Could Samsung have learned a lesson from the Galaxy S Froyo update shenanigans? The company will be shipping their hottest new device, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, with Honeycomb 3.1 rather than 3.0. No shipping with out-of-date software here - and pretty speedy turnaround, given that Honeycomb 3.1 probably hasn't been available to manufacturers for too long. Then again, the 10.1 doesn't have TouchWiz yet and won't until after release, so there was no custom UI to slow the update.

tab101_1 tab101_2

The news comes from a post on Samsung's Facebook:

2011-05-25 08h47_54

And indeed, all official descriptions now show Honeycomb 3.1 rather than 3.0.

Artem was lucky enough to get a free limited-edition 10.1 for attending Google I/O, and came away pretty impressed after spending some time with the tablet. The 10.1 is scheduled to get on sale June 8 for $499 for the 16GB model and $599 for the 32GB model.

[Source: Samsung and Samsung's Facebook via Liliputing]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

    Samsung is doing REALLY well lately. Let's hope the 10.1v also sees this update sooner rather than later!

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Yup, they certainly know how to impress!

  • Vince

    I'll never buy a Samsung Android Device again, after I bought their first Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. They stopped updating the software 4 months after release, while the phone was still totally buggy. Maybe they got better now, but making the clients to beta testers which payed over 400€ for a buggy device and then not fixing all the bugs the user complain about, is not the nice way.
    Never ever again for me.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Unfortunately for Samsung, I think a lot of people think that way. Karma's a bitch.

      • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

        People will learn soon enough. Maybe they should have a real good look at HTC history, which consists of outright lieing to consumers about device capabilities, false advertising, locking down, failing to provide proper drivers for their hardware, and according to some, being singlehandedly responsible for the demise of Windows Mobile (most of you are probably happy with that though ;))

        • http://www.totalrevue.wordpress.com Russell Fernandez

          actually that is quite the opposite. HTC are known for having good quality handsets (on average), open hacking community and also works with them in addressing problems (although recent locked bootloaders, over the lifetime has been open and is reopened now), official updates to many phones - my hd2 has plenty of updates and actually was the driver to keeping WM alive, too bad the OS sucked which is why it met its own demise but HTC has been the main driver for Android

    • http://www.twitter.com/41LY45 41LY45

      Well, I for one got myself a Samsung Captivate (AT&T's version of the GalaxyS)

      Sure they've made HUGE mistakes by delivering the updates late, GPS fixes and what not.
      (I didn't even bother, custom ROMs FTW)

      Seeing them throwing out phones and tablets with the latest software, available source codes and most importantly unlocked bootloaders has gained my good graces for now.

      • sluggo

        My new Samsung Google Nexus phone
        had a locked bootloader and they call it a "developer's" phone. A visit to the xda forum solved that problem. I still like Samsung phones and tablets.

        • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

          The Nexus S bootloader can hardly be called properly locked. "fastboot oem unlock" is pretty much a standard. No hacks required to unlock, just a pretty standard command with your device hooked up to the PC.

          You simply ask the device to be unlocked, and it does. That's a really big difference with properly locked bootloaders like HTC's.

        • http://www.twitter.com/41LY45 41LY45

          Chainfire sums it up just right.

          tl;dr version:
          It's not "locked" if it can be unlocked easily.

      • http://www.chainfire.eu/ Chainfire

        The GPS thing is bad, true, but you can't blame Samsung for slow updates on your Captivate. The international Galaxy S variants have been rocking updates often faster than the competition, and if not that, at least not be any means "late in the game". Even the Tab 7" is running Gingerbread now!

        You Americans should start a proper telco one of these days.

        • cosmic

          Thank you! Really if people would look outside the US at the Galaxy phones they would start scratching their head a bit more on who to blame. As far as the US variants go best you can do is be happy they release their source code quickly for the international versions and leave the bootloader open=easy custom roms.

          Really expecting some nice results for wifi devices. No idiotic wireless providers to muddy updates.

  • DP

    Cant wait! I can always count on Samsung for light, stylish (sometimes odd) hardware. Love their TVS, and esp, their displays. Cannot wait to see what they do with Liquavista's electrowetting technology!

  • Grayson

    Samsung hasn't learned. The Infuse and Charge, two high end phones, just shipped with Froyo five months after Gingerbread was released. Come on.

  • liams

    Wait.. we don't know the price? I was pretty sure they announced the price when they unveiled the two tablets..

  • http://www.thedroidguy.com Droid Guy

    Samsung said at the CTIA launch event that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available on June 8th for $499 and I believe Artem actually covered that in a story in March.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Right you are. I was actually at the conference with him, I just forgot they announced pricing there =X Thanks!

  • Skillit

    Actually if you're are outside the U.S carrier subsidized phone game Samsung has been somewhat consistent with it's updates, which leads me to believe it's not all their fault.

  • Tyler

    I'm confused why you are saying that Touchwhiz won't be applied until "after" the release. Looking at your link, it notes right there in the description of the 10.1 that it has Touchwhiz.

    This is a deal breaker, as I don't want touchwhiz, so I'm curious to know if it will have it or it won't.

    Why mess with stock Honeycomb 3.1? Skins?? Gross!

  • RICO

    I'm so disappointed this thing didn't have USB, HDMI or expandanble memory. I also don't like the proprietary plug, they should just have used the regular microusb.