Last Updated: June 1st, 2011

Update: If you've somehow inexplicably ended up at this article, please note, HTC has since announced the 3D will be unlocked (at some point) and their future policy is to have unlocked bootloaders on all devices.

It seems HTC has finally caved to what are likely the security demands of wireless carriers with its newest phones, and is locking down its handsets Moto-style. Latest case in point: the EVO 3D - which sports the same sort of security we found on the Sensation earlier this month. In other words, good luck cracking into this thing.

Before we get any further, there seems to be some confusion on what exactly is "locked down." Let's clear that up: the bootloader image itself is not encrypted. No one uses encrypted bootloaders. HTC, like Motorola, is utilizing cryptographically signed bootloader, recovery, and kernel images. Our own Justin Case has personally confirmed this:


What does that mean? It means every time your sexy new EVO 3D boots up, it runs a check against the signatures (basically, an authentication key) of the bootloader, recovery, and kernel images on your phone. If the signature of any one of those, once decrypted, does not match the internal, read-only memory stored value, your phone will refuse to boot. The only way to remedy this is to flash back to the stock image.

This stands in opposition to phones with bootloaders and other images that are merely signed - meaning they can be spoofed by essentially "tricking" the phone into believing it's running an image with the proper signature (since the unencrypted signature can be duplicated if a full RUU image of the device is available.) Even easier are devices that can actually be unlocked, turning off signature checks completely (ala Nexus One, Nexus S, XOOM, etc.) Please note, I'm not a programmer, and am definitely butchering the niceties of what's going on here

Cryptographically signed images are essentially, from a practical perspective, un-crackable (they use 256 bit encryption.) They're why the DROID 2 and DROID X remain un-cracked (except through sidestepping, roundabout methods) to this day. They generally require developers to find some sort of known exploit, old engineering image of the phone, or other indirect hackery that doesn't actually defeat the encryption, but merely circumvents it. After the debacle with the Thunderbolt's unlocking, which was caused by a leak of an old engineering image (thus avoiding the whole problem with encrypted signatures), HTC is probably keeping a very close eye on any internal software (and leaks thereof) that might allow a user to circumvent its beefed up security.

In short: custom ROMs, kernels, and recoveries (like ClockworkMod) may never come to the EVO 3D, barring some kind of epic HTC screw-up.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://evert.meulie.net/ Evert

    Crossing my fingers for 'epic HTC screw-up'. If Sony, Microsoft and all the other biggies can do it, so can HTC! ;-)

  • http://www.ericcamil.com Eric

    Have an EVO 4g, excited about the EVO 3D (except the 3d part -- figured I'd be able to turn off that battery wasting option) but now, I won't be pre-ordering.

  • Jay

    There goes my upgrade plans, I'll just keep my EVO 4G for now or wait for the GS2 (hopefully without a physical keyboard) to come to sprint.

  • Jim

    Welp, next phone.

    thanks AP

    • Chris

      Yep. Its a shame too, looked like a great phone.

  • JOHN A


  • ben dover

    This is the reason why I'm not buying HTC anymore.

    alienating your biggest fans isn't a smart move.

    They have officially lost my business.

    SGS2 here I come!

    • No, you ben dover

      The customers they lose from this won't even be a fraction of a percent of their overall sales.

  • Fabian

    Well HTC, continue like this and your community will be gone in no time.

    Great idea!

  • http://www.anivision.org Xcom923

    I have the Evo 4G and I think I'll pass on the Evo 3D this time around (since I'm still locked in a contract) but if there is an evo with tegra 3 next year I'm jumping on that.

  • th

    Not upgrading now, that's for sure! I have an upgrade June 1st (anniversary of my Evo) but ill wait until this all gets figured out.

  • Tonedabone

    Pretty sure this killed my urge to get the 3D. hoping for the SGSII or Nexus III, or even maybe the Atrix styled phone I read coming up.

    • PM

      The Atrix is locked down too. At least the ATT version is.

  • tarman

    Imagine if no one bought these locked down phones and everyone started switching to generic flip phones. Carriers may start taking the hint and allowing the rooting and customizing of said phones. I don't pay VZW for pre-loaded apps, I pay them for the reliable network they have. I also don't like having to use a 3rd party app to tether for the $30/mo unlimited data I get now.

  • http://donothaveone.com Ben

    I second the HTC screw up. But just a word to HTC this is BS these phone are paid for by us to use the way we see fit. The hole reason behind Android is to be open. That is why Google post the ASOP for all to use. Sure the custom Roms may not be official but if that is what we want to do then it is on us. There is still a chance that someone will get around this. This lock down probably comes from the Carrier. I don't want your bloatware if I did then I would install it myself so quite forcing it down my throat. To carriers if you want to block us from using wireless tethering then just charge us for our use of your network, oh wait you already do. We pay for a certain amount bandwidth each month and we should be able to use it by any means. If we go over charge us more. Sprint is the only one with unlimited but even it has limits. I pay the extra $10 for the 4g unlimited so I should be able to use it. Yes I have a Evo 4g and yes it is rooted. I have used the wireless tethering only once just to see if it worked. I never come close to going over 5GB on 3g and I have a shared plan. I WILL NOT BE GETTING THE HTC EVO 3D, I was planning on it but now I will wait to see what new and powerful phone come from Samsung as they are the only one left not locking their phones

  • Adam

    What is their reasoning for locking the bootloader? It seems like all negatives as far as customer experience goes.

    • Kane

      People don't install custom ROMs -> customer support doesn't have to deal with situations they're not trained for (less headache) -> HTC/Sprint pays less money to them.

