one particular incident, with hopes that it was a fluke - but in all actuality, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Ever since then, more and more reports have been surfacing  from users with the same issue. Have a look at a few of the images of defective devices, followed by an shot of how it should look:

up-540x299 upagain

You can clearly see the glass is raised in the corner.


This is how it should look.

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung Support isn't going to be much help, either. Take a look at this email that one Tab 10.1 owner received after inquiring about the issue:

Dear Justin,

Thank you for your inquiry. You have reached Samsung Telecommunications America. This inquiry concerns a model that is not manufactured for use here in the United States.

Unfortunately, Samsung Telecommunications America is unable to provide information, technical support, or repair services for Galaxy tablet 10.1 since this device is not yet available in United States. We do not have the knowledge base or components to provide this service.

Because this inquiry is in relation to a model manufactured for use in another country, please click here and select the appropriate country of support. This will direct you to the main website for that country’s support and provide you with a Contact Us link, located at the bottom of the page. Questions will then be directed to the proper support center for your model phone.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung.

Sincerely, Technical Support John

While it looks like the device that Artem got at I/O is still fine, this is becoming a quickly growing issue for other Tab 10.1 owners. Let's just hope that Sammy fixes this before the standard edition Tab 10.1 hits shelves.

This problem could very well be due to defective or incompletely-dried adhesive compound, which holds the glass display cover to the device. In its rush to prepare a batch of Tabs for I/O, it's possible Samsung may not have let the devices cure long enough - but that's just our speculation.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so, hit us up in the tips box or drop a line in the comments.

[Android Community]

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  • Munszu

    What did you except it's made by Samsung. After my SGS and all its failures, nothing surprieses me...

  • http://materiageek.com Felipe

    Same issue on my Galaxy Tab IO Edition. Also serious screen bleeding issues.

    This is very bad advertising for Samsung. I wouldn't buy any Samsung table at all!

  • Josh Rice

    Just checked mine and it isn't as bad as that, but the top right corner, in portrait, is loose.

    (your spam filter is a little over-aggressive. hopefully it works this time)

    I guess I need to put some more content in here. Third time is a charm?

    K, no url...

    Jesus, I'm gonna give up if this doesn't work.

    Different email?

    (Edit after success: different email worked... didn't like sendjoshspam at gmail.com )

    • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

      loool cool story bro xD i guess you were suffering to post a comment :P

  • Mgamerz

    My laptops display's glass in the middle right side comes out... I might ship it back for warranty because I kind of don't want dust under the glass.

  • Neil Phillips

    Was this person named 'John' from Tech Support in the U.S., or more likely, India?

    Of course, Tech Support would probably not have repair parts yet, but you think this person would have checked with a higher up supervisor. But, then again, maybe he did.

    Anyway, great publicity for Samsung.... NOT

  • Aaron

    I have the same issue with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 Google I/O edition.

    I actually traded mine out while I was at the conference because of this exact issue. I was hoping it was a fluke, but it showed up on my replacement. I guess that means I've seen it on 2 devices.

  • http://About.me/DarknesSx DarknesSx

    Thanks for posting i was gonna PRE-ORDER a GTAB10.1... i guess i'm waiting for HTC's 10.1 upcoming thing... after all, i'm impressed with their Bootloader policy so much that i want to brand my house with HTC Logo xDD
    (Anyone has any idea when is HTC 10.1 gonna be available for pre-orders? a reply would be super nice :D)

  • jbonics

    It's getting hot hot hot. Warped tablets for everybody

  • Dy4me

    Its not just the screen lifting from the rest of the device. A lot of owners have reported the screen cracking and breaking. looks liek it aint no gorilla glass

  • jax502

    same issue here. Also not sure if it was just me but sometimes the sound is set to mute and i could not get it to unmute.i had to power it off and power it up to get sound back.

  • Reinier666

    I am having the same issue with the 10.1V edition. The lower right corner came out.
    I returned it to reseller already.


    • http://zackeryfretty.com/ Zackery Fretty

      Remember that big "Not For Sale" sticker on the box?

      • James Frawley

        See where he posts version "10.1v"?

  • RICO

    I'm so disappointed this thing didn't have USB, HDMI or expandanble memory. I also don't like the proprietary plug, they should just have used the regular microusb.

  • SparklingCyaNide

    My 10.1 thankfully does not have this issue, Phew!!

  • Vmobil

    My 10.1v have the same issues, the screen is open from the right side, I send I picture and letter to samsung, but they noting...Now I wait for manual to open the tablet and fix it.

  • http://biloggirl.com biloggirl

    I have have issues too with my gtab 10.1. The screen is shaking just like a poor TV reception. I cant use it after my dad bought it 30 days ago in US. i am in Phl right now, and samsung support doesnt look like helping.

    • http://www.vevo.com petetandon

      biloggirl, I had the same with mine. I even had the raised edge as shown in the pictures. What you need to do is call samsung level 3 support at 1-888-614-0897 and get them to rma your device (send it in for repair).

  • mat

    i have just returned my retail one as i could feel and hear the sticky tape grabbing and releasing when i applied slight pressure to the upper rear of the white plastic back. changed it for another one but that one was even worse . i really like this tablet but cant live with the back doing that. i suppose there is a slight void between the tape and plastic back.

  • kh

    i also experience quite the same thing with my tab but it is more of a creaking noise not on the corner but on the right side of the tab which is pretty much caused by the rear cover not solidly attached to the glass screen. thankful enough the glass is not raised. but i also experienced another problem with the battery where it'll go from 70+% down to 3% in a matter of seconds. sent it to samsung's service centre this morning. hope it'll get fixed. one worrying thing is that the guy at the service centre didnt even mention that if they cannot fix it, they'll replace it. if that is the case, then samsung's policy regarding defective products cant match apple's.

  • Big Mac

    Just came across this post. I have the new 10.2 galaxy 2 and it has the same problem. Raised glass and it's sticking and losing adhesive. This is my 2nd one already, in 7 days. Both showed the problem after two days. Not a surprise, Samsung has a HORRIBLE rep. Check their lemon 42-inch TV's from a few years back. Disgraceful. Death to Samsung.

  • hi

    I too had the problem, and now my camera doesn't work for some reason