Cerulean Studios, creator of the popular cross-platform IM client Trillian, recently announced that all versions of the aforementioned product would transition to a free-with-ads model, as opposed to a paid download. Even though this change took place about a week ago, it looks like the Market listing has finally been updated to reflect accordingly.

Users are still able to subscribe to a paid service that is ad-free and adds new features, like the ability to view chat histories online. Users who've paid in the past will have their purchases honored, and will be able to transfer them over to other platforms.

I had a chance to play around with the beta last year, and I can attest that it's a great product. Having all my chat accounts (Facebook, Live Messenger, GChat) connected definitely takes some of the work out of managing separate apps.

We’re pleased to announce that Trillian for Android is our first mobile application to go free, so head on over to the Android Market on your phone to get your copy! The website version of the market hasn’t updated yet but you should be able to download the free client directly from your phone. We’ve fixed a handful of bugs in this build, added a basic chat history viewer, and made major improvements to our networking engine. You should notice fewer disconnects and should be able to interface with existing chat windows more easily even when you’ve lost your network connection.

If you’ve already purchased Trillian for Android in the past, your account has been automatically upgraded to ad-free status. You purchased an ad-free client with free upgrades and you will continue to receive an ad-free client with free upgrades. As an additional perk, your ad-free status will go with you across all mobile platforms, so if you switch to an iPhone or BlackBerry one day your original Android purchase will be honored as if you bought Trillian there as well! Of course, if you’re a Trillian Pro customer you can also take advantage of an ad-free experience everywhere, with the additional perk of cloud history. If you notice any bugs here please send us an email and we’ll investigate right away.

We’re already hard at work on an amazing new version of Trillian for Android, featuring many popular feature requests and some awesome new UI enhancements. Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting Trillian!

Source: Cerulean Studios 

Matt Demers
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  • Adam

    Shoulda got the paid version when it was free on Amazon :)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Exactly what I did, but I must say, I was underwhelmed and disappointed with Trillian. It kept logging out and wasn't consistent. Ended up uninstalling it.

      • scottishwildcat

        The latest update claims to fix at least some of the logging out issues, but that has certainly been my main annoyance with it too.

  • Rob

    I bet people who paid for the "full version" are a little annoyed that they have to do with ads now.

    • Josh

      umm, the post clearly states that if you paid in the past, you wont have ads......

  • Josh

    speaking of... Trillian on the Amazon App Store has not had its price reduced to free nor has it been updated, as of this posting.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Heh, blame Cerulean for that. It's entirely their responsibility to keep multiple markets in sync.

      • Josh

        oh absolutely. I was just pointing it out ;)

        • Stephen Padbury

          Which probably means if you want permanent ad-free, the time to grab it is now, before they update and you have to get subscription version...