  • M0sis

    Yea. I had even done the pre-order at Best Buy. Wouldn't touch this thing now... Not sure what new feature they think they included that would make someone think that this is acceptable.

  • Jaz

    This really sucks. There goes my loyalty to htc. I will stick with my evo for as long as i can or until the samsung galaxy 2. I was really looking forward to the evo3d. Oh well. Htc has just screwed themselves. htc customers are not iphone customers. We want a phone that is not locked down and will switch to a company that doesn't lock their phones.

  • John

    Next year we all will be talking about that company who had gained so much in so little of a time and lost it all in a matter of months, HTC this is not being innovative at all, your turning into motorola, Nobody wants a locked down motorola nor are they gonna want a locked down htc phone, sorry but I will wait to see what samsung is going to do!

  • Greg

    HTC, I've owned 4 HTC phones. Loved them all including the best of the bunch EVO. But obviously you no longer want me as a customer, and prefer a I be a Samsung customer???

    Locking down the EVO 3D is such a sad mistake. Now I have to wait for the Galaxy S 2...hopefully not forever.

  • Joshua

    I was set to buy this, had my money in hand but I will definitely not be buying it now.

  • HK

    Even though it is cryptographically signed, can we theoretically brute force it? I'm sure all android fans want to keep this open and would donate computing power towards this cause

    • http://donothaveone.com Ben

      With it being signed by a 256 bit key it still would take a long time to crack. So by the time the key is crack no one would have that phone.

    • Jaz

      They say you will at least be able to install wireless tether on it but thats what I did originally on the evo. Then I got tired of all the bloatware and finally installed a custom rom. Got better battery life and faster and smoother phone. In the end custom roms should be allowed to give customers variety. If it wasnt for custom roms I would have never kept my tp2 as long as I did. At this point custom roms help companies gain and KEEP customers. I myself will give samsung a chance if the bootloader issue for htc turns out to be just like motorola.

  • JirafaBo

    Good job HTC. First you removed the kickstand, now you remove the hackability. Let's take everything that was loved about the Evo, and ruin it.

    All I do is hype HTC phones to anyone I talk to, but that will change now.

  • Edd

    Bye HTC! I've bought you faithfully for years... Wow, now I'm worried about switching brands. Any recommendations? I guess Samsung are looking next-best

  • wburbage

    Well now this sucks! I have faith in the hacker community. It might take some time but I have faith.

  • Gogol

    HTC won't care.

    People like us, who want custom ROM, they are only 1% from the total buyers.

    • Frank

      Ah - but we SET the trends - we advise the other 99% ... we are the sophisticated consumers, the early adopters... AND the ones that setup family plans (and purchase 5 lines and 5 evos) ... we are the true technophiles... we are free advertising... we induce g33k /gadget lust... we should be sponsored by HTC - not hobbled.

      • Greg

        I'd like this if I could, because it's so true! You think I'm going to recommend HTC devices to my family and friends now? If I get a Samsung and like it...that's what I'll recommend.

      • Davidus

        Run-on sentence of truth.

      • Davidus

        Run-on...sentence, of: truth.

        • Frank

          haha... mea culpa. :)

    • David

      Yes, but the 1% is the one that recommends phones to average Joe.

      Good bye, HTC!

  • Daniel Greer

    Major suck factor from HTC! I am not due for an upgrade until next year but was actually considering adding a line to the family plan for this phone. Not even a slim chance of that now. There are already 2 Evos on our plan and they have been fantastic. I rooted mine around the First of the year and have been nothing but pleased with the experience. Being able to get rid of the idiot bloatware was worth it all by itself. Being able to try out all of the custom ROMs that are available and learning about the way my phone works have made owning the Evo a great deal of fun. Without those things, I'll probably be going to one of the Nexus phones, even though I don't like Samsung or their business practices. At least the phone is mine and I can modify it as I see fit.

  • Javier

    I'm canceling my preorder immediately.

  • MeatRocket

    This pisses me off so bad that I'm ready to sell my HTC Inspire just to spite HTC. I've bought their stuff (Wizard,8525,Tilt,Fuze,Tilt 2) for years. I could load all sorts of ROMs on those phones. The Inspire is more difficult, but still doable. I enjoyed my SGS except for the defective GPS. Looks like I'll be going back to Samsung!

  • Frank

    WOW... I already pre-ordered... I'll be cancelling that.

    EVO 4G for another year and then I'll re-evaluate... I can't believe I was going to sign a contract for another 2 years!

    In an instant - all the accumulated good will and love for HTC is gone. Why do they do this? And what's up with Google? all bs?

    First they sued Cyanogen
    Then they withold Honeycomb, and now
    No Google Movies if rooted? (Surely this must be possible e.g. netflix, blockbuster...amazon)
    Have they lost their commitment to OHA and AOSP?

  • too cool

    Was a loyal HTC fan. Guess one more reason to support nexus phones.

  • dan

    Looks like I will stick with my HTC Evo for a long time.

  • Frank

    HTC - sells out... did you see the photo of the chairman in the Apple store the other day!

    Short of some serious 'splaining and rectifying .... or a leak... Nexus it shall be!
    Great job reporting on this!

  • Jaz

    I wonder when the next nexus is coming out? I guess i'll try the galaxy 2 in the meantime. Too bad htc. You screwed yourself.

