Sprint subscribers have been waiting with baited breath for news on the price of the upcoming HTC EVO 3D - and now it seems like that information is all but Sprint-official, thanks to Radioshack.


You can pick up an EVO 3D from the Shack for $200 (on a 2-year contract, of course) - trouble is, no one knows when you actually go about doing that, as there's no confirmed launch date for the EVO 3D at this point. However, you can pre-order an EVO 3D from Radioshack right now, and feel at least a little more assured as to the price you'll be paying.

If the idea of being contractually shackled to Sprint doesn't really sound great, you can pick up the EVO 3D off-contract for a fairly reasonable sounding $500. Considering how much we liked it, its dual cores, 3D display and cameras, and how solid it looked overall, this seems like a fair asking price.

Additionally, you can get a $100 credit towards the purchase of your EVO 3D by handing in your old EVO 4G or EVO Shift 4G with the purchase of your new 3D. Not a bad customer incentive, right? There's more: the EVO 3D will come with a 3D version of the film Green Hornet pre-loaded, and every customer will get a free download voucher for a new Black Eyed Peas single (woohoo.)

Oh, also: Sprint's $10/month 4G premium data add-on still applies. Just so you know.

Good and EVO

David Ruddock
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  • http://Twitter.com/SelketXimenna SelketXimenna

    Hmm... $100 for my evo eh. Guess I won't have to worry about selling it on eBay.

    • http://www.CancelCableTV.com Opsmgr

      Can you surf and call on this one?

      • terrence.

        You always been able to as long as your using 4G or Wifi

      • Jared

        I've never been in a position where I wished I had that feature...

  • terrence.

    Yep im trading in my Evo and an old iPod classic I found laying around.. probably won't have to pay for nothing but a portion of the kickstand case
    P.S. I have no problem paying $10 to guarantee no data overage charges or throttling :)

  • fins1771

    Selling EVO on eBay or Craigslist would still get you more than $100. Prices for them will go down after the 3d release, but not that low. It's just easier to trade in instead of listing it. Funny EVO 4g is still $200 a year later. I bought two rooted EVOs off eBay awhile back, and couldn't be happier.

    • Digitalthug

      Hey Fins..know anyone looking to buy a rooted EVO? Its hardware version 003 with the Epson screen (not the old shitty Novatel one), and comes preloaded with SmoothnSexy rom, best looking rom by far.

  • BC

    Heck... I upgraded to an Evo 4G four months ago. How much is the new Evo going to be without a service contract upgrade to use?

    Never mind... re-read article and saw the $500 price. Too rich for me. I'll just have to wait until my contract runs out to renew.

  • http://www.rapidspeeds.com RapidSpeeds

    I wish they would hurry up and announce a release date. Our whole staff are desperate for these. Dual Core snapdragon, yummy.