Are you ready for some Plants vs. Zombies? We know you've been waiting for it (I certainly have). Just a little bit longer: Plants vs. Zombies will be available on the Amazon App Store starting late this month (presumably May 30 or 31) for the low, low price of free. The app will be free on its debut-day (May 30), then for 2 weeks will be exclusively available on the Amazon App Store, in a deal similar to that which Rovio had with Amazon upon the release of Angry Birds Rio.

PopCap games, the developer of Plants vs. Zombies, has also revealed that the developer's second most popular title, Chuzzle, will be hitting the Amazon App Store tomorrow. Chuzzle will also be free tomorrow, then exclusively available on Amazon for the next two weeks, so be sure to pick it up, even if you don't plan on playing it particularly - because both Plants vs. Zombies and Chuzzle will go back to their standard retail prices after the one-day promotions expire, at $2.99 each.

Amazon is playing hardball with big-name game titles, and they have to be paying out some substantial cash to get a deal like this sealed - especially considering how absurdly popular Plants vs. Zombies has become on the platitude of platforms which it is now available upon.


David Ruddock
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  • John J

    Sweet! Love me some PvZ.

  • http://facebook.com/ketchupmakesmeCRINGE Chris

    Never tried PvZ but heard some great things, I'll definitely give it a go. Chuzzle should be exciting tomorrow too.

  • Yose Llourinho

    It seems that we europeans don't have the right to kill some zombies for free. Gotta love Amazon. Wake up: there are no borders on internet.

  • Namuna

    "Amazon is playing hardball with big-name game titles, and they have to be paying out some substantial cash to get a deal like this sealed"

    Does anyone have any details on how something like this actually goes down? I'd love to read more about how the background on a deal like this.

    Such as who approached whom? Is Amazon actually paying PopCap some amount of money, or is it more about taking less commission? How does the give-a-way work, does PopCap take the hit or does Amazon compensate to PopCap? etc...

    That would be interesting to read about!

    • http://lettersfromdave.wordpress.com daveloft

      Amazon pay's developer 10% of the cost of the App with each app that is given away for free. So that's $0.30 for each copy downloaded going to PopCap for the first day, then after that they get the $2.10 and Amazon takes $.90.

      This was all announced when Amazon first launched their app store. I'm pretty sure they are also paying the developer for exclusive access. It's not in PopCap's interest to limit themselves to one country when the Android Market is available in 131.

      • M

        No. Amazon's free app promotion is a special deal that is made between the developer and Amazon, and - for regular developers at least - means zero revenue for the developer. That is the cost the developer pays for being promoted.

        No doubt, for big name promotions and exclusive deals like those with Popcap and Rovio, the shoe is on the other foot.

      • M

        This is incorrect. The free-app a day promotion is a special agreement made between the developer and Amazon, and to get in, the developer will usually be asked to waive the regular minimum 20% (not 10%) fee that they would otherwise have gotten.

        Equally obviously, Popcap is unlikely to have signed on to that kind of agreement.

  • Jaymoon

    Wow, reading the title, I would have expected Amazon to *sell* PvsZ during their exclusive time, but lo and behold, another free one!


    • ocdtrekkie

      The free first day release promises a really large number of people installing the Amazon App Store who otherwise wouldn't. Making them more likely to buy other apps off of it, including, they hope, non-free ones. And people who miss the first day, will likely buy it while it's still exclusive in the two weeks on the Amazon App Store.

  • portnoyd

    Plants vs. Zombies deserves the praise that Angry Birds got. Sadly, I don't see myself going for the Android version as I've already played through the PC version and the DS version.

  • bobomb

    No thanks, I'll wait for it to hit the official Market. If it doesn't, oh well, I can do without.

  • OFI

    Wow I really hope this ad supported so it's free when it hits the Official Market :-/

    These deals suck for the few of us outside of the US..

  • Eddie

    I see lots and lots of potential legitimate purchases gone and converted to pirated copies due to stupid decisions like this...

    • Adam

      What exactly is your point here? That they should base their decisions on a few people willing to steal software if they don't get exactly what the want?

      Pirates will pirate. Amazon is smart not to give a damn what they think.

      • Skillit

        Not a few people, the majority of the Android user base, which doesn't live on the U.S.

        • Adam

          If you could buy it you would pirate because it was too expensive.

          If it was cheap you would pirate because you don't like it.

          If you like it you would pirate because you're broke.

          There is no winning with someone who will justify stealing software.

  • Alex

    As Google pointed out at I/O last week, the balance of users is outside the U.S now, so Amazon ought to be seriously thinking about getting rid of this America only policy. Amazon is a global brand, so it surely must be in their plans to start the service in countries that already have dedicated Amazon stores.

  • Dan

    Fantastic another US only offer.

    I am not interested in amazon products anymore. They are screwing with every non US-Android user.

    • Skillit

      That's precisely why I make a point of warez every app that comes on this Amazon exclusivity deal, I don't live in the US but I will enjoy your product and you won't see my money, suck it PopCap.

    • SarcasticOne

      as far as im concerned amazon can shove it up their corporate @$$
      they need to make their store accessible world wide... just cause i live outside the US doesnt mean i should miss out
      not buying anything from amazon till this is fixed

  • M0

    Still waiting for it to hit the Android Market.....LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!