Last Updated: May 25th, 2011

Some call Tasker the most versatile application ever created for Android, and I'm inclined to side with them. The app can automate hundreds of actions and bundle them together in powerful scripts that do exactly what you want them to do (see our Tasker review). Want to silence your phone at night and then restore the ringer to a predefined volume in the morning? No problem. How about popping up a menu of music apps when you plug in your headphones? You got it.

However, the Tasker "task" that brandall from xda created today takes the cake when it comes to complexity and functionality. Let's have him explain:

Profile Aim

Tasker reads your calendar creating a home screen widget via Minimalistic Text.

Reacting to a future ‘meeting’ entry, it queries Google to find out the route information and journey time.

Using the journey time information and meeting start time, it calculates what time you will have to leave and loads Sav Nav with the preselected route 5 minutes before you are due to depart.

I'm impressed. How about you?

The project is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it contains 7 individual tasks and a bunch of workarounds right now, so it is more of a [working] proof of concept. However, it can serve as a great inspirational how-to guide for those of you looking to create your own scripts and gauge the power of Tasker.

For further instructions, proceed to this xda forum thread and be prepared to clear out your schedule for the day - it may take a while to recreate what I can only describe as the first stage of Skynet.

Source: xda

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  • Kane

    Wow... the UI is a bit complex, but this thing is so powerful, sometimes I'm scared it would open a black hole and suck me into it.

  • Aatif

    *Speechless* Now if only there was a script to make my toast.

    • Kane

      Hook it up to some hardware, and I bet it can be done.

    • Kane

      Google @Home's first task!

  • Simon

    Tasker is by far the best and only app that i can't function or live without!!

    I don't know how non developers see taskers, but me loves it lots :D

  • jbonics

    Tasker is sick, but I erased it because I found so many uses for it, it was constantly running and I wanted to get rid of everything using power because my D2 is weak.

  • Steve

    Hold on, $6.43 for a proof of concept!?

    I think I'll give it a miss...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      The proof of concept is free. $6.43 is for an amazing app with countless possibilities.

    • Viscerebral

      That comment just serves to demonstrate that you are not in the preffered demo for tasker anyway.

  • Viscerebral

    Damnned D1 keyboard!

  • http://www.sethgoldstein.net PhillyCodeHound

    I'm impressed. I love Tasker. I have to admit I'm a bit intimidated by it. I wish there were a place to see all different types of things you can do with it and how to do them. Anyone know of any?

  • AKBMobile

    I liked the versatility of the tasks, but it was eating away at my Vibrant batt something fierce when I was trying a task to control whether to be on cellular or WiFi dependent on where I was and to shut off WiFi everywhere else.