Continuing in the grand tradition of letting its less-than-flagship phones remain relatively free of fanfare leading up to release, Verizon (and Motorola) have let slip that the DROID X2 is probably coming soon, with the addition of an accessory page for the device on Verizon's website.


In case you've forgotten, the DROID X2 is the dual-core, qHD-display packing successor to the wildly popular DROID X (the most popular Android phone to date, in fact). The X2 will be dropping with Gingerbread and the latest iteration of Motorola's not-MOTOBLUR overlay when it lands supposedly some time this month (maybe May 26). Also, Motorola has the least creative design department in the world - I cannot see a difference between the X2 and X as far as the exterior is concerned.

It can't be too long, now. Also, there's a dead Motorola support page here reserved for the DX2, so, take that for what you will.

Verizon and Motorola via Android Central

David Ruddock
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  • Brian

    How do you know that it's shipping with gingerbread? I've read several places that this is not the case

    • tweedz

      Brian ....its shipping with gb

      • Brian

        Sorry dude, EVERYONE confirms that it will be shipping with froyo. Pre-orders start tomorrow