Users of Synology branded NAS (network attached storage) boxes have been pleading with the company for a long time to add Android support for direct file management to the existing suite of apps - DS Audio, DS Photo+, and DS Cam. While having apps dedicated to remotely playing music, looking at pictures, and monitoring cameras is great, the primary functionality one would naturally want from a pile of hard drives attached to the network is, well, file management. Think Dropbox, except instead of the cloud, you use your own NAS box.

DS File, released a few hours ago by Synology, plugs this gaping hole perfectly. You can manage all your files remotely, which of course includes downloading and uploading, all over a secure HTTPS protocol. There really aren't that many more bells and whistles in this app, but that's OK, we didn't really expect them. As long as my NAS allows me to manage and access my files, we've got an understanding (though, automatic sync on schedule would be pretty sweet!).

With DS file for Android phones, you can:
- Browse important files stored on your DiskStation while you are away
- Download your favorite files directly to Android phones for offline browsing
- Remotely manage files on your DiskStation
- Upload files from your Android phones
- HTTPS support
- DiskStation Manager 3.0 or onward is required

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P.S. If you're still not sure what kind of beasts these Synology NAS boxes are, have a look over at Amazon - they are simply awesome.

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  • Kevin

    Finally! I've owned a Synology NAS for quite a while and I do use the DS Audio app quite a bit. Nice to see an actual file management app. I only wish they would bring out a first-party solution to managing the download station. I have a third-party app that works rather well, but one from Synology themselves might be nice.

  • guy

    used to have a synology nas. sold it and built my own linux server with a raid card + hard drives. never looked back.

    why limit yourself with these devices

  • Dan

    A lover for Synology Devices here. Now I can use this app to directly stream video via MoboPlayer or Rock Player without having to download to my SD card.

  • Satter

    How do you stream the video's wth DS File?
    Also through WAN?
    Which formats are working?
    I get the message: cannot play this video, with MOBO player and DICE player

  • Bamboozled

    I would really appreciate some help: I simply cannot get DS File to work. Both DS Audio and DS Photo work fine on my 209j, but DS File cannot find my NAS - even within the LAN.
    Doesn't matter whether I use my external address or my local IP address for the NAS, either way it returns a message: Connection failed. Please make sure that WebDAV service is enabled on your Diskstation.

    Well, it _is_ enabled.
    I have also set up Application priveliges for WebDAV. What am I missing?


    • Droid-user

      Same problem here.

      DS-File suddenly stopped working on my Android.

  • Philip

    I had same problem and spent hours trying to get DS File to connect to NAS without success, followed all instructions meticulously. I have now upgraded to DSM 4 and activated Cloud and using ezcloud address I accessed straight away to ezcloud address using my personal NAS login.