  • Ryan Williams

    AWWWW realllllly?!?! i had my EVO 3D pre-ordered at Best Buy. i really don't want it now. Looks like I am on the GSII bandwagon now too. ( i am kinda happy actually, i really wanted a reason to wait for that phone and now i got it :D )

    • Ray

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Frank

    yeah - evo3d will likely suck goat blls anyway.... there's no standardized 3d dual camera interface or 3d display drivers in android...so we would have to wait for google to release Ice cream sandwich, wait for HTC to write 3d camera and display stuff and sense updates, wait for Sprint to bloat the hell out of it and add tracking and privacy invasion stuff...kill the battery and bog down the cpu and memory... so we wouldn't likely even get a fully working icecream sandwich until 2013... Oh well... it's been a fun run HTC. Good strategy. EPIC FAIL. You guys been getting market advice from Sony lately?

    • Tonedabone

      "Suck goat balls" Dude you're killin me bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • liams

    This may have just made the decision for me between Evo 3d and Galaxy S2. I'm wondering what HTC's "official reason" is for doing this? They'll certainly lose a handful of sales on this one.

  • Steve

    Something you guys need to realize...first of all, I'm not sticking up for HTC or Motorola, or any other company that locks down their phones (I'm running a custom ROM on my DX (LB GB .5) and I wouldn't have it any other way).

    However, the modding community is a tiny portion of their customer base, when compared to the people that just buy the phones and run them stock until they eventually replace them. Saying they screwed themselves, or just lost their customer base is flawed...they lost maybe, MAYBE, 5% of their customers.

  • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

    I'm unconvinced this is all due to carrier pressure. I think at least part of the reason is HTC getting tired of people putting custom ROMs on their phones just to get rid of Sense.

    • Jaz

      I don't think people removing sense is the reason. Microsoft made them remove sense out of windows 7 and they were fine with that. So im sure this is not the reason.

    • liams

      Even if that were the reason, if HTC -KNEW- that people hated sense, why wouldn't they you know.... make it better?

      • http://robert.aitchison.org Robert Aitchison

        HTC wants to shove Sense down our throats (just like Motorola wants to with Blur and Samsung wants to with TouchWiz) because they want to be "different" from other manufacturers, not better but "different". They want new users to become accustomed to their crappy UIs so they will buy the same brand phone next time to get the UI they are used to.

        HTC could care less about better they just want vendor lock-in.

  • IzzyD

    As an avid Moto owner for yrs and now holding an HTC I feel the pain. Welcome to the world of BS lock downs. Fact is the handing writing has been on the wall for a couple of yrs now this was going to happen. And soon it will not just be companies like HTC & Moto who make the headlines about it. All the mfgs will be REQUIRED to have these locks in place or the carrier is not going to accept the device. It is as simple as that. And as much as we hate it we can't forget it is NOT in the interest of the mfg to do this its in the interest of the carrier and that is why it is happening.

    It is a sad day IMO tho. However I do like the idea posted above that we all give up our smarpthone and go back to dumb phones so the carrier can suffer in there pocket book as they build out networks and none of use pay or use them. Maybe then they'd get the hint. Highly doubt it but the only thing that works these days to fight back is to close up the wallet and not give them our money.

  • Chris

    I think this is wonderful! Let's quickly review the reasons most of you are rooting:
    - To avoid paying hotspot charges every month
    - To remove built-in apps (hello, Sprint Nascar is AWESOME!!)
    - To use black market apps
    - To unsafely push your CPU to its limits
    - To download Netflix APKs and violate other license agreements
    All I see here is a bunch of whiny SOCIALIST comments wanting FREE services at the EXPENSE of the good CARRIERS and CONTENT PROVIDERS that have worked diligently to provide value and entertain you. There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH. If you want that move to COMMUNIST RUSSIA and see what kind of phones you can get there!

    • Jaz

      What are you talking about? Obviously your an ignorant person. First of all paying for a hotspot is your choice and on sprint unlimited data is unlimited data. If your data is being used by your phone or your laptop the data is still the same.
      On the built-in apps issue. If I feel like getting rid of apps I don't use to have more space then I should be allowed to do that. This like microsoft installing a bunch of apps on your computer that you don't use and you wanting to uninstall them. What is so bad about that?
      On black market apps- again, if we want to install whatever app we want that should be our choice. Maybe you like being told what to do but a lot of us here like freedom.
      On the cpu issue, that one i agree. If you max out your cpu and burn your phone then thats your fault.
      On the netflix apk, how is this violating license agreements? The only way to use netflix is to have an account that is paid for so how is that violating anything?
      You must really like getting told what to do and not having any rights.

      • liams

        I totally agree with you on this one Jaz.

        If I PAY for a piece of hardware, I'd better be able to do what I want with it. I don't need a manufacturer locking up my options because they think it's in my best interest.

        I find it funny that Chris compares the rooted community as "socialist." I really can't figure that one out lol

      • Chris

        First of all, it's "you're" an ignorant person, not your. "Your" is a possessive pronoun while "you're" is a contraction for "you are", as in "you are an ignorant person".

        Now that I'm done pointing out how ignorant your grammar skills are, I'll move on to the rest of your ignorance.

        Sprint expressly prohibits the use of ANY tethering, third party or native, without the purchase of the Hotspot plan. You are free to do so but you are in violation of your contract. Contracts between parties are a vital part of free market capitalism, hence you are a commie.

        To remove Sprint installed apps, you need to root your phone which voids your warranty. If you do so, fine, but if you attempt to put through a warranty claim you are committing fraud.

