The Acer Iconia A100 - a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet [unlike the 10" A500... makes sense, right? - Aaron]- was originally slated to hit the market in late May/early June, but has been delayed until August/September due to restrictions with Honeycomb on a 7-inch, 1024*600 display. Honeycomb was designed to take advantage of 10 inch, 1280*800 displays, and according to Digitimes, Google is too busy "resolving other issues" to tend to this little debacle, so Acer had no choice but to delay the device.

The first question that comes to my mind, however, has nothing to do with Acer - but instead, HTC and the Flyer (for those who may not know, the HTC Flyer also sports a 7 inch, 1024*600 display). Several weeks ago HTC said that the Flyer would be updated to Honeycomb "shortly after launch", but if Acer can't get it to work correctly on the Iconia A100 due to restrictions within Honeycomb itself, how could HTC possibly get it to work on the Flyer? This is all clearly speculation on my behalf at this point, but it only seems logical to question.

In related news, Acer also delayed the release of the Iconia Smart phone from May until July, due to shortage of components resulting from the earthquakes in Japan.

[Digitimes via Phandroid]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Stuart

    The Flyer was never ever going to get Honeycomb, just like how the 7" Galaxy Tab was never going to get. Sense and Touchwiz on those 7" tabs are wildly different and there is no way they could seamlessly upgrade them.

    Im sorry but anyone that has bought one of these in thr hope of getting HC are sh#t out of luck.

    I want a 7" tab too and hoping these guys will up their game and just throw a 1280x800 resolution screen on it and take my monies....simples :)

    Do it

  • Shinsen


    I think this leaked ROM shows how HTC will get Honeycomb onto the Flyer: No Honeycomb UI.

  • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

    I think the problem is the resolution ratio. 1024x600 is not 16:10, it's more like 16:9.5

    This is why I think it's annoying that Google has allowed not only a lot of different resolutions (they should've picked a few) but they are also different ratios. They should at least be scalable from one to the next. For example why in the world did they allow both 800x480 and 854x480 resolutions? How does that make sense? I hope they'll think things through more for ICS, and stuff like this won't happen in the future, though I fear it might.

    For examples phones are moving to 16:9 resolutions (960x540 and 1280x720 soon), but tablets will remain 1280x800. But will they remove physical buttons in ICS for phones? If they do it, either they put them inside like for Honeycomb, which means they'll need to transition future phones to a 16:10 resolution, again screwing things up for developers, or they'll make the buttons appear on demand when you shake the phone or whatever. If they do that, will they take away the buttons from tablets as well, and make future tablets at 16:9 resolutions?

    Maybe they'll keep the buttons fixed for tablets, and make them appear on demand for phones. Then what they need to do to make them scalable is keep phones at 16:9 and keep the same 16:9 1280x720 space for apps on tablets, and use the 80 pixels for buttons(as I think they do now anyway)

  • Ken

    This is why open source was a good idea, and why Google's BS over "user experience" is just that.

    As an HTC Flyer user, I'm not interested in Honeycomb until it's open source anyway. I don't want to reward Google's BS.

  • SlimDan22