The upcoming version of Sense 3.0, found on such devices as the HTC Sensation, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, Flyer, and EVO View 4G, will offer polish of unprecedented quality to the custom software layer HTC puts on all of its non-Nexus devices. The new lockscreen widgets and quick controls, spinning homescreens, updated camera software, and snappiness are just some of the features Sense 3.0 brings to the table (some nice demos here).

And here's another one - the Sense Weather has gotten a complete makeover - if you thought the regular Sense Weather widgets were to die for, wait till you see what 3.0's got in store. Found in the Sensation and EVO View 4G dumps (the latter has a wider screen, so it's the one we used here), these 18 weather animations could probably win an Oscar... if they gave out Oscars for gorgeous bits of computer graphics found on mobile devices that is.

I've stitched all 18 together and threw them up on YouTube - feast your eyes on this perfection, and specifically 0m 18s, 2m 19s, and pretty much everything past 3m 54s.

I never thought I'd say this, but I think starting with Sense 3.0, I might consider not immediately replacing it with LauncherPro, although that will depend on its stability and memory usage. In the meantime, the wait for any Sense 3.0 devices here in the U.S. continues. Our fingers are crossed that the U.S. versions are not going to be as locked down as the European Sensation there.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Kareem Osman

    These look fantastic.

  • coldfuzion

    I'm confused. What ARE these exactly...?
    On my Evo at least, the animations don't take up the whole screen or anything. Are these wallpapers that show up based on the weather? Would there be information displayed on top of this? They look cool and all, but I don't understand what their implementation would be...

    • tom

      I wish they were weather awarelive wallpapers so I could still use lpp

      • RockinEvo

        That's cool but imagine the battery drain it might cause

  • hldc1

    Typical high-quality work we've come to expect from the folks at HTC. I'm ready to jump off the T-Mobile ship, but the Sensation is making a compelling case for me to stay on board. Those weather animations are ridiculous.

  • fins1771

    I'm running 3.0 from port over at XDA. Virus Kingdom port. Weather widget still has bug, but is awesome. The animations are from hitting the widget, which is were the bug fc the animation on my phone. Other than that its my daily ROM. It's worth checking out if you're rooted.

  • donnydon

    Ummm Weather Animations? Is this what its come to for Android? Hahahah No applications so they make a dozen weather animations?

    Apple will keep winning at this rate. BTW i just had the thunderbolt and droid charge both garbage!!! Well not garbage just not good and worth the $300.....or $700 retail price.

    • tom

      Winning? Have you seen their smartphone marketshare? Last I checked, Android was winning. Bye troll!

      • donnydon

        Winning? ummmmm yes. Android is on more phones because there are so many brands. But there is NO SINGLE PHONE BY A SINGLE manufacturer that can hols a candle to the iphone as of yet.

        BTW marketshare makes a phone better? hahahahhahahahahah BYE FOOL!

        • Will

          Oh no your opinions about what make a phone are better than ours ohhh nooo

          If you have to place arbitrary restrictions on what qualifies as "winning" in order for you to come out ahead, that's not winning, that's delusion. Also delusion is the notion that Android has no applications. We've surpassed the 200k mark, and we're going to surpass the App Store in total applications in August. http://techcrunch.com/2011/05/05/android-to-surpass-apples-app-store-in-size-in-august-2011-report-exclusive/

          So, fly away little troll, go back to tuaw or wherever it is you frequent that people are equally as unaware of how difficult concepts like statistics or market share work. Android has won, iOS has lost. Deal with it, sport.

    • Grayson

      Yeah, no applications. Well, two hundred thousand something, but if you divide by one hundred thousand it's practically no applications! The horror!

  • this is an android site.

    Hey donnydon why dont you and steviesteve skip down to the apple store and let them give you a refill of what to think and when to think it and maybe the reality of an android controlled market will not sink in for a while.

    Untill then just sip your latte and get ready for your big day Antiquing and stay off the android boards you pathetic apple fanboy.

    • donnydon

      You Droid FanBoy go play your ....well i was gonna say applications but you have none.

      BTW i have the droid charge, i dont have a iphone you idiot. Im just speaking th truth.

      • Grayson

        If you like the iPhone so much why didn't you get one? And why are you reading an Android news site? And why are you dissing some awesome weather animations that iOS can only dream of? Oh yeah, you're a troll. K, cya.

  • scottishwildcat

    I wish the Google UI guys had half of HTC's flair. The stock version of every new Android release looks like Window 95 in comparison.

    • http://androidized.com Lucian Armasu

      ICS is supposed to have a new "state of the art UI". So we'll see. But I also hope it's improved from Honeycomb.

  • http://www.73634.com IceBone

    Did anyone else start humming the Dr. Who theme song during the thunderstorm animation?

  • JJ

    All I know is that due to htc sense I haven't had any other phone since the first htc touch which still looks nice. I won't be switching anytime soon. I wish htc was still making the nexus.

  • SiliconAddict

    I will never use sense as long as it uses the Sense dialer in its current form. The stock Android dialer runs rings around sense's. Too many damn button presses to get from history to contact list to favorites to dialer. Stock has it all in 4 easy tabs. WhyTF did HTC have to dick with something that just works.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Sure, those things may be a bit buried, but the best part about the Sense dialer is the ability to just dial using the dialpad to spell out the name. The stock dialer doesn't do that for some idiotic reason, and I can't stand having to press Search to dial by name.

  • http://dx3.psychopyko.com Peggy

    Maybe it's just me, but I prefer the simple, large animations from the original Sense