        Black Market apps might provide you freedom, but by bypassing the Android marketplace and downloading paid apps for free you are violating the license agreements for each of the paid apps you are stealing. Again, if you want to steal from people and not pay for their hard work, move to communist China.

        Glad you agree on CPU, +1 for you.

        The Netflix app is developed exclusively for specific platforms. Removing from one platform to use on another requires hacking the DRM and is a violation of the DMCA. Again if you want to rip off content providers, move to China.

        I do believe you are the one violating the rights of the intellectual property holders here, but you are entitled to your opinion under the first amendment of the US Constitution.

        • Jaz

          Serously? A grammar correction? I'll be careful next time when typing on my smartphone and make sure to let google know to make a better on phone keyboard.

          As for tethering on sprint and them prohibiting it, yes your correct on that. It is also prohibited by all the other telecommunications company. But it is not illegal to circumvent this "prohibition". When sprint can legally prevent you then I have no problem in stopping. Just like data on a wireline, data on wirless falls under the same category as stated by the fcc. So until a law is passed making it "unlawful and a crime" I will tether to my hearts content. Also your phone doesn't have to be rooted to tether so again there is no contract violation on that end.

          As for black market apps and the warranty, no one ever said anything about trying to circumvent the warranty procedure and even if your phone is rooted there are warranties that will cover you like squaretrade and the bestbuy extended warranty. Also rooting is reversible and sprint repair centers have no problem fixing a phone that has been reversed.

          As for netflix app, no one here is talking about circumventing any dmca rules. The app was officially released for certain phones one of them being the evo. Yes there are some phones that its not released on and you can break the so called dmca rule but this thread that we are on is about the evo3d which is replacing the evo which currently has an official netflix app. So no one is violating any intellectual property here.

          But again if you like being told what to do and how to use your phone, be my guest.

      • Edd

        Be quiet Chris... You're talking nonsense...

        Anyway, if I pay £300 for a device, I should be able to do with it what I like, which does not mean illegal/shady things.

        I'm talking about changing the interface if I want to, removing unwanted bundled apps, using clever apps that require root, such as FTP servers and the like... A 100 other uses.

        But that's just besides the point. Your post sounds very strange, and I think you need an iphone.

        • Chris

          I do not need an iPhone, never! I'm just messing with you guys, someone has to interrupt the rabble rousing here.

          Honestly though the blame needs to be put on the greedy carriers here. I see a lot of outrage against HTC here, but if they don't comply with these draconian provider demands they will ultimately be run out of business. I don't like it as much as the next guy but much like our Internet is about to lose its neutrality due to the bandwidth providers, we're losing our phone capabilities due to network providers. It's no shock that these companies are one and the same.

        • Edd

          Ok, +1 that post Chris :)

          Either way, smells of monopoly to me. Phones should be commodities, or at least I should be able to buy them off-contract unlocked if I wish, and then throw a carrier $10 a month to be the "dumb pipes" for me

    • liams

      Wait are you being serious right now?

      • Chris

        No, not at all, I'm just giving my good friend Frank a hard time.

    • Frank

      damned hippie... it's about control.
      who controls my phone? aside, of course, from the NSA and Google and Sprint and HTC? :) ME... and if they are going to codeblock me... then I am going to VOTE for one of their COMPETITORS in my CAPITALISTIC way... I ain't buyin it.
      The less people that control my computer without my assent... the better.

      • Chris

        You are free to not buy the phone and agree to its terms of service. Perhaps you could approach HTC, OEM your own phone, spend billions to build your own network, and have total control?

    • IzzyD

      I'll have to disagree there as I am one to root but it has nothing to do with anything you mentioned. Except for removing the carriers garbage bloatware I have no use for that sucks up battery and also slows the device down.

      Yes some of the reason you mentioned are true. The fact is in the real world those types of people will always exist and nothing will stop those folks from doing or trying to beat the system or any system for that matter. That said why should the majority of us have to suffer over the minority.

      • Chris

        I thank you for being a law abiding and respectable citizen.

        HTC/Sprint hopes that by locking down the phone it will prevent unauthorized users from beating the system for just a little while. The cost benefit is there - a little up front work to prevent a lot of heavy unauthorized tethering use, DRM violations, etc. This is a case of a few bad apples ruining the whole bunch.

    • Frank

      Good reasons for rooting:
      -bringing in features not implemented on stock e.g. bluetooth keyboard, wii remote, hdmi mirror, >30fps ... etc

      -updates don't take 4 years... indeed CM has nightlies

      -removal of stupid bloatware e.g. Nascar, Amazon to free up space, cpu, and battery

      -downclocking the phone to increase battery

      • Chris

        - You are denying HTC and Sprint the right to release those features on their schedule for their profit.

        - Updates don't take 4 years now, CM nightlies are very unstable (most of them)

        - Nascar is AWESOME :)

        - You are again denying the right of Sprint/HTC to drain your battery at their desired rate in order to profit selling you batteries.

        Stalin just called, he wants his economic philosophy back.

        • David

          Well, to hell with HTC, then.

          I'll go with Samsung or Motorola (who recently said they will keep their phones unlocked). They seem to care more for their customers than for profit.

          Profit is fine, and necessary. Greed is not.

        • Jaz

          "You are denying HTC and Sprint the right to release those features on their schedule for their profit."
          Do you mean not allowing sprint to charge you for things that come with your plan already?
          I'm sorry, but data is data no matter how you use it. I understand not taking advantage of the amount of data you use and that's why there are caps but thats as far as it should go.

          Your right about updates not taking 4 years but 1 year is too long. Also custom roms are usually more stable than the stock roms.

