Pocketnow, via a wireless accessories website, has apparently discovered the names of 3 of the carrier-branded versions of the Galaxy S II that will be coming stateside later this year. The device will be known as the Attain on AT&T, the Function on Verizon Wireless, and the Within on Sprint.

Mysteriously absent is a T-Mobile version, suggesting either that the device won't be coming to America's pinkest carrier, or that it will be arriving in a different (QWERTY?) form-factor which does not fit the case being advertised on the source webpage. Either that, or they just don't know the name of it, yet.

This all, technically speaking, a rumor - so take it with a grain of salt. At the same time, these names sound pretty legit, so, this could be the real deal.


David Ruddock
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  • ocdtrekkie

    The question I have to ask is... when? It's between a Droid Bionic and this on Verizon, depending largely on release date, because that Droid 1 I'm still using is starting to annoy me.

    • adryan

      WHOLLY CRAP!!!!!!! My sentiments exactly. Dont me wrong I love my original droid but that 550mhz processor that has to be overclocked which can result in boot looping and terrrible battery life is getting annoying. Also 256 mb of ram is pretty terrible too. I want to be able to play Dungeon Defenders on my phone without having to burnout my sdcard. I will never forget the original droid but yeah it gets on my nerves when its freezing up half the time

    • WhiteZero

      The Bionic has less RAM and is Tegra 2, which is technically less powerful than the Galaxy S II's hardware. Easy choice to me...

  • James

    If you are on AT&T, do yourself a favour and spend the extra cash and just import yourself one because you are just going to bitch and moan about updates whereas a sim free phone from the UK will work perfectly and get its updates as soon as Samsung push them :)

  • http://www.transformerforums.com wicked

    Hmm, I might just wait for the Function if this is true! Unless the Targa comes out first.

  • lrnano

    Disappointed cause it doesn't mention Tmobile. Why?

    • Nino

      Because people leave T-mobile for their bad reception.

  • Chris B

    My only conclusion is that the tmobile version will keep the "samsung galaxy s 2" name and keep the form factor from the european/asian version.
    Or- the AT&T version well be compatible with tmobile bands.

  • djkoz78

    If Verizon has any say they'll make sure.it either has half the specs the other carriers & make sure there isn't 4g or a front facing camera along with making sure every other carrier gets it first bcoz verizon must be last in the tech department.

    • BachinPhx

      I'm feeling some angst towards VZW here? (Insert sarcastic tone here)

  • larry

    i'll be bummed if it doesn't head magenta's way.....went through 3 g2x's, each worst than the last with screenbleeding; sensation has a locked bootloader; was really looking forward to this one

  • Wineaux

    There isn't a T-Mobile name because Samsung is expecting that AT&T will have purchased them by release date...

  • Tim

    It's a fact. Leaked internal docs with a nod from Sammy.

  • Sean Ferguson

    That't not a Galaxy S II in the pic is it?!

  • jbonics

    Oh nice, by the time this is on vzw everyone else will be getting those new tri-cores. I won't upgrade from the 1.4GHz D2 until there is a solar panel phone. F the cores I want battery life, and I have to give it to sgs2, with the lower voltage processor.

  • PB

    I just want them to make this an Epic 2 so I can get upgraded specs and keep my keyboard. I am not buying another cellphone without a keyboard.

  • Mocha K

    I hope someone was on drugs and just left T-Mobile out by mistake, because i have been holding out for this phone.

  • Werner Morales-Padilla

    Samsung Galaxy S II "Function"