With its Transformer tablet selling like hot cakes, ASUS is probably feeling pretty good about its Android product division right now. Next on the hardware manufacturer's list? A tablet phone sort of... thing. Is it going to be another Dell Streak mini-tablet mega-phone? I don't think so, though these are the images we've got of it so far:

tablet-teaser-1-545x363 tablet-teaser-2-545x391


The image on the top right is most intriguing to me. It appears as though we're seeing the back of the device, but in the center, it looks like something is plugged in or docked into the chassis. My guess is that we're seeing a gutless tablet, with display and battery, with a phone that docks into it to power the the device. Sort of like a (much cooler looking) tablet version of what you get with the ATRIX 4G webtop setup.


But I could be totally wrong, too. ASUS will be teasing images of the upcoming device on its Facebook page every couple of days until Computex starts on May 30 - when the device will be fully unveiled. We'll be eagerly awaiting additional info on ASUS's newest Android toy until then.

Facebook, CrunchGear

David Ruddock
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  • Oliver


    now it will all come down to the phone's actual specs...

  • John J

    Pad or phone? Isn't that mutually exclusive? I want my phone to be small enough to fit in my pocket, and my pad to be big enough to not fit in it...

  • Cory A

    I've been saying for ages someone ought to make something like this. It is the first and last thing I need for world domination

  • http://www.wix.com/Gigitsu/Gigitsu/Home GigiAUT

    50 bucks says it's something like the Atrix. A phone with a Transformer extension that turns it into a pad.