          "You are again denying the right of Sprint/HTC to drain your battery at their desired rate in order to profit selling you batteries."
          What do you mean by this. I hope it's not what I think your trying to mean.

        • themach1ne

          Chris, for being so hard-up on grammar and absolutist demeanor (that seems communist-like in nature itself)...shouldn't you have capitalized "IS" as the focus of your reiteration here: "Nascar is AWESOME" ...I mean, it seems like you took offense to Frank referring to the Sprint Nascar app, which you had previously given praise to, as bloatware. Maybe you should go back to school. Or, are you a little slow and just repeat things with the same emphasis, with a blind, clueless stare as you do so?

          Overall, you come across resembling the growing sheep-like population. And what political philosophies resemble the behaviourisms of sheep? I bet you question nothing and when taxes go up you support and rationalize the justification for them, no? You may not realize it yet, but you're evolving into the communist/socialist ideals you claim to dislike so much.

        • JBO1018

          So it's wrong to void my warranty if I want to so I can keep my phone up to date for the full length of my contract? That's what your saying. So I am a communist because I think that trying to force people to buy new phones, more often, by forcing their old phones into the grave with a lack of official updates is messed up? Ya that makes sense. As far as netflix goes as long as you have an account you are paying for you have done nothing wrong regardless of what device you use it on. I root my phone so I can keep it up to date, add custom themes (colors, icons, etc..), and so I can remove or add whatever applications from it that I please. None of that is illegal. I don't pirate anything. I don't steal anything. I don't file fraudulent warranty claims. If wanting to completely own something that belongs to me is communist, then I guess the whole world is communist.

        • Arunasena

          CM nightlies unstable? You are kidding right? How often do you flash ROMs anyway? If you are a flash junnkie like most ROOTED user here who cares stability when there is a new built next day! GTFO dude.

          The whole point of us ROOTING-TO-GLORY is for customization of our well spent dollar to dollar investment!

          Locking something which we the consumers purchase is definately BS.

      • Kane

        Just point out that rooting has nothing to do with locking bootloaders. It will be rooted no problem, I'm sure.

    • http://donothaveone.com Ben

      You may be happy with what a company gives you and that is fine. But as a person with an IQ higher than 80 I like to get what I pay for. We are not taken anything from HTC and Sprint in this case. We have to pay for the phone Evo 4g was still 200 when I got it, and I have to pay Sprint 150-ish dollar a month. All I want to do is remove software that I do not want. And use the data bandwidth that I am already paying for. I think that most anyone here or in the Android dev community is willing to pay for the device and service as long as they can do with it what they want. On another note I feel that having any company tell me how to use my device that I own is more COMMUNIST then me want to run what ever I want.

      • Chris

        Yeah I was just trying to fire you all up. I agree, the network providers are totalitarian a$$hats.

        • themach1ne

          I think Sprint is the best option out there right now, but it is easier to make waves with a smaller carrier. Especially one that has specifically marketed itself as having the highest moral ground (unlimited data commercial). Contradicting itself with such a move as this should have consequences. IMHO, aside from ultimately switching carriers, the most empowering financial action to take against any and all carriers would be to keep your current, rootable device. They wouldn't care so much that they don't have to subsidize new hardware for its customers. But what they wouldn't like is a growing percentage of customers out of contract - free to jump ship instantly if they wish with no consequences of ETA fees to hold over them - a HUGE liability.

    • themach1ne

      @Chris...I don't disagree that stealing content, services and applications isn't right. On the other hand, I'm curious what your stance on the fairness of pricing associated with at least content and services? From my perspective, advances in technology should be lowering the cost of them. Take Google's innovations, for example, where they are proponents of this. At least in theory, but then again that is their limit - what others do with the progressive/proactive technology is not always with the same good intentions. Related to this, check out Google's position on the Protect IP Act.

      • Davidus

        Successful troll is...successful.

    • Danny


      Removing built in apps is as legit a reason as there is to root your phone. I like to put a lot of apps on my phone, and I've actually run out of room on my Evo 4G. So, naturally, I rooted to remove sense (which takes a HUGE amount of space) and the built-in apps that are shoved in your face (you can remove pre-installed crap from PCs, why not your phone?).

      Also, of the considerable number of people that I know who root, none of them use "black market apps," but I see your point re this.

      And what do you mean by "unsafely push your CPU to its limits"? How is this unsafe? Is there some sort of toxic leak that overclocking your CPU produces that no one but you are aware of? It's not like adding a turbocharger to your car, which severely reduce the life of your engine; overclocking a processor on a phone (or computer) does not reduce the life of the device. Other than quickly draining your battery, there really is nothing unsafe about it.

      Netflix works on the EVO 4G stock ROM (and most of the rooted ROMs too), so I'm not sure why you have your panties in a bunch over this. And you still have to pay for an account and log in when using Netflix on a rooted phone, so I'm not sure how this violates anything.

      Most people see rooting as making full use of your phone and removing restrictions put on an operating system that, by default, has all of these options and features available until the carrier locks it down. And calling people who root Socialists? There's nothing more American than pushing back on companies who charge you extra for services that you already pay for (i.e., tethering is using bandwith which you already pay for.) A Socialist would just sit there and take it up the a$$ from a company that’s ripping them off. If a carrier is worried about the bandwith that’s used while tethering, then they should have tiered plans and let us use our data as we see fit instead of disabling the phones so they can charge more for the same service.

      That's just my 2 cents.

  • lex

    :((( if you haven't signed yet


  • jbonics

    So what there trying to say that they are going to suck power and life from your phone and make it everything you never wanted.

  • Rowdy Rootin tootin Randy

    What is the program that you are useing to edit this file and where do i find this file?

  • Scott

    i agree, not to mention no facetime cam. again tho, not htc probably, but more the carriers faults....

    • SmartScott

      Wtf are u talking about, their is a front facing cam.

    • squiddy20

      ummmm Facetime is an iOS thing...

  • paul Atreides

    Damn you to hell HTC! I'll sit on my hands come June, and wait to see what else shows up on the radar. Like the father from Stepbrothers would say "FAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLUUUURRRRREEEEE"!!!!

  • themach1ne

    @all...What if Sprint decided to make wireless tethering using their app FREE regardless of 3G/4G? Would your previous interest in and plans to buy the EVO 3D be renewed? I'd imagine a good portion wouldn't care about achieving root access on the phone with such a policy change. I am not an employee/agent of Sprint, HTC, etc...just a fellow current Sprint customer trying to think outside the box on this.

    Sprint seems like the 1 and only carrier that seems to try to keep things reasonable and its customers happy. I personally HAD plans to upgrade from my EVO 4G, that I pay the $10/mo. premium to use with no 4G service near, to the 3D until the moment I read this as well. But I will keep an open mind and see if the benefit of having Sprint as my provider is starting to deteriorate. If so, I'll reconsider who my provider should be (4G coverage, price, etc.) in June 2012 or maybe even weigh the ETF if unlimited data were ever to be taken off the table before then.

    I will be, and I suggest ALL of you do as well, bringing my dissatisfaction of the apparent lock-down of the coming EVO 3D and anything else that may lessen the benefit of being a Sprint/HTC customer. See there are 2 things any company has to respond to: an overwhelming negative response and bad PR. Sprint especially cannot afford that right now it would seem.

    • Danny

      If they allow us to tether w/o charging extra AND allowed us to remove pre-installed apps, then I wouldn't root. (although, I would still like to overclock my CPU, try different ROMs and make tweaks to make the phone more efficient, but I guess I can live w/o that).

  • http://donothaveone.com Ben

    I love Sprint they are the best carrier for the buck and have a pretty good coverage area. Yes I rooted my phone to remove the bloatware that I'm not using. I PAY for internet at home and have wifi, I have wifi at work, and if I really need it I could use a public wifi when I go out. I really have no need for wireless tethering. I don't agree with Sprint charging you 30 just to use the data that you are pay for on another device through your phone, but that is their business model and I'm fine with it. But if I want to run different ROM other than the stock Sense UI I should have the choice. AS for what Chris is saying it would be like going to Dell to buy a computer and being forced to use Windows. That is not the case if I don't want Windows I can install Linux or even if I had the time create my own and run that.

  • Lee

    I am sorry for the ignorant questions here, I am not saying I do any of these things, but I am trying to get a better grasp of what this whole lock down thing encompasses:

    1. Will the EVO 3D be able to sideload apps from sources other than the marketplace?

    2. Will the EVO 3D be able to download apk's and install them from a torrent site or whatever if that is what someone wanted to do. (I don't support piracy but I know a few unscrupulous people)

    • http://donothaveone.com Ben

      1. Yes you should be able to.
      2. I don't know about downloading apks for free. Personally I'm a developer myself and just pay the few dollars to help support new innovation but yes you should be able to do as well.
      Main thing is you cannot install custom ROM's, kernels, recoveries. Meaning no CM roms, or others, no over/under clocking CPU, and no nandroid backups.

      • Frank

        Right!? Apps are like $1... it's like buying a beer for someone who wrote a wicked app... if Chris fixed my car... I'd at the very least buy him a beer! WTF won't people support the devs?

  • Scooterman1

    I won't buy HTC again with this lockdown.

  • slik


  • Raptor007

    I had the HTC TB, sold it after poor battery life, hard to read display outdoors, BT issues, etc. At this point I am considering the LG Revolution, but have to wonder if they too are going to fall under the pressure to cryptographically signed bootloaders.

    Unfortunately we make up the smaller percentage of total Android users so the carriers could give to shts about it.

    I was willing to wait for the next Nexus but why would I support Motorola, HTC or any company that does locked bootloaders.

    • Darth Sideous

      The "NEXUS" philosophy is that it's a Developers phone. Having a signed bootloader disqualifies it as a Dev phone.

  • Jaz

    Agreed slik. Lets just see what happens. Hopefully the dev community can come up with something. If not then at least we have samsung gs2 available or the next nexus which rumor has it is already in the works.

  • Jay

    Express your feelings by contacting HTC.

    [email protected] Senior Director Enterprise Business Unit Americas
    [email protected] Chairman
    [email protected] Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation
    [email protected] Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC 425-679-5328
    [email protected] COO of HTC
    [email protected] Board Member of HTC
    [email protected] CEO
    [email protected] VP HTC
    [email protected] Chief Innovation Officer

    Brent Groome, Chief Executive-Customer Operations, at 843-369-8393 or [email protected]

    • themach1ne

      ...maybe email a link to this article and its comments + any other source of information that supports arguments against locking-down devices. You're voice is much LOUDER in this way.

      • themach1ne

        ...Our resulting success in HTC's now changed stance on locking bootloaders will pay dividends for them. @HTC: You're welcome...we (the Android community) are glad we could help you [and help us ;) at the same time]. Now, if everyone would just remember to vote for Ron Paul in 2012 an entire nation could be relieved from being over-burdened :> by another type of lock-down..."big government".

  • Danny

    HTC needs to know that this is unacceptable: http://www.htc.com/us/about/contact-by-email

  • Josh h

    This is bullshit, Fuck HTC and fuck sprint. Neither of you are getting another dime from me. Anyone want a free $50 radioshack giftcard?

  • Ophois

    Heh. There goes that.

  • Kevin

    Confirmed: The EVO 3D will NOT be my next phone. :)

  • Simon Belmont

    Well, there goes my boner for the Sprint HTC EVO 3D. Your new policies suck, HTC. You were a pioneer for Android handsets and now you've turned your back on the community that loves them the most. Eat it.

    I am strongly considering a different handset now. I can wait or just get a lower cost Sprint HTC EVO 4G on eBay or Craigslist and still enjoy rooting and custom ROMs.

  • Nigel

    This is absurd. I buy a phone to use it, not to be used by it. Forcing bloat upon me and actively preventing me from using it as I see fit is nonsense. This is worse than Apple's policy in a sense because nearly every iProduct has been cracked.

  • Frank

    No worries! Sprint says these are OPTIONAL!!! :) WTF

    15:07:11 : Astrid P: Thank you for your patience.

    15:08:31 : Astrid P: I have checked the details and locked boot loader, recovery, and kernel are the applications of the devices so you can download it on the device, there are some devices which comes with these application. However, the compatibility with the HTC EVO 3D depend on the aplpications support.

    15:09:18 : Frank: excuse me?

    15:10:41 : Astrid P: I mean the locked boot loader, recovery, and kernel are the applications of the devices, it is not the feature on the device.

    15:10:58 : Astrid P: It might be possible that HTC EVO 3d will support these applications to run.

    15:11:15 : Frank : anyway I could be bumped to level 2 tech support?

  • Frank

    15:11:15 : Frank : anyway I could be bumped to level 2 tech support?

    15:12:36 : Astrid P: Yes, that is right. It does relates to the technical applications on the device.

    15:12:56 : Astrid P: Also, please do not worry, as these applications are supporting the most of the devices with Sprint.

    15:13:11 : Astrid P: So it may support the HTC EVO 3D.

    15:13:33 : Frank : Elisa? Is this a real person?

  • Frank

    15:17:36 : Astrid P: I apologize for that. It is not that HTC EVO 3D will come with a lock for supporting these applications on the Android phones. However, even if it is locked you can get it unlocked by calling our technical support team at 888-211-4727.

    Sprint could probably do a little bit more training. I don't think the poor lady understood what a phone was entirely... :)

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/thegreenjacket rhY


    I, nor any of my clients for whom I do tech support, will buy your products. Just so you know.


  • DKE

    Problem solved Ill keep my HTC Evo 4G and get the HTC Evo 3D. Why should I let this ruin my excitement of getting the phone.

  • wirelessness

    The problem isn't being able to flash custom ROM's or run Tether Apps for free....Locking phones down ala iPhone enables Carriers to pick and choose what Internet content people can access. Either by restricting direct access or restricting access to specific applications. Google Voice, Skype and Netflix are just a few examples.

  • fins1771

    Running sense 3.0 for a few weeks now. My evo runs great on my Virus Kingdom ROM b1.1.2 Burst Kanye theme. I'm keeping it until the wheels fall off, or until Nexus 3 comes out. I'm new to flashing roms, but it is great to see what amazing content devs put out. They do it for free on XDA. I will base my next phone purchase on what the devs are using. I paid for my phone to use it the way I feel. If I was dumb enough to brick it, that's on me. EBay has no shortage of phones. HTC has been my only smartphone experience so far(hero/EVO). I hate Samsung, but I might be forced to go to them after this.

  • http://ineligible-bachelor.blogspot.com Dr.GreenLight

    Dang and this was going to be my 1st smartphone. Although I'm not too knowledgeable in roms I was going to learn the basics of the phones os then move to a custom rom. So guess I'll try out the htc sensation. (Im more into htc's headsets due to a more sturdy less plasticky feel: looks at samsung).

  • liams

    "Thanks for the feedback, we're listening! We're reviewing our bootloader policy. Stay tuned here for more updates. http://on.fb.me/jog8Wa"

    Just tweeted by HTC.

  • aj

    Well now I DEFINITELY don't regret getting my Nexus S 4G over the Evo3D. I highly doubt they'll unlock the bootloader. And if they do decide to unlock it, it'll be like 6 months down the road. Guarantee it.

  • stoplocking

    Let the executives know, stop the lock

    [email protected] Chairman

    [email protected] Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation

    [email protected] Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC 425-679-5328

    [email protected] COO of HTC

    [email protected] Board Member of HTC

    [email protected] CEO

    [email protected] Chief Innovation Officer

    Brent Groome, Chief Executive-Customer Operations, at 843-369-8393 or [email protected]

  • ChrisXS

    I was all set to pony up for this phone as an upgrade to my Pre but not any more. I'll hold out for something like the Pre 3. Bummer.

  • Nigel

    This pisses me off beyond belief. HTC has fallen from developer- and enthusiast-friendly to draconian. It's like Apple, but with a less beloved OS that stands for a (violated) ethic of openness.

  • richardyarrell

    Bottomline here is regardless of the boatloader situation it's pretty clear to me that htc had to do this sprint had no problem with that overall fact.I'm sure that security reasons as well as the content that resides on the devices is the reason for this situation. I support htc regardless not everyone wants to root there device or go through that circumstance I am happy with my stock evo from day one june 4th 2010 and when the Evo 3d comes out I'm pretty sure again I will be happy with my stock evo 3d. This changes nothing in my book and if anyone allows this to change there choice to purchase this device which clearly is the best device on the market spec wise espically then they were not htc fans to begin with. Htc has placed android on the map as far as I'm concerned and I will stick with htc/sprint/google for ever.

  • richardyarrell

    The best device on sprint is the evo 4g at this moment with the Evo 3d to follow. I respect the Nexus S4g but since it's made by samsung they can forget it the nexus s 4g doesnt have anything that the evo doesn't. Htc rules and always will

    • ILikeMyNexusS

      I got the Nexus S over the Evo primarily because I knew that NFC was gonna be pushed by Google, tethering is essentially free (Sprint didn't turn it off on the phone and doesn't charge me for using it), and it's open so as a developer I can do whatever I want with it. What exactly is so much better about the Evo?

  • Frank

    That's awesome that HTC is listening. I hope they un-screw this quickly so I can get the Evo 3d!!! :)

  • nctrnl

    Does anybody fancy a $50 Best Buy gift card?

    • Frank

      Don't give away the gift cards... can't you go to the store and return it - cancelling your pre-order.
      30 day return policy, no?
      Nothing says don't lock a bootloader - like 10,000 canceled pre-orders and 10,000 preorders for a competitor's phone.

  • Sohip

    It's not you HTC, It's me!

    Goodbye HTC


    Hello, Sammy.

  • Drex552

    Wow , I just moved off of Motorola for the very same reason HTC is doing. The loss of clientel being small from this, seriously?? I work for a large non-technology org with a huge IT. And most that make the switch to Android from iPhone like the customization and like the strong open source dev community. I'm sure that it's HTC being pushed by the carriers just like MOTO did! All carriers are evil.

  • matt

    way to f%#k up a wet dream HTC and sprint! I have money sitting right here beside my computer to purchase and was an absolute salesman's dream. like hey you work here? sell me this phone were do I sign yeah yeah I here ya dude stfu and give me my extra battery and receipt. now Jenna Jameson couldn't sell this piece of junk to me. that's all it is if theme changes my best option. bunch morons could screw up a wet dream! if I wanted encryption I'd buy a blackberry you freaking retards!

  • Dannyjayfuller

    Still getting it. I have full faith in the XDA community and I really don't need root for much, besides certain root-specific apps like terminals to play around with, tethering(yes, I take the "data is data" stance like everybody else) and the odd theme or radio change. If I can't get custom roms, oh well. Sense 3.0 is looking pretty darn good, anyway. As for all the other stuff, I'd be fine with a temp-root solution while I wait for permaroot, even if it doesn't come with custom rom functionality.

  • frank

    Motorola has gone unlocked
    Samsung unlockable
    Sony Ericsson unlockable
    7000 signatures HTC devs. Fans...on petition in two days
    2000 Facebook comments
    how many preorders cancelled? Family line contracts...lost revenue
    Millions in advertising and PR toward brand building as THE GEEK phone ... all dashed? I don't want to wait a year untilxda

  • frank

    I wont be able to nandroid, fullhdmi, mirro to stereo Pico projectors...Bluetooth hid ... mouse wii keyboard... multitouch... exceed 30 fps.... lower clock...run cyanogen mod... experiment with different schedulers

  • frank

    This is going to hurt sprint and HTC... canceled preordpers... lost contracts...lost family lines... lost goodwill... brand spoliation... dealing with this PR... losses to Samsung, moto, Sony, iPhone...LTE Verizon art... bad move...I would have stayed with sprint for two more years... ha... etf for me LTE 24MBPS DOWN AND 2MBPS UP!!! Gonna be sick! Preferred tetra anyway

  • forelli

    The thing is, We the 5% market share, make a good 40% market in fact, because, around us, when somebody wants a new phone, who is the 1st person they'll ask to? Us, because they know we know a lot about phones and we will help them better than any other person. So the thing is, HTC, do keep us happy, or face the consequences. "One happy customer is a won customer, 1 unhappy customer is 10 customers lost". Remember this old say.

  • Frank

    We WON we WON!!!! It's over! HTC has capitulated!!! YES - all hail HTC - Evo 3d will be KING!!! 3d video recording and 1080P!!! UHHHHH YEEEAAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!
    Oh man this is going to be awesome!!!

    BUT ongoing concerns:
    Are we going to have to hack/dev it all over again to get HDMI mirroring actually working? Or out of the box?

    Bluetooth HID screwed up still? Or bt keyboards, mice, and wii controllers?

    Will the new MHL still work ok with pico projectors and older hdtvs?
    will there be a Y donlge to accept micro usb charging separately from the MHL to HDMI?

    Is the low light performance increased by going to 5 megapixel? bigger pixel area - better light absorption?

    Will the Flyer 4G stylus work on this?

  • Frank

    "Pin 18 +5 V Power (max 50 mA)"

    If the only connector on the Evo 3d is the micro usb ... how will we get power from hdtv via hdmi/mhl/usb when hdmi only supports a max of 50mA? Don't we need 1000mA to charge?

    I'm concerned about HDMI/MHL/USB to pico projector. Obviously the Pico isn't going to charge the evo... and the micro usb port is occupied with hdmi out...
    Y dongle? a la samsung?

  • will

    Just an FYI HTC ceo posted on facebook and confirmed to anyone who has asked... In fact NO HTC devices further will be locked, and he confirmed the Evo 3d will be UNLOCKED on release. So - Yay - Wifi tether from the start